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What does CMPA stand for?

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CMPA: Center for Media and Public Affairs****
CMPA: Center for Media Public Affairs****
CMPA: Co Management of Protected Areas****
CMPA: Coastal Marshlands Protection Act***
CMPA: Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act***
CMPA: Cows Milk Protein Allergy***
CMPA: Consumer Mortgage Protection Act***
CMPA: County Municipal Police Academy***
CMPA: Cooperative Management and Protection Act***
CMPA: Center for Marine Protected Areas***
CMPA: College of Management and Public Administration***
CMPA: Canadian Medical Protection Association***
CMPA: Coastal Marine Protected Area***
CMPA: Compact Medium Power Amplifier***
CMPA: chiral mobile phase additive**
CMPA: Chiral Mobile Phase Additives**
CMPA: cow milk protein allergy**
CMPA: cows' milk protein allergy**
CMPA: Christadelphian Magazine Publishing Association**
CMPA: Canadian Management Professionals Association**
CMPA: Centre for Media and Public Affairs**
CMPA: Contract Manufacturing Packaging Association**
CMPA: Costa Mesa Police Association**
CMPA: Canadian Marine Pilots Association**
CMPA: Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association**
CMPA: 3-chloro-2-methylpropionic acid**
CMPA: Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Association**
CMPA: Cooperative Management and Protection Area**
CMPA: Canadian Medical Protective Agency**
CMPA: Community Maritime Park Associates**
CMPA: Christian Music Publishers Association**
CMPA: Corrugated Metal Pipe Arches**
CMPA: Clyde Muirshiel Park Authority**
CMPA: Co Managed Protected Areas**
CMPA: City of Madison Port Authority**
CMPA: Civil Monetary Penalty Act**
CMPA: Carbon Market Planning Authority**
CMPA: Chicago Milwaukee and Portland**
CMPA: Community Media Producers Association**
CMPA: Cervical Mucus Penetration Assay**
CMPA: Centrum Missionaire Participatie Afrika**
CMPA: Coastal and Marine Protected Areas**
CMPA: Certified Management Patient Accounting**
CMPA: Construction Materials Processors Association**
CMPA: Cooperative Management Protection Area**
CMPA: Creative Media Performing Arts**
CMPA: Chinese Motion Picture Association*
CMPA: Cincinnati Master Plumbers Association*
CMPA: Central Massachusetts Paralegal Association*
CMPA: Community Managed Protected Areas*
CMPA: Croatian Maritime Pilots Association*
CMPA: Canadian Magazine Publishing Association*
CMPA: Canadian Maritime Pilots Association*
CMPA: Commercial Music Producers Association*
CMPA: Cumulative Military Performance Average*
CMPA: Coal Mine Permit Acreages*
CMPA: Coal Miners Political Action*
CMPA: Coal Mining Permit Applications*

Note: Acronym Finder has 22 verified definitions for CMPA

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