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Cpss: Consumer Product Safety Standard****
Cpss: Calcasieu Parish School System****
Cpss: Core Principles for Systemically***
Cpss: Consolidated Products and Services***
Cpss: Cairo Papers in Social Science***
Cpss: Consolidated Products and Services Schedule***
Cpss: Crime Prevention Security Systems***
Cpss: Centre for Public Sector Studies***
Cpss: Center for Political Strategic Studies***
Cpss: Cents per Stapled Security***
Cpss: Child Protection and Support Services***
Cpss: Canadian Perinatal Surveillance System***
Cpss: College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan***
Cpss: Cotton Professional Staffing Services***
Cpss: Center for Political and Strategic Studies***
Cpss: College of Physicians Surgeons of Saskatchewan***
Cpss: Cooperative Problem Solving Systems***
Cpss: Coastal Plain Swamp Sparrow***
Cpss: Command and Perimeter Security Systems***
Cpss: Committee on Payments and Settlement Systems***
Cpss: Commissioner for Public Sector Standards***
Cpss: Core Principles for Systematically**
Cpss: Crop and Soil Scientists**
Cpss: Child PTSD Symptom Scale**
Cpss: Committee for Payment and Settlement Systems**
Cpss: Computer Programs and Systems**
Cpss: Center for Post Soviet Studies**
Cpss: Centre for Psychosocial Studies**
Cpss: Chronic Pain Self-Efficacy Scale**
Cpss: Cox Padmore Skolnik Shakarchy**
Cpss: Centre for Psycho Social Studies**
Cpss: Central Power Supply Systems**
Cpss: Central Power Supply System**
Cpss: Collaborative Planning Support System**
Cpss: steady-state plasma concentration**
Cpss: Confucian Private Secondary School**
Cpss: Committee on Payment Settlement Systems**
Cpss: Children's Physical Self-Concept Scale**
Cpss: Child Protection Support Service**
Cpss: Committee on Payments and Settlements Systems**
Cpss: Child Protection in Sport Service**
Cpss: Community Planning of Social Services**
Cpss: Cutler Poterba Sheiner and Summers**
Cpss: Clearing and Payments Systems**
Cpss: Center of Political and Strategic Studies**
Cpss: Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons**
Cpss: Centre for Philosophy and Science Studies**
Cpss: Chemical Protective Suit Systems**
Cpss: Certificate in Public Service Studies**
Cpss: Computer Plus Staffing Solution**
Cpss: Core Principles for SIPS**
Cpss: Centro Provinciale Servizi Scolastici**
Cpss: Committee on Payment and Settlements Systems**
Cpss: Coastal Plain Swamp Sparrows**
Cpss: Certified Professional Soil Specialist**
Cpss: Costs of Participating in the System**
Cpss: Carlong Primary Social Studies**
Cpss: Cal Poly Space Systems**
Cpss: Computerised Pilot Selection System**
Cpss: Conventional Power System Stabilizers**
Cpss: Centre for Political and Strategic Studies**
Cpss: College Preparatory Study Skills**
Cpss: Continuous Patient Surveillance System**
Cpss: Canadian Pacific Steam Ship**
Cpss: Chemical Physics of Solid Surfaces**
Cpss: Canada Perinatal Surveillance System*
Cpss: Cape Peninsula Spelaeological Society*
Cpss: Center for Power System Studies*
Cpss: Certified Perinatal Support Specialist*
Cpss: christa prema seva sangha*
Cpss: Client Patient Sample Survey*
Cpss: Combined Path and Server Selection*
Cpss: Community Phones Subsidy Scheme*
Cpss: Comprehensive Product Stewardship System*
Cpss: Computerized Pilot Selection System*
Cpss: Cumulative Permanent Shear Strain*
Cpss: Child Protective Services System*
Cpss: Coastal Peat Swamps of Sarawak*
Cpss: Course on Payment and Settlement Systems*
Cpss: Canadian Prenatal Surveillance System*
Cpss: Central Processing and Storage System*
Cpss: Certification of Professional Soil Scientists*
Cpss: Certified Peer Support Specialists*
Cpss: Certified Professional Soil Scientists*
Cpss: Character Plot Setting and Style*
Cpss: Client Patient Survey Sample*
Cpss: Computerized Power Sensing System*
Cpss: Creative Problem Solving Society*
Cpss: California Playground Safety Standards*
Cpss: Capacity Planning Scheduling System*
Cpss: certified prevention specialist supervisor*
Cpss: Christian Practical Service Society*
Cpss: Circadian Performance Simulation Software*
Cpss: Computerised Patient Support System*
Cpss: Computerized Patient Support System*
Cpss: Constant Pressure Safety System*
Cpss: Consultant Performance and Selection System*
Cpss: CareWare Product Subscription Service*
Cpss: Certified Professional Soils Scientist*
Cpss: Circular Polarization Selective Surface*
Cpss: Committee Payment and Settlement Systems*
Cpss: Common Parts Storage Subsystem*
Cpss: Creative Personnel Skills Services*
Cpss: Career Planning Support System*
Cpss: Chaos Pilot Subspace Strategy*
Cpss: Chaos Pilots Subspace Strategy*
Cpss: Comanche Player Station Simulator*
Cpss: Command Performance Sports Socia*
Cpss: Contracts Purchasing Support Software*
Cpss: Cracked Planet Shopping Spree*

Note: Acronym Finder has 27 verified definitions for Cpss

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