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CSB: Citizens State Bank****
CSB: court services bureau****
CSB: College Services Building****
CSB: Clinical Standards Board****
CSB: customer service bonus****
CSB: Community Savings Bank****
CSB: Counties of Buchanan****
CSB: Chaos Strikes Back****
CSB: Clyde Submarine Base****
CSB: Changsheng Sliding Bearings***
CSB: Centro San Bonifacio***
CSB: Cell Systems Biology***
CSB: Cryospheric Sciences Branch***
CSB: Chicago Staff Band***
CSB: China Seismological Bureau***
CSB: Civil Service Branch***
CSB: credit score booster***
CSB: Crime Scene Blog***
CSB: Colorless Sulfur Bacteria***
CSB: Centre for Structural Biology***
CSB: College of St Benilde***
CSB: Crosby State Bank***
CSB: central scholarship bureau***
CSB: Chip Scale Ball***
CSB: Chung Shing Bank***
CSB: Cumberland Security Bank***
CSB: Copper Star Bank***
CSB: Camp Sierra Blanca***
CSB: California Santa Barbara***
CSB: Camera Security Box***
CSB: Cancer Surveillance Branch***
CSB: Crystal Spring Branch (Crystal Springs, MS)***
CSB: Criticised the Behaviour***
CSB: Congregation of St Basil***
CSB: Civil Society Building***
CSB: Commercial Savings Bank***
CSB: Central Services Building***
CSB: Cockayne Syndrome B***
CSB: California Service Bureau***
CSB: Corporate Support Branch***
CSB: Chemischer Sauerstoff Bedarf***
CSB: Community Seed Bank***
CSB: Computational Systems Biology***
CSB: Community Southern Bank***
CSB: Communications Services Branch***
CSB: Commercial Security Bank***
CSB: Common Service Book***
CSB: Client Service Bureau***
CSB: Community Service Boards***
CSB: Certificate of Settlement and Balances***
CSB: California Stream Bioassessment***
CSB: Command Support Brigade***
CSB: California School for the Blind***
CSB: Conserved Sequence Block***
CSB: Chittenden South Burlington***
CSB: Caucasus School of Business***
CSB: Center for Surface Biotechnology***
CSB: Compulsive Sexual Behaviors***
CSB: Computer Science Bibliographies***
CSB: Common Services for Borrowers***
CSB: Car Service in Berlin***
CSB: Collin Street Bakery***
CSB: Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta***
CSB: Crooked Smile Band***
CSB: Cell and Structural Biology***
CSB: Cultural Services Board***
CSB: Canadian Savings Bonds***
CSB: Carl Severing Berufskolleg***
CSB: Curtis State Bank***
CSB: Consumer Savings Bank***
CSB: Canada Saving Bonds***
CSB: Command Screening Board***
CSB: China Storage Battery***
CSB: Continental Service Bulletin***
CSB: Citizens South Banking***
CSB: Computer Services Billing***
CSB: Caribbean Sound Basin***
CSB: Clinical Services Bldg***
CSB: Castroville State Bank***
CSB: Club Sports Board***
CSB: Core Sound Binaurals***
CSB: Conference of Swiss Bishops***
CSB: Community School Board***
CSB: Community Services Bureau***
CSB: California State Board***
CSB: citystate savings bank***
CSB: Centro Sistema Bibliotecario***
CSB: Clinical Services Bureau***
CSB: Computerizing Small Business***
CSB: Canadian State Bank***
CSB: Catalan Sports Bikes***
CSB: Catholic School Board***
CSB: Center for the Study of Biodiversity***
CSB: Centre for Synthetic Biology***
CSB: Consolidated and Bank***
CSB: Carpenter Sports Building***
CSB: Coherent System Bus***
CSB: California at Santa Barbara***
CSB: Community Services for the Blind***
CSB: Centro Servizio Bibliotecario***
CSB: Collection Services Bureau***
CSB: California State Bank***
CSB: Cataloging Service Bulletin***
CSB: Centre for Screen Business***
CSB: Cable Support Bracket***
CSB: Customer Support Branch***
CSB: Common Sense Boats**
CSB: Computer Science and Business**
CSB: Chip Select Bar**
CSB: Cercle Sportif Beaunois**
CSB: Corporate Strategy Board**
CSB: caffeine sodium benzoate**
CSB: calf sire breed**
CSB: Calloused sexual beliefs**
CSB: care-seeking behavior**
CSB: carotid sinus baroreceptor**
CSB: carotid sinus baroreceptors**
CSB: carotid sinus baroreflex**
CSB: carotid-subclavian bypass**
CSB: casein-soya-broth**
CSB: cervical sympathetic blockade**
CSB: Chicago sky blue**
CSB: chondroitin sulfates B**
CSB: cold stored blood**
CSB: composite sequential bypass**
CSB: conserved sequence blocks**
CSB: consummatory sexual behavior**
CSB: conventional stented bioprosthesis**
CSB: cooked soya bean**
CSB: coronary sinus blood**
CSB: corticosterone-succinate-BSA**
CSB: Central School of Ballet**
CSB: Cluster Skills Brokerage**
CSB: Cardiovascular System B**
CSB: Community Safety Bureau**
CSB: Capacitor Storage Bank**
CSB: Ceylinco Stock Brokers**
CSB: Cogent Single Board**
CSB: Community School Boards**
CSB: Club Sauvetage Bastogne**
CSB: Cyril State Bank**
CSB: Chondroitin Sulfate B**
CSB: Community Seed Banks**
CSB: carotid-subclavian artery bypass**
CSB: cervical sympathetic ganglion blocks**
CSB: concentrated separator by-product**
CSB: cystine-stabilized beta-sheet**
CSB: Commonwealth Savings Bank**
CSB: Competitive Sealed Bidding**
CSB: Corporate Software Bank**
CSB: Cheyne Stokes Breathing**
CSB: Cargo Service Berlin**
CSB: Concentrate Storage Building**
CSB: Computation and Systems Biology**
CSB: Connector Switch Box**
CSB: Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins**
CSB: Cockayne syndrome B protein**
CSB: Cockayne syndrome complementation B**
CSB: Customer Service Bulletins**
CSB: Communications Systems Branch**
CSB: Corporate Sports Battle**
CSB: corps support bn**
CSB: Children Services Boards**
CSB: Corn Soy Blends**
CSB: Commerce Security Bank**
CSB: Centre for Systems Biology**
CSB: Customer Service Branches**
CSB: Cancer Statistics Branch**
CSB: Corporation Source Book**
CSB: Customer Support Bulletins**
CSB: Citizen Service Bureaus**
CSB: Computer Schulung Beratung**
CSB: Crazy Screaming Bitch**
CSB: Cardiac Surgery Board**
CSB: Competency Standards Body**
CSB: Chinese Studies Berkeley**
CSB: Computer Science Board**
CSB: City Special Branch**
CSB: Chronic Sperm Buildup**
CSB: Civil Society for Burma**
CSB: Combat Support Brigade**
CSB: Conference Service Bureau**
CSB: Ceramic Side Brazed**
CSB: Children Service Board**
CSB: Concentrated Separator Byproduct**
CSB: Collection Services Branch**
CSB: Concentrate Storage Buildings**
CSB: Canadian School Boards**
CSB: Central Specimen Bank**
CSB: Channel Status Byte**
CSB: Climate Science Branch**
CSB: Corporate Strategies Branch**
CSB: cream soup bowl**
CSB: Community Support Beds**
CSB: corps support battalions**
CSB: Controlled Signal Blocking**
CSB: Complementary Straight Binary**
CSB: Computer Service Bureau**
CSB: Committee on Small Business**
CSB: Connecticut Services for the Blind**
CSB: Construction Sans Bois**
CSB: Constructive Solutions to Building**
CSB: Career Service Bonus**
CSB: CIS Supervisory Board**
CSB: Customer Services Branch**
CSB: Centerplane Support Boards**
CSB: Combat Spirituel Biblique**
CSB: Combat Support Boat**
CSB: Common Support Building**
CSB: Commonwealth Society of Bangladesh**
CSB: Community Safety Boards**
CSB: Castillo Sanchez Burrell**
CSB: Connection State Block**
CSB: Courier Shipping Bill**
CSB: Curwensville State Bank**
CSB: Community Standards Board**
CSB: Composite Sandwich Board**
CSB: Consortium Steering Board**
CSB: CUSIP Service Bureau**
CSB: Computer Science Branch**
CSB: Converged Service Broker**
CSB: Court Services Branch**
CSB: Curriculum Services Branch**
CSB: Centennial Savings Bank**
CSB: Christelijk Sociale Beweging**
CSB: California Southern Baptist**
CSB: Center for Student Businesses**
CSB: Chrome Silver Blue**
CSB: Conference Sports Broadcast**
CSB: Count Set Buffer**
CSB: Cutting Stripping and Blanking**
CSB: Cyber Schools Bangladesh**
CSB: Chinese Standard Bible**
CSB: Clients Security Board**
CSB: Computer Science Bldg**
CSB: Congregatio Sancti Basilii**
CSB: Canadian Savings Bond*
CSB: Carrier and Sideband*
CSB: Certified Small Businesses*
CSB: Christopher S Bond*
CSB: Clan Swedish Brotherhood*
CSB: Coffeyville State Bank*
CSB: Computational and Systems Biology*
CSB: Customer Service Branch*
CSB: Cable Stations B*
CSB: century schoolbook bold*

Note: Acronym Finder has 140 verified definitions for CSB

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