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What does COT stand for?

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COT: Cardiology of Tulsa****
COT: Circle of Thorns****
COT: Circle of Teaching****
COT: Civic Orchestra of Tucson****
COT: Continent Ocean Transitions****
COT: Council on Transportation****
COT: Council of Truth****
COT: Central Office Trunks****
COT: Correctional Officers Training***
COT: Company of Tourism***
COT: Carbon Organic Total***
COT: Computational Organization Theory***
COT: Circle of Trust***
COT: City of Thomasville***
COT: Centre for Orthopaedic Technologists***
COT: Crash on Take-Off***
COT: Committee on Trauma***
COT: College of Teachers***
COT: Crown of Thorns***
COT: Commission on Turnover***
COT: Children of Twins***
COT: Commit of Transaction***
COT: Central Office Termination***
COT: Committee on Transition***
COT: Certificate of Transportation***
COT: Community Organizing Team***
COT: Computer OEM Trading***
COT: Connection Oriented Transport***
COT: Custo Operacional Total***
COT: Committee on Teaching***
COT: Computer Office Technology***
COT: Clean Oil Technology***
COT: Center for Object Technology***
COT: Coil Outlet Temperature***
COT: Consultation Observation Tool***
COT: Certification as an Ophthalmic***
COT: Combined Operational Training***
COT: Chariots of Thunder***
COT: Center for Office Technology***
COT: Certified Occupational Therapist***
COT: Crisis Onderzoek Team***
COT: Carry Over Transactions***
COT: Court of the Table***
COT: College of Occupational Therapy***
COT: Community of Teachers***
COT: Casualties of Telstra***
COT: Core Outlet Temperature***
COT: Change of Topic***
COT: Compressor Outlet Temperature***
COT: Centre for Object Technology***
COT: Club Officer Training***
COT: Census of Technology**
COT: Central Outer Tracker**
COT: Committee on Technical**
COT: calcium oxalate trihydrate**
COT: central office technicians**
COT: cessation of therapy**
COT: channel outgas technique**
COT: cognitive orientation treatment**
COT: common object test**
COT: common outflow tract**
COT: continuous oxygen therapy**
COT: continuous oxygen treatment**
COT: contralateral optic tectum**
COT: convective oxygen transport**
COT: conventional oscillometric technique**
COT: critical oxygen tension**
COT: crystal observation time**
COT: cystic ovarian teratoma**
COT: Customer Originated Trace**
COT: Community Occupational Therapist**
COT: Change One Thing**
COT: Central Office Terminals**
COT: change of tactics**
COT: Climate of Trust**
COT: Commander of Troops**
COT: Commemorated on TYNE**
COT: Center of Occupational Toxicology**
COT: Committee on Training**
COT: Chapter Officer Training**
COT: Carry Over Trade**
COT: Certified Ophthalmic Technicians**
COT: Consecutive OCONUS Tours**
COT: Caribbean Overseas Territories**
COT: Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle**
COT: Cell Output Time**
COT: Commissionerate of Tenders**
COT: Committee on the Toxicity**
COT: Certified Opthalmic Technician**
COT: Continuum of Time**
COT: Community Organization Training**
COT: Children of Time**
COT: Conduct of Training**
COT: Company of Travelers**
COT: Cost of Ownership Transfer**
COT: Classified OnLine Today**
COT: Customer Own Tooling**
COT: Central Oregon Tumbleweeds**
COT: Chicago Office of Tourism**
COT: Crude Oil Terminal**
COT: City of Thuringowa**
COT: CLASS Operations Team**
COT: Condition of Track**
COT: Curacao Oil Terminal**
COT: Certificates of Transportation**
COT: California Oregon Transmission**
COT: Captain of Turret**
COT: Cigarette and Other**
COT: Coalition for Open Trade**
COT: Customer Oriented Trace**
COT: Center for Optical Technologies*
COT: Cloud Optical Thickness*
COT: Committee on Terminology*
COT: Congreso Obrero Textil*
COT: Curse of Tounges*
COT: Clan of Thomorow*
COT: Circle of Truth*
COT: Commission on Transportation*
COT: Customers Own Transport*
COT: Campus Outcome Teams*
COT: Conflict of Title*
COT: Consumables Ordering Tool*
COT: Central Ohio Technology*
COT: Cage Of Threads*
COT: Capitol Oldsmobile Truck*
COT: Center Of Teledetection*
COT: ceremony Commander of Troops*
COT: Chesrown Oldsmobile Truck*
COT: College of Technology*
COT: Collins Oldsmobile Truck*
COT: Computation Of Time*
COT: Concept Oneeditorial and Technology*
COT: Consideration Of Type*
COT: Consummation Of Transfer*
COT: Copies Of Transcript*
COT: Teaching Chemistry by vegetable Oil Theme*

Note: Acronym Finder has 91 verified definitions for COT

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