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What does CNR stand for?

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CNR: Constitutes the Reference****
CNR: Commission of Romania****
CNR: Communication and Networking Riser****
CNR: Canadian National Railways****
CNR: Canadian Natural Resources****
CNR: Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche****
CNR: Cooperative Network for Research****
CNR: Computing and Networking****
CNR: Communications Network Riser****
CNR: Craftable Natural Resources****
CNR: Certainly No Rush***
CNR: columbia natural resources***
CNR: Canadian National Radio***
CNR: Canadian Northern Railway***
CNR: Conseil National de Recherches***
CNR: Cluj Napoca Romania***
CNR: Centro Nazionale Ricerche***
CNR: Cantieri Navali Riuniti***
CNR: Committee the National Research***
CNR: Coordinated by Roberto***
CNR: Centre National de Recherche***
CNR: Council for the Research***
CNR: Center for Nanomaterials Research***
CNR: Compound Nuclear Reactions***
CNR: Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra***
CNR: Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche***
CNR: Communications and Networking Riser***
CNR: Communication and Network Riser***
CNR: Cold Neutron Research***
CNR: CWI the Netherlands***
CNR: California Northern Region***
CNR: Cooper Natural Resources***
CNR: Conservation and Natural Resources***
CNR: Council of Norway***
CNR: Centre for Neighbourhood Research***
CNR: Coordinated by the National Research***
CNR: Cell Nuclear Replacement***
CNR: Canadian National Resources***
CNR: Conti National Research***
CNR: Certificate of Non Registration***
CNR: Center for Nuclear Research***
CNR: Consortium for Nanoscience Research***
CNR: Centre for Non Residents***
CNR: Chinese National Radio***
CNR: Council of Researches***
CNR: Canada Natural Resources***
CNR: Consiglio Nazionaledelle Ricerche***
CNR: Centre for Neurological Rehabilitation***
CNR: Comitetul National Român***
CNR: Chinese National Railway***
CNR: Corporation for the Northern Rockies***
CNR: Canadian National Railroad***
CNR: Council of National Representatives***
CNR: China National Railways***
CNR: Comitetul National Roman***
CNR: Channel to Noise Ratio***
CNR: Communication Networking Riser***
CNR: Center for Nanostorage Research***
CNR: Cavallini at the National Research***
CNR: Communications Networking Riser***
CNR: Council for Research***
CNR: Center for Neutron Research***
CNR: Carrier to Noise Ration***
CNR: Cultural and Natural Resources***
CNR: Center for Neuroacoustic Research**
CNR: central nerve ring**
CNR: Central Netherlands Registry**
CNR: clinical nurse researcher**
CNR: Clozaril National Registry**
CNR: computerized nuclear renography**
CNR: conditioned neurographic response**
CNR: constitutive nitrate reductase**
CNR: contrast noise ratio**
CNR: contrast-noise ratio**
CNR: contrast-noise-ratio**
CNR: contrast/noise ratio**
CNR: correlated noise reduction**
CNR: cytoplasm-nucleus ratio**
CNR: Research/Clinical Nurse Researcher**
CNR: Center for National Response**
CNR: Cisco Network Registar**
CNR: Cizer Net Reporting**
CNR: cadherin-related neural receptor**
CNR: calorie to nitrogen ratio**
CNR: Ceramics National Research**
CNR: contrast to noise ratios**
CNR: contrast-to-noise ratios**
CNR: Communications and Network Riser**
CNR: cadherin-related neuronal receptor**
CNR: Co2+ and Ni2+ resistance**
CNR: Centre for Nursing Research**
CNR: Cisco Network Registrars**
CNR: Care Net Report**
CNR: Center of Rehabilitation**
CNR: Communications and Networking Resources**
CNR: Conseil National Routier**
CNR: Control Nacional de Radio**
CNR: Council National Research**
CNR: Consulting Network Repair**
CNR: Canine Nutrition Review**
CNR: Centrum Nadzoru Ruchu**
CNR: Chief of Naval Reserve**
CNR: Council for National Research**
CNR: Commission of National Reconciliation**
CNR: Carier to Noise Ratio**
CNR: Canadian National Ry**
CNR: Carrier to Noise Radio**
CNR: Colorado Natural Resources**
CNR: Canada National Railway**
CNR: Centre National RadioProtection**
CNR: Centers for Neuro Rehabilitation**
CNR: Central Nacional Retalhista**
CNR: Computerized Natural Resources**
CNR: Combat Net Radios*
CNR: Conserving Natural Resources*
CNR: Convention News Review*
CNR: Canadian National Rys*
CNR: Career Networking Receptions*
CNR: Clonroche Newbawn Raheen*
CNR: Center for Neuroscience Research*
CNR: Commissioned by the Regione*
CNR: Coordinator of the RU*
CNR: Corpus Nummorum Romanorum*
CNR: Council for Recovery*
CNR: CPS of the National Research*
CNR: Calling Name Restriction*
CNR: Central Norfolk Radio*
CNR: Combat Network Radio*
CNR: Consent Not Required*
CNR: Croatian National Resistance*
CNR: Council for Nuclear Research*
CNR: Canonical Name Record*
CNR: Current News Releases*
CNR: Community Network Resources*
CNR: Community Networking Resources*
CNR: Connecticut Natural Resources*
CNR: Children Nutrition Research*
CNR: Current Not Reachable*
CNR: Chicago and Northwest Railroad*
CNR: Clinical Nursing Research (journal / revue)*
CNR: Clinical Nursing Research [journal / revue]*
CNR: Comisi=n Nacional de Reconciliaci=n*
CNR: Conservation and Natural Resourc*
CNR: Conservation of Natural Resources*
CNR: Construction of New Roads*
CNR: Corrective Notice of Redetermination*
CNR: Cyber Nails with Roxanna*
CNR: Czech Network Resources*

Note: Acronym Finder has 63 verified definitions for CNR

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