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CRD: Credit Risk Department****
CRD: Chemical Reaction Dynamics****
CRD: Certificates of Deposit****
CRD: Chief of Research and Development****
CRD: Clean Rinse and Dry****
CRD: Crystal Reports Distributor****
CRD: Coastal Resources Division****
CRD: Correspondence Received Date****
CRD: Community Resource Directory****
CRD: Career Research and Development****
CRD: Completely Randomised Design****
CRD: Canada Reise Dienst****
CRD: Community Recreation Department****
CRD: Computing Radiation Dosimetry****
CRD: Cancer Research Database***
CRD: Cyber Recreation Development***
CRD: Change Request Database***
CRD: Corporate Research and Development***
CRD: Community Resource Development***
CRD: Campaign for Responsible Development***
CRD: Cortisone Reductase Deficiency***
CRD: Central River Division***
CRD: Completely Randomized Design***
CRD: Central Registration Database***
CRD: Color Rendering Dictionaries***
CRD: Customer Relations Desk***
CRD: Contract Research Division***
CRD: Center for Reviews and Dissemination***
CRD: Community and Rural Development***
CRD: Customer Requirements Definition***
CRD: Carbohydrate Recognition Domains***
CRD: Customer Requested Delivery***
CRD: Crop Residue Disposal***
CRD: Credit Risk Database***
CRD: Cock Rock Disco***
CRD: Cooperative Research and Development***
CRD: Climate Research Division***
CRD: Capital Requirement Directive***
CRD: Central Residential District***
CRD: Conselho Regional De***
CRD: Certification Requirements Document***
CRD: Current Rulings Document***
CRD: Cooperation and Development***
CRD: Clackamas River Drive***
CRD: Central Research Department***
CRD: Center for Rural Design***
CRD: Computational Research and Development***
CRD: Canouan Resorts Development***
CRD: Center for Regenerative Design***
CRD: Cologne Re Dublin***
CRD: Crop Research Development***
CRD: Commissionerate of Rural Development***
CRD: Centre for Research and Development***
CRD: Campus Resources Diversity***
CRD: Corporate Resource Development***
CRD: Cash Ratio Deposit***
CRD: Cone Rod Dystrophy***
CRD: Cannot Read Date***
CRD: Crime Reduction Directors***
CRD: Chronic Reference Doses***
CRD: Civil Resilience Directorate***
CRD: Centre for Research and Documentation***
CRD: Coastal Restoration Division***
CRD: Centre for Rural Development***
CRD: Community Rehabilitation Department***
CRD: Cambodian Researchers for Development***
CRD: Central Reprographic Department***
CRD: Community Rehabilitation Division***
CRD: Cold Rolling Division***
CRD: Council for Reconstruction and Development***
CRD: Central Reprographics Departments***
CRD: Centre for Review and Dissemination***
CRD: Capital Region District***
CRD: Copper River Delta***
CRD: Columbia River Discharge***
CRD: Conduct Reflecting Discredit***
CRD: Council on Resource Development***
CRD: Central Reprographic Departments***
CRD: Centre for Regional Development***
CRD: Community and Regional Development***
CRD: Community Research and Development***
CRD: Coastal Resource Division***
CRD: Commercial Revitalization Deductions***
CRD: Credit Research Database***
CRD: Customer Request Design***
CRD: Color Rendition Demonstrator***
CRD: Citizens for Responsible Development***
CRD: Current Rules Document***
CRD: Churchill River Diversion***
CRD: community resource database***
CRD: Capability Requirements Document***
CRD: Construction Renovation and Demolition***
CRD: Computer Related Disorders***
CRD: Committee on Race and Diversity***
CRD: Community Resources Division***
CRD: Centre for Research and Dialogue***
CRD: Congolese Rally for Democracy***
CRD: Capstone Requirements Documents***
CRD: Center for Research and Dialogue**
CRD: Corporate Relations Department**
CRD: Columbia River Datum**
CRD: anti-cross-reacting determinant**
CRD: Carbohydrate Rich diet**
CRD: carbohydrate-recognizing domain**
CRD: carbohydrate-restricted diet**
CRD: Cellular Response Database**
CRD: cementum-related dentin**
CRD: central respiratory drive**
CRD: central retinal degeneration**
CRD: child restraint devices**
CRD: cholesterol-rich diet**
CRD: chow-restricted diet**
CRD: chronic renal diseases**
CRD: chronic renal dysfunction**
CRD: chronic respiratory diseases**
CRD: chronic rheumatic diseases**
CRD: Chylomicron retention disease**
CRD: clinical retinal detachment**
CRD: Combi-ring-dish**
CRD: commercial rat diet**
CRD: complete remission duration**
CRD: complex repetitive discharges**
CRD: complex retinal detachment**
CRD: con-rod degeneration**
CRD: cone-rod degeneration**
CRD: cone-rod dystrophies**
CRD: congenital renal disease**
CRD: congenital retinal disinsertion**
CRD: Contractor Requirements Document**
CRD: controlled released devices**
CRD: corrective reading disability**
CRD: cross renewal density**
CRD: cucurbitacin R diglucoside**
CRD: cumulative radiation damage**
CRD: cysteine rich domein**
CRD: cysteine-rich domains**
CRD: cystic renal dysplasia**
CRD: cytoplasmic retention domain**
CRD: Circadian Rhythm Disorders**
CRD: Carbonate Replacement Deposits**
CRD: Community Resilience and Dialogue**
CRD: CINC Required Date**
CRD: Compact Rural Development**
CRD: Charles River Diving**
CRD: Core Resident Data**
CRD: Current Regulative Diode**
CRD: Centre for Right Direction**
CRD: Capital Regional Districts**
CRD: cone-rod retinal dystrophy**
CRD: consultants in restorative dentistry**
CRD: cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman disease**
CRD: cysteine-rich extracellular domain**
CRD: Contract Requirements Document**
CRD: Comment Response Documents**
CRD: Crimes and Development**
CRD: Center for Development**
CRD: Conference Room Documents**
CRD: Centre de Recherche et Developpement**
CRD: Component Resolved Diagnostics**
CRD: Clinical Research Director**
CRD: CTS RTS Disable**
CRD: Center for Research and Dailogue**
CRD: Commercial Refrigeration Division**
CRD: Council of Reporting Dealers**
CRD: Control Room Department**
CRD: College Research Division**
CRD: Computational Research Division**
CRD: Cross Religious Directions**
CRD: Cultural Research and Development**
CRD: control rod drives**
CRD: Calorie Restricted Diet**
CRD: Center for Regional Development**
CRD: Centro Regional De**
CRD: Comment Response Document**
CRD: Commissioner Rural Development**
CRD: Corporate Research Development**
CRD: Capacitor Resistor Diode**
CRD: Connection Release Delay**
CRD: Corrected Read Data**
CRD: Criminal Records Division**
CRD: Contract Research and Development**
CRD: Civilian Research and Development**
CRD: Crop Reporting Districts**
CRD: Centrum Rozvoja Doktorandov**
CRD: Class Relationship Diagrams**
CRD: Comparable Replacement Dwelling**
CRD: Croydon Racing Developments**
CRD: Call Rerouting Distribution**
CRD: Concepts and Requirements Division**
CRD: Controller of Research Development**
CRD: Cosmic Ray Detector**
CRD: Cross Reacting Determinant**
CRD: Crown Revenue Distributions**
CRD: Center Reference Documents**
CRD: Centrale RIAGG Dienst**
CRD: Certificate in Rural Development**
CRD: Ceiling Radiation Dampers**
CRD: Clinical Research Directorate**
CRD: Central Records Division**
CRD: Colorado Reading Directorate**
CRD: Cavarocchi Ruscio Dennis**
CRD: Community and Resource Development**
CRD: Clinical Resource Directory**
CRD: Clinical Resources Division**
CRD: CODATA Referral Database**
CRD: Cruz Roja Dominicana**
CRD: Collision Resolution Device**
CRD: Combination Rotary Double**
CRD: Committee for Reconstruction and Development**
CRD: Council of Resource Development**
CRD: Change Request Directive**
CRD: Contract Rate of Delivery**
CRD: Courier Regulatory Department**
CRD: Calax Research and Development**
CRD: Circadian Rhythm Disorder**
CRD: Cobol Record Definition**
CRD: Crops Research Division**
CRD: Capitol Region District*
CRD: Common Respiratory Diseases*
CRD: Central Reference Distributor*
CRD: Commissionerate Rural Development*
CRD: Community Resources Development*
CRD: Comprehensive Rural Development*
CRD: Conflict Risk Display*
CRD: Corporate Reprographic Departments*
CRD: CAPSTONE Requirement Document*
CRD: Commissioner for Rural Development*
CRD: Cameroon Red Dwarf*
CRD: Centre de Recherche en Droit*
CRD: Client Requirement Document*
CRD: Compliance Review Division*
CRD: Cronic Respiratory Disease*
CRD: Canadian Remount Depot*
CRD: Class Registration Directory*
CRD: Classified Restricted Data*
CRD: Coal Research and Development*
CRD: Community Redevelopment Districts*
CRD: Completely Randomized Designs*
CRD: Consulting Research and Development*
CRD: Crimean Republican Directorate*
CRD: Current Regulated Diode*
CRD: Characterization Research Division*
CRD: Coal Refuse Disposal*
CRD: Contraceptive Research and Development*
CRD: Computer Resources Division*
CRD: Conseil Regional de Diourbel*
CRD: Cagiva Racing Development*
CRD: Campus Resource Director*
CRD: Campus Resource Directors*
CRD: Capitol Reservations Discount*

Note: Acronym Finder has 97 verified definitions for CRD

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