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What does CSIS stand for?

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CSIS: Computer Science Information Systems****
CSIS: Centre of Strategic and International Studies****
CSIS: Computing Science Information Systems****
CSIS: Canadian Security and Intelligence Service****
CSIS: Center For Strategic International Studies***
CSIS: Citizens Summit on the Information Society***
CSIS: Consumer Safety Information Sheet***
CSIS: Centre for Strategic International Studies***
CSIS: Center of Strategic and International Studies***
CSIS: Computer Science Information Services***
CSIS: Centre for Strategic Studies***
CSIS: Course Introduction and Syllabus***
CSIS: Center for Security and International Studies***
CSIS: Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability***
CSIS: Center for Strategic and International Security***
CSIS: Criteria Stipulated in Section***
CSIS: Central Scotland Institute of Sport***
CSIS: Canadian Security Intelligence Services***
CSIS: Centralized Storm Information System***
CSIS: Central Schengen Information Systen***
CSIS: Czech Security Information Service***
CSIS: California Student Information System**
CSIS: Centerfor Strategic and International Studies**
CSIS: Canadian Security and Intelligence Services**
CSIS: Computer Simulation in Science**
CSIS: Combat Support Information Systems**
CSIS: Chemical Safety in Schools**
CSIS: Center for Strategic and International Studies...Georgetown**
CSIS: California Student Information Services**
CSIS: Centre for Securities Industry Strategy**
CSIS: Center on Strategic and International Studies**
CSIS: Center for Semicustom Integrated Systems**
CSIS: Civil Society in Indonesia**
CSIS: Chin Shan Information Service**
CSIS: Cervical Screening Information System**
CSIS: Commercial Specialists Insurance Services**
CSIS: Customer Service Index Survey**
CSIS: Cisco Secure Integrated Software**
CSIS: Canadian Snow Industry Symposium**
CSIS: Customer Satisfaction Information System**
CSIS: Centre for Stategic and International Studies**
CSIS: Combined Services Integrated Solutions**
CSIS: Cosmetic Surgery Information Service**
CSIS: Chung Shan Institute of Science**
CSIS: China Species Information System**
CSIS: Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies**
CSIS: Canadian Society of Industrial Security**
CSIS: China Species Information Service**
CSIS: Chemical Safety Information System**
CSIS: Center for Study of Insurance**
CSIS: Customer Services Information System**
CSIS: Civil Service Islamic Society**
CSIS: Community Service Information Systems**
CSIS: California School Information Systems**
CSIS: Canadian Secret Intelligence Services**
CSIS: Cancer Stage Interpretation System**
CSIS: Client Service Information System**
CSIS: Command Support Information Systems**
CSIS: Community Safety Initiative SACSI**
CSIS: Computer Science Information Science**
CSIS: Consumer Services Information System**
CSIS: Critical Studies in Sexuality**
CSIS: Ctr for Strategic International Studies**
CSIS: Center for Strategic an International Studies**
CSIS: California Senior Insurance Service**
CSIS: Canadian Security and Information Service**
CSIS: Candian Security Intelligence Service**
CSIS: Center for Strategic and Internasional Studies*
CSIS: Clinical Study Informatics System*
CSIS: Commercial Standby Instrument System*
CSIS: Computer Science Info Systems*
CSIS: Computer Support and Information Systems*
CSIS: Computing Sciences and Information Systems*
CSIS: California Student Information Systems*
CSIS: Center for Strategies and International Studies*
CSIS: Community Services Information System*
CSIS: Civil Societies in Scotland*
CSIS: Community Socioeconomic Information System*
CSIS: Customer Service and Information Support*
CSIS: Center for the Study of Intimate Systems*
CSIS: Cornell Society for Islamic Spirituality*
CSIS: Centre of Strategic Information Systems*
CSIS: Columbia Students for International Service*
CSIS: Cable Service Interface Specification*
CSIS: Center for Science and International Studies*
CSIS: Containment Spray Injection System*
CSIS: Canadian Soil Information System*
CSIS: Center for Strategic Internal Studies*
CSIS: Centre for Spatial Information Systems*
CSIS: Clemens Susan Inner Soul*
CSIS: Comic Strip Integrating Sound*

Note: Acronym Finder has 30 verified definitions for CSIS

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