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What does CTB stand for?

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CTB: Cell Tissue Bank****
CTB: catch the business****
CTB: Cumbria Tourist Board****
CTB: Customs and Tariff Bureau***
CTB: Community Trust Bank***
CTB: Comprehensive Test Ban treaty***
CTB: Cholera Toxin B***
CTB: Cancer Therapeutics Branch***
CTB: Chore Time Brock***
CTB: Central Tender Board***
CTB: Capture the Base***
CTB: Comprehensive Test of Basic***
CTB: cipher type byte***
CTB: College Toelating Bestrijdingsmiddelen***
CTB: Centrum Techniki Biurowej***
CTB: conan the barbarian***
CTB: Curacao Tourist Board***
CTB: Chernobyl Tissue Bank***
CTB: Conquer the Bunker***
CTB: Citizens Trust Bank***
CTB: Contract Tender Board***
CTB: Command Training Branch***
CTB: Cable Termination Box***
CTB: Cars Trucks Buses***
CTB: Commissie Toelating Bestrijdingsmiddelen***
CTB: Chairman Tender Board***
CTB: Commmunity Tool Box***
CTB: Central Transport Board***
CTB: Culvert Test Bed***
CTB: Came to Believe***
CTB: Council Tax Base***
CTB: Coffee Table Book***
CTB: Counter Terrorism Battalion***
CTB: Cooling Tower Bypass***
CTB: Commonwealth Telecommunications Board***
CTB: Container Terminal Burchardkai***
CTB: Computers Technology of Business***
CTB: Communication Technologies Branch***
CTB: Certified Trade Broker***
CTB: Certified Transportation Broker***
CTB: central tarsal bone**
CTB: central tarsal bone**
CTB: cholera toxin beta**
CTB: cholera toxin-beta**
CTB: circulatory transient blockade**
CTB: complete test battery**
CTB: complex trapping blocking**
CTB: complex-trapping-blocking**
CTB: Conditional Turn Based**
CTB: Congo Town Bahamas**
CTB: B subunit of cholera toxin**
CTB: Chiao Tung Bank**
CTB: Crossing the Barriers**
CTB: Chamber of Thrift Banks**
CTB: Churches Together in Billericay**
CTB: Capture the Bit**
CTB: cholera toxin beta subunits**
CTB: complex trapping blocking assay**
CTB: compliance during tidal breathing**
CTB: psychomotor test battery**
CTB: Cable Television Board**
CTB: Centre de Traitement Bancaire**
CTB: cholera toxin B subunit**
CTB: cholera toxin B chain**
CTB: cholera toxin B fragment**
CTB: cholera toxin B-chain**
CTB: cholera toxin B-pentamer**
CTB: cholera toxin beta subunit**
CTB: cholera toxin beta-subunit**
CTB: cholera toxin subunit-B**
CTB: cholera toxin, subunit B**
CTB: cholera toxin-B-subunit**
CTB: cholera toxin-beta subunit**
CTB: cholerae toxin subunit B**
CTB: dextran-cholera toxin B subunit**
CTB: PS-cholera toxin B subunit**
CTB: California Test Bureau**
CTB: Cancer Training Branch**
CTB: Calendar of Treasury Books**
CTB: Cholera toxin B subunit**
CTB: Cholera toxin B-subunit**
CTB: cholera-toxin B subunit**
CTB: Canvas Tool Bag**
CTB: Crush the Boards**
CTB: Contract Tenders Board**
CTB: Carolina Train Builders**
CTB: Clinical Thai Bodywork**
CTB: Continental Trust Bank**
CTB: Control Tower Building**
CTB: Compact Tractor Board**
CTB: Communication Terminal Block**
CTB: Crabtree Technology Building**
CTB: CHIPSA Tumor Board**
CTB: City of Burlington**
CTB: Computer Tech Broadcasting**
CTB: Coil Tube Boiler**
CTB: Centrum Technologii Budownictwa**
CTB: Counter Terrorist Bureau**
CTB: Customer Technical Bulletins**
CTB: Centers Test Beds**
CTB: Conservation Through Birding**
CTB: Courtesy of Ben**
CTB: Classified Transport Boundary**
CTB: Command and Telemetry Bus**
CTB: Cars Trucks Busses**
CTB: Central Trigger Barrel**
CTB: Centre for Transgressive Behaviors*
CTB: Cost Turn Battle*
CTB: Carolyn T Burridge*
CTB: Code Table Buffer*
CTB: Concrete Treated Base*
CTB: Cable Transition Board*
CTB: Clinical Trials Branch*
CTB: College Ter Beoordeling*
CTB: Computer Training for the Blind*
CTB: Criminal Tax Bulletins*
CTB: Cambrai Thermal Breeches*
CTB: Central Tank Battery*
CTB: Construction of the Base*
CTB: Consultant Trading Bureau*
CTB: Crew Transfer Bag*
CTB: Central Tectonic Boundary*
CTB: China the Beautiful*
CTB: Continuous Turn Base*
CTB: Cut Through Board*
CTB: Cretaceous Tertiary Boundary*
CTB: Counter Terrorism Bill*
CTB: Canadian Trade Bank*
CTB: Canistered Traffic Balloon*
CTB: Center Training Board*
CTB: Catholic Theology Bonn*
CTB: Cedex Territoire de Belfort*
CTB: Central Texas Ballooning*
CTB: Chapter Two Bookstore*
CTB: Clique of the Tomb Beetle*
CTB: Clothing and Textile Branch*
CTB: Coates Twins Band*
CTB: Computing Technologies Branch*
CTB: Corozal Town Board*
CTB: Cybertalk Timothy Barmann*
CTB: Cyrtonaias Tampicoensis Butterfly*

Note: Acronym Finder has 70 verified definitions for CTB

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