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What does COSS stand for?

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COSS: Complete Open Source Solutions****
COSS: Central Office Switching System***
COSS: Centre for Open Source Software***
COSS: Committee on Safe Seas***
COSS: City of Shreveport S***
COSS: College of Social Sciences***
COSS: Common Object Services Specifications***
COSS: Council on Social Services***
COSS: Council of Social Services***
COSS: Cost of Service Studies***
COSS: Common Object Service Specification***
COSS: Council of Social Sciences***
COSS: Canadian Organization of Sikh Students**
COSS: Committee on Sporting Singapore**
COSS: Common Open Software Systems**
COSS: conditional-on-a-single-stimulus**
COSS: Continuous Ordered Scenery Streaming**
COSS: Country Operational Strategy Study**
COSS: Centre for Open Source Solutions**
COSS: Colony Outreach Support Service**
COSS: Chemical Odor Sensitivity Scale**
COSS: Cost of Social Security**
COSS: Community Outreach and Support Service**
COSS: Compass of Shame Scale**
COSS: City of Sandy Springs**
COSS: Cobalt Open Sales System**
COSS: College of Somatic Studies**
COSS: Council of Osteopathic Specialty Societies**
COSS: Council of Spine Societies**
COSS: Council of Special Services**
COSS: Cyclic Object Storage System**
COSS: Cooperativa Organizzazione Servizi Sociali**
COSS: Coastal Oil Spill Simulation**
COSS: Coalition of Silicone Survivors**
COSS: Compressor Operation and Service Seminar**
COSS: Controllers of Site Safety**
COSS: Computerized Operator Support Systems**
COSS: Collaborative Online Support System**
COSS: Computerized Operating System Software**
COSS: Certified Occupational Safety Specialists**
COSS: College of Survival Studies**
COSS: Council on Student Services**
COSS: Center for Optical Sensors and Spectroscopies**
COSS: Claims Office Support System**
COSS: Corpus of Speech Synthesis**
COSS: Committee on Staff Salaries*
COSS: Center Operations Support Services*
COSS: Cross Operating System Service*
COSS: Computerised Operation Support Systems*
COSS: Christian Open Source Software*
COSS: Common Object Support Services*
COSS: Cost of Services Study*
COSS: Country Operational Strategy Studies*
COSS: Coke Oven Sydney Steel*
COSS: Combat Operations Supply Support*
COSS: Committee On Spatial Standards*
COSS: Computer Oriented Simulation System*

Note: Acronym Finder has 19 verified definitions for COSS

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