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What does COOL stand for?

Found 61 meanings of the COOL acronym and abbreviation
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COOL: Council of Our Library****
COOL: County of Oxford on Line****
COOL: Cloud Observations On Line***
COOL: Country of Origin Law***
COOL: Country of Origin Labelling***
COOL: Coalition of Organized Labor***
COOL: County of Origin Labeling***
COOL: Credentialing Opportunities on Line***
COOL: Context of Object Oriented Languages***
COOL: Cultural Organization of Lowell***
COOL: Comprehensive Object Oriented Learning***
COOL: Coalition of Older Lesbians***
COOL: Catalog of Object Links***
COOL: Country of Origin Legislation***
COOL: Campus Opportunity Outreach League***
COOL: Corridors of Opportunity in Louisville***
COOL: Conference on Ocean Literacy***
COOL: Carers One to One Link***
COOL: County of Oxford Online***
COOL: Career Opportunities on Location***
COOL: COBOL Object Orientated Language***
COOL: Computer Output on Line***
COOL: Conserve Our Ocean Legacy***
COOL: Children of Our Lord**
COOL: Circular Optical Object Locator**
COOL: Coalition of Organizations for Ocean Life**
COOL: Creating Opportunities for Ongoing Learning**
COOL: Christian Outreach of Lutherans**
COOL: Consortium of Online Learning**
COOL: Continental Owner Operators LTD**
COOL: Coalition of Organic Landscapers**
COOL: Clean Our Okanagan Lake**
COOL: Council On Ocean Law**
COOL: Computer Outreach Opportunities for Learning**
COOL: Correctional Officer Offender Liaison**
COOL: Christ Our Only Lord**
COOL: C Object Oriented Language**
COOL: Component Outage on Line**
COOL: Cost of Ownership Luminator**
COOL: Christ Over Our Lives**
COOL: Career Options on Line**
COOL: Community Outreach Opportunity League**
COOL: Cooperative Opportunity on Leadership**
COOL: Council of Osteopathic Librarians**
COOL: Crime Out of Loughborough**
COOL: Community of One Love**
COOL: Campus Outreach Opportunities League*
COOL: College Opportunites on Line*
COOL: Cavile Outreach Opportunity Library*
COOL: Consortium of on Line*
COOL: Construction Opportunities on Line*
COOL: Council on Overseas Language*
COOL: Cayuga Our Oral Legacy*
COOL: Computer Options on Line*
COOL: Carolina Ocean Observations Laboratory*
COOL: Ceres Object Oriented Library*
COOL: Chinese Object Oriented Language*
COOL: Computing Offered on Line*
COOL: Conference on Otomanguean and Oaxacan Languages*
COOL: Community of Outstanding Learners*
COOL: Consortium of Opportunities for Learners*

Note: Acronym Finder has 24 verified definitions for COOL

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