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DAA: Designers Against Aids****
DAA: Dedicated to the A****
DAA: Diocesan Annual Appeal****
DAA: Digital to Analog****
DAA: DuPage Airport Authority****
DAA: Direct Access Archive****
DAA: dwarf athletic association****
DAA: Development Assistance Agency****
DAA: Dietitians Association of Australia****
DAA: Dominion Auto Association****
DAA: Data Analysis Australia***
DAA: Data Access Arrangements***
DAA: Division of Assessment and Accountability***
DAA: Department of Aboriginal Affairs***
DAA: Disease Association of Australia***
DAA: Deakin ACT Australia***
DAA: Detainee Abuse and Accountability***
DAA: Downtown Austin Alliance***
DAA: Design Analysis Associates***
DAA: Decimal Adjust AL***
DAA: Diabetes Association of Atlanta***
DAA: Direct Anonymous Attestation***
DAA: Dlawer Ala Aldeen***
DAA: Definitions of Acronyms and Abbreviations***
DAA: Design Advisor A***
DAA: D Agronomie Approfondie***
DAA: Dicarboxylic Acid Anhydride***
DAA: Dallas Art Association***
DAA: Dance of Asian America***
DAA: Dramatic Artists Agency***
DAA: Downtown Arts Association***
DAA: Dept of Aboriginal Affairs***
DAA: Dansk Aktie Analyse***
DAA: Designated Audit Agencies***
DAA: Division of Affirmative Action***
DAA: Deutsch Amerikanischer Arbeitskreis***
DAA: Dental Age Assessment***
DAA: Davison Army Airfield***
DAA: Decimal Adjust After***
DAA: Dead After Arrival***
DAA: Dacula Athletic Association***
DAA: Debt Agreement Administrators***
DAA: Dairy Adjustment Authority***
DAA: Diseases in Asian Aquaculture***
DAA: Designated Approval Authorities***
DAA: Designated Activity Areas***
DAA: Director of Administration***
DAA: Data Access Administration***
DAA: Danish Airtaxi Association***
DAA: De Apoio Administrativo***
DAA: Division of Accountability and Assessment***
DAA: Dubai American Academy***
DAA: Durham Art Association***
DAA: Departmental Appellate Authority***
DAA: Dietetics Association of Australia***
DAA: Dublin Aikikai Aikido***
DAA: Directorate of Administrative Affairs***
DAA: Designated Approving Authorities***
DAA: Dedications from the Athenian Akropolis***
DAA: Dietitian Association of Australia***
DAA: Daniel Arbour Associates***
DAA: Days After Application***
DAA: Digital Auditory Aerobics***
DAA: Development Action Association***
DAA: Drug and Alcohol Abuse***
DAA: Departmental Alumni Associations***
DAA: Dowdey Anderson Associates***
DAA: Direct Aid Association***
DAA: Dublin Aids Alliance***
DAA: Demonstration Authorization Act***
DAA: Director of Academic Affairs***
DAA: Digital to Analogue***
DAA: Davison Army Air**
DAA: Distinguished Alumnus Award**
DAA: Diamond Aviators Association**
DAA: Digital Artists Agency**
DAA: D-(-)-alpha-aminoadipate**
DAA: D-alpha-aminoadipate**
DAA: D-ascorbic acid**
DAA: dark adaptation ability**
DAA: decompensated autonomous adenoma**
DAA: decompensated autonomous adenomas**
DAA: dialysis-associated amyloidosis**
DAA: dialysis-associated arthropathy**
DAA: dinitrophenylated anti-allotype**
DAA: dispensable amino acid**
DAA: dispensable amino acids**
DAA: dissecting aortic aneurysm**
DAA: dissecting aortic aneurysms**
DAA: distal aortic arch**
DAA: double aortal arch**
DAA: double aortic arch**
DAA: dry adapting additive**
DAA: dual analyte assay**
DAA: ductus arteriosus aneurysm**
DAA: Dragons Abreast Australia**
DAA: Designated Accrediting Authorities**
DAA: d after anthesis**
DAA: Department of Army**
DAA: meso-alpha-alpha'-diaminoadipic acid**
DAA: Designated Audit Agency**
DAA: Development Allowance Authority**
DAA: Dosage Administration Aids**
DAA: 5'-deoxy-5'-acetylenic adenosine**
DAA: dehydro-L-ascorbic acid**
DAA: dementia associated with alcoholism**
DAA: distal aortic arch aneurysm**
DAA: Disk Access Archive**
DAA: Deferred Accounting Adjustments**
DAA: Dose Administration Aids**
DAA: Department of Aviation**
DAA: D-alpha amino adipate**
DAA: D-alpha-aminoadipic acid**
DAA: Dual Arm Assembly**
DAA: Data Aggregation Agents**
DAA: Detailed Analysis of Alternatives**
DAA: diacetyl-beta-aminooxy-D-alanyl**
DAA: Director of Affirmative Action**
DAA: Democratic Alliance for Action**
DAA: Dark Arts Academy**
DAA: Digital Arts Agency**
DAA: Division of Academic Affairs**
DAA: Department for Aboriginal Affairs**
DAA: Direct Access Arrangements**
DAA: Deputy Assistant Adjutant**
DAA: Dynamic Adaptive Autonomy**
DAA: Defense Appropriations Act**
DAA: Drug Addiction and Alcoholism**
DAA: Davidsonville Athletic Association**
DAA: Departmental Appellate Authorities**
DAA: Dictionary of Architectural Abbreviations**
DAA: Data Acquisition Authority**
DAA: Defense Automated Addressing**
DAA: Detroit Advertising Association**
DAA: Database Application Agents**
DAA: Digital Access Arrangement**
DAA: Dynamic Automatic Alignment**
DAA: Delta Aminolevulinic Acid**
DAA: Dighton Art Association**
DAA: Days After Acceptance**
DAA: Defeat of Attacks on Australia**
DAA: Di Acetone Alcohol**
DAA: Defeating Attacks Against**
DAA: Delegated Administrative Authorities**
DAA: Distributed Audio Alliance**
DAA: Documents Against Acceptance**
DAA: Directorate of Academic Affairs**
DAA: Dakota Adventist Academy**
DAA: Dearborn Athletic Association**
DAA: Designated Administrative Agencies**
DAA: Dose Administration Aid**
DAA: Deaf Artists of America**
DAA: Directors of Academic Affairs**
DAA: Disturbed Areas Act**
DAA: Dynamic Adaptive Acknowledgment**
DAA: DanceSport Atlantic Association**
DAA: Design Automation Associates**
DAA: Digital Audio Analyzer**
DAA: Directory of Australian Associations**
DAA: Directory Assistance Automation**
DAA: Directory of Advice and Assistance**
DAA: Delta Aminolevulinic Acid dehydrates*
DAA: Des Affaires Agricoles*
DAA: Draexlmaier Automotive of Automotive*
DAA: Deputy Administrator AA*
DAA: Diploma of Associate in Administration*
DAA: Diplomacy Association of Australia*
DAA: Doy Alliance Assistent*
DAA: Duxbury Art Association*
DAA: Defined Archive Areas*
DAA: Draconic Alliance Ancients*
DAA: Department Activity Analysis*
DAA: Department Administrative Advisory*
DAA: Directorate of Academy Advancement*
DAA: Directorate of Artillery and Armour*
DAA: Des Affaires Administratives*
DAA: Director of Academic Advising*
DAA: Directorate of Armour and Artillery*
DAA: Disability Advocacy Australia*
DAA: Documentation Administrative Assistance*
DAA: Downtown Attleboro Associates*
DAA: Denitrogenation Absorption Atelectasis*
DAA: Design Approval Agency*
DAA: Distributed Arithmetic Architecture*
DAA: Doubly Asymptotic Approximation*
DAA: Disbursing Approving Authority*
DAA: Distributed Active Archives*
DAA: Defense Accounting Activities*
DAA: Digital Art and Animation*
DAA: Durango Animas Airpark*
DAA: Database Article Archive*
DAA: Datenverarbeitung im Akademischen Auslandsamt*
DAA: Davern And Associates*
DAA: Decision Aid Applications*
DAA: Defense Accounting Activity*
DAA: Demographic Analysis Attributes*
DAA: Denver An Association*
DAA: Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics*
DAA: Department of Agriculture Adelaide*
DAA: Department of the Army Application*
DAA: Dermatology Associates of Atlanta*
DAA: Deutsche Aerospace Agentur*
DAA: Dezernat Akademisches Auslandsamt*
DAA: Dictonary of Abbreviatons and Acronyms*
DAA: Digitized Audio Adventures*
DAA: Directory of American Agriculture*
DAA: Distinctive Automobile Austin*
DAA: Dittmer Architectural Aluminum*
DAA: Division of Archaeology and Anthropology*
DAA: Divorce Abuse by Attorneys*
DAA: DNS amplication assays*
DAA: Double Arches Avenue*
DAA: Draexlmaier Automotive of America*
DAA: Drainage from Agricultural Areas*

Note: Acronym Finder has 76 verified definitions for DAA

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