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CPR: Citizens for Property Rights****
CPR: Controlled Products Regulations****
CPR: Comment on Peer Review****
CPR: Computerized Patient Record****
CPR: Caponigro Public Relations****
CPR: Corporate Performance Review****
CPR: Checkpoint and Restart****
CPR: Certified Payroll Reporting****
CPR: Conducting the Peer****
CPR: Concrete Pavement Repair****
CPR: computerized patient records****
CPR: Common Property Resources****
CPR: Clubs for Prevention and Recovery****
CPR: City Pet Rescue****
CPR: Cultural Policy Review****
CPR: Course and Prepares****
CPR: Crop Protection Reference****
CPR: Corporate Public Relations****
CPR: Community Patent Regulation****
CPR: Concerns the Previous****
CPR: Creative Performance Racing****
CPR: Christian Progressive Rock****
CPR: Columbia Political Review****
CPR: Computer Products Resources***
CPR: California Planning Roundtable***
CPR: Canon Printer Repair***
CPR: Checkered Past Records***
CPR: Common Pool Resources***
CPR: Canadian Pacific Railways***
CPR: Cursor Position Report***
CPR: Clinical Practice Recommendations***
CPR: Curriculum Planning Resources***
CPR: Consorzio Pisa Ricerche***
CPR: Capacity and Preparatory Review***
CPR: Class in Personal***
CPR: Communist Party of Russian***
CPR: Core Process Redesign***
CPR: Code of Professional Responsibility***
CPR: Chapel Prayer Room***
CPR: Canadian Pacific Railroad***
CPR: Candlestick Pattern Recognition***
CPR: Cash Position Report***
CPR: Contingency Plan Review***
CPR: Certification Process Review***
CPR: Community Poverty Reduction***
CPR: Coverstock Performance Resuscitation***
CPR: Certified Pet Registration***
CPR: Calendar of the Patent Rolls***
CPR: Card and Previous***
CPR: Chronic Poverty Report***
CPR: Current Population Reports***
CPR: Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation***
CPR: Catch Photo Release***
CPR: Catch Photo and Release***
CPR: Causes and Prevention***
CPR: Class Parent Representatives***
CPR: Computer Products and Resources***
CPR: Conflict Prevention and Resolution***
CPR: Centrum Pro Rodinu***
CPR: Content of the Program***
CPR: Coastal Pet Rescue***
CPR: Centre for Policy Research***
CPR: Computer Peripheral Repair***
CPR: Clients and Projects***
CPR: Cross Professional Rescuer***
CPR: Core People Resources***
CPR: Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions***
CPR: Certifications and Personal***
CPR: Computer and Printer Repair***
CPR: Council of Permanent Representatives***
CPR: Citizens for Proportional Representation***
CPR: Couple Protection Rate***
CPR: Current Phase Relation***
CPR: Commercial Property Review***
CPR: Community Participation Report***
CPR: Crisis Prevention and Recovery***
CPR: Citizens for Progressive Representation***
CPR: crosby pevar raymond***
CPR: Cardio Pulmonary Resucitation***
CPR: Counselling and Psychotherapy Research***
CPR: Confederate Partisan Rangers***
CPR: Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction***
CPR: Collegial Peer Review***
CPR: Contractor Performance Reporting***
CPR: Changes to Proposed Rules***
CPR: Conservation Planning Requirements***
CPR: Cardio Pulminary Resuscitation***
CPR: Cal Poly Report***
CPR: Creating Professional Relationships***
CPR: Cleaning Painting and Repair***
CPR: Contingency Planning Recovery***
CPR: Certification at the Professional***
CPR: Conference Planning Research***
CPR: Construction Process Re***
CPR: Child Protection Register***
CPR: Communication and Public Relations***
CPR: Change Process Re***
CPR: Coalition for Peace and Reconciliation***
CPR: Consumer Products Regulations***
CPR: Community Powered Radio***
CPR: Catch Picture Release***
CPR: Catch Photograph and Release***
CPR: City of Providence***
CPR: Center for Public Representation***
CPR: Consulting Parts Repair***
CPR: Certifications in Professional***
CPR: Conference of the Parties***
CPR: Common Property Rights***
CPR: Cabling Provider Rules***
CPR: Certified in Pediatric***
CPR: Central Population Registration***
CPR: Committee for the Prevention***
CPR: Certified and Participates***
CPR: Capital Planning Review***
CPR: Circular Polarization Ratio***
CPR: Commissie Preventie Rampen***
CPR: County by Providing***
CPR: Customary Prevailing and Reasonable***
CPR: Capacity Preparatory Review***
CPR: Consulting Professional Resources***
CPR: Cyclophosphamide Prednisone and Rituximab***
CPR: Committee for Peace and Reconciliation***
CPR: Conditional Permanent Resident***
CPR: California Progressivism Revisited***
CPR: Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation***
CPR: Church and Public Relations***
CPR: Cost Performance Reports***
CPR: Clinical Pathology Rounds***
CPR: Core Plan Representation***
CPR: Constitutionally Protected Rights***
CPR: Compliance Process Review***
CPR: Concrete Pavement Restoration***
CPR: Cinema Production Resources***
CPR: China Peoples Republic***
CPR: Change Proposal Requests***
CPR: Creating Positive Relationships***
CPR: Central Personal Register***
CPR: Common Property Regimes***
CPR: Citizens for Police Review***
CPR: Comprehensive Program Review***
CPR: Courses for Professional Rescuers***
CPR: Contraception and Reproductive***
CPR: Community Property Resources***
CPR: Cardio Pulmonary Respiration***
CPR: Coordination and Promotion***
CPR: Contract Proposal Request***
CPR: Corpus Papyrorum Raineri***
CPR: Cached Page Results***
CPR: Commercial Practices Regulations***
CPR: Centrifugal Phorce Records***
CPR: Central to Poor***
CPR: Command Processor Replacement***
CPR: Contribute to Poor***
CPR: Chicago Public Radio***
CPR: Continous Plankton Recorder***
CPR: Canadian Pacific Rwy***
CPR: Condominium Property Regime***
CPR: Career Path Recruiting***
CPR: Censored Production Rules***
CPR: Calendar of Patent Rolls***
CPR: Caribbean Petroleum Refining***
CPR: Coupled Power Ratio***
CPR: Certified Personnel Register***
CPR: Com Park Rangers***
CPR: Civilian Personnel Records***
CPR: Certification in Professional***
CPR: Council Professional Rescuer***
CPR: Culebra Puerto Rico***
CPR: Cat Purebred Rescue***
CPR: Coastal Pollutant Remediation***
CPR: Community Park Rangers***
CPR: Crime Prevention Resources***
CPR: California Political Review***
CPR: Cobalt Party Revolution***
CPR: Compliance Performance Review***
CPR: Consolidated Program Review***
CPR: Communal Property Resources***
CPR: Crankcase Pressure Regulating***
CPR: Communities of Population in Resistance***
CPR: Critical Problem Resolution***
CPR: Canadian Pacific Ry***
CPR: Coalition to Protect Research***
CPR: Conserve Protect and Restore***
CPR: Conjugate Peak Refinement***
CPR: Card on the Premises***
CPR: Communities of Peoples in Resistance***
CPR: Chief of Protocol***
CPR: Chicano Power Revival***
CPR: Certification Professional Rescuer***
CPR: Current Periodicals Room***
CPR: Clitheroe and Preston***
CPR: Coalition for Police Review***
CPR: Center for Political Research***
CPR: Centre for Prospective Regulation***
CPR: Coalition to Preserve Rehabilitation***
CPR: Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation***
CPR: Certificate of Product Registration***
CPR: Crash Process Redesign***
CPR: Campaign for Pesticide Reduction***
CPR: Critical Position Requirements***
CPR: Credentialing and Peer Review***
CPR: Country Portfolio Review**
CPR: Care Providers Required**
CPR: Crosby Pevar and Raymond**
CPR: critical path roadmap**
CPR: Child Parent Relationship**
CPR: Call Processing Records**
CPR: Center for Pharmaceutical Research**
CPR: Consumer Product Recognition**
CPR: Close Proximity Recovery**
CPR: C-peptide radioimmunoreactivity**
CPR: C-peptide reaction**
CPR: C-peptide reactivity**
CPR: cannual patency rate**
CPR: cap-prevented recombination**
CPR: caudal periventricular region**
CPR: Cerebral Palsy Register**
CPR: cerebral perfusion rate**
CPR: cerebral perfusion reserve**
CPR: cerebro placental ratio**
CPR: cerebro-placental ratio**
CPR: chemotactic peptide receptor**
CPR: chicken progesterone receptor**
CPR: Child Psychological Risk**
CPR: cleavable platelet receptor**
CPR: Clinical Partial Response**
CPR: clinical pregnancy rate**
CPR: CO2 production rate**
CPR: cold pressor reaction**
CPR: Cold Pressor Response**
CPR: cold punch resectoscope**
CPR: complete pain relief**
CPR: complete pathologic remission**
CPR: Complete pathologic responses**
CPR: complete pathological response**
CPR: complete protection rate**
CPR: complete pulp revascularization**
CPR: Computer Patient Records**
CPR: concentration product ratio**
CPR: Condensed phase radioluminescence**
CPR: conditioned position responding**
CPR: Conditioned-Position Responding**
CPR: consensual pupillary reflex**
CPR: consistent projection reconstruction**
CPR: continuous pH recording**
CPR: continuous polysomnographic recording**
CPR: coronary perfusion rate**
CPR: Coronary perfusion resistance**
CPR: cortisol production rate**

Note: Acronym Finder has 206 verified definitions for CPR

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