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What does CLR stand for?

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CLR: Credit Lyonnais Rouse****
CLR: Construction Labour Relations****
CLR: Cultural Landscape Reports****
CLR: Constant Leverage Ratio****
CLR: Christian Life Resources****
CLR: Centre for Landscape Research****
CLR: Community Leadership Resources****
CLR: Class Library Reference***
CLR: Center for Legal Resources***
CLR: Cormen Leiserson Rivest***
CLR: Centre for Law and Research***
CLR: Clear the Register***
CLR: Chris Liebing Remix***
CLR: Coastal Life Raft***
CLR: Coordinamento Lesbiche Romane***
CLR: Contributions by Laura***
CLR: Community Legal Resources***
CLR: Centre for Learning Resources***
CLR: Columbia Law Review***
CLR: Criminal Law Review***
CLR: Clear Lens Replacement***
CLR: Committee for Land Resources***
CLR: Computerized Land Records***
CLR: Competitive Line Rates***
CLR: Commonwealth Land Rights***
CLR: Computerisation of Land Records***
CLR: Canadian League of Rights***
CLR: Cultural Landscape Report***
CLR: Contaminated Land Register***
CLR: Command Language Runtime***
CLR: Carbon Leader Reef***
CLR: Child Legal Representative***
CLR: Cormen Leiserson and Rivest***
CLR: Contaminated Land Reports***
CLR: Common LISP Runtime***
CLR: Continuous Learning Recognition***
CLR: Cobourn Linseisen Ratcliff***
CLR: Center for Learning Resources***
CLR: Conditional Likelihood Ratio***
CLR: Competitive Line Rate***
CLR: Cllr Lisa Rajan***
CLR: Cell Loss Requirements***
CLR: Collection of Last Resort***
CLR: Center for Landscape Research***
CLR: Centre for Learning Research***
CLR: Calcium Lime Remover***
CLR: coherent laser radar**
CLR: Construction Labour Research**
CLR: cerebellar locomotor region**
CLR: cerebral lactate release**
CLR: Chronic lung rejection**
CLR: collagen-like region**
CLR: continuous lateral rotation**
CLR: corneo-limbal ring**
CLR: corpus luteum rescue**
CLR: cough-like reflex**
CLR: cumulative logistic regression**
CLR: cycle log reduction**
CLR: Construction Law Reports**
CLR: Common Law Reports**
CLR: Customer Liaison Representatives**
CLR: Computerization of Land Records**
CLR: cumulative live birth rate**
CLR: Cell Loss Ratios**
CLR: Crystal Lake Rotary**
CLR: Cognitive Linguistics Research**
CLR: California Learning Record**
CLR: City Link Route**
CLR: C-type lectin receptor**
CLR: Crack Length Ratio**
CLR: Chris Liebing Recordings**
CLR: Childhood Lead Registry**
CLR: Camera Link Repeater**
CLR: Cooperative Lubrication Research**
CLR: Canadian Livestock Registry**
CLR: Crystal Large Red**
CLR: Center for Learning in Retirement**
CLR: Controlled Legal Representation**
CLR: Consultants in Labor Relations**
CLR: Consumer Law Review**
CLR: Center for Lakes and Reservoirs**
CLR: Cwikel Lieb Rozenblum**
CLR: Cains Lair Regulars**
CLR: Calendar of Liberate Rolls**
CLR: Current Limiting Relay**
CLR: Certified LiveNote Reporter**
CLR: Cost Limit Review**
CLR: Combat Logistics Regiments**
CLR: Computational Linguistic Resources**
CLR: Controlled Laboratory Reactors**
CLR: Chris Liebing Remixed**
CLR: Compensation Log Records**
CLR: Current Limiting Reactor**
CLR: Center for Lunar Research**
CLR: Commissionerate of Land Revenue**
CLR: Common Library Runtime**
CLR: Center for Loyalty Research**
CLR: College Law Review**
CLR: Commercial Lending Review**
CLR: Classical Linear Regression*
CLR: Closed Loop Registration*
CLR: Council for Logistics Research*
CLR: Circuit Loudness Rating*
CLR: Clergy and Religious*
CLR: College Louis Riel*
CLR: Commissioner Land Records*
CLR: Computer Law Reports*
CLR: Clearly Legible Report*
CLR: Canadian Legal Resources*
CLR: Capacity Limited Resources*
CLR: Charles Lim Rafanan*
CLR: Command Leadership and Resource*
CLR: Commando Logistic Regt*
CLR: Compare Logical Register*
CLR: Computer Language Recorder*
CLR: Connection Loudness Rating*
CLR: Current Level Register*
CLR: Capacity Limited Resource*
CLR: Cargo List Report*
CLR: Center for Lexical Research*
CLR: Centre for Land Rehabilitation*
CLR: Clyde L Rougeou*
CLR: Compensating Log Record*
CLR: Conference Litigation Representative*
CLR: Cornell Law Republicans*
CLR: course load reductions*
CLR: Crown Land Registry*
CLR: Country Lakes Realty*
CLR: Caffe Lampara Restaurant*
CLR: California Law Resources*
CLR: Canadian Lodging and Recreation*
CLR: Cataract and Lens Research*
CLR: Cecil a Labrador Retriever*
CLR: Chilko Lake Resort*
CLR: Chinese Literature Resources*
CLR: Chris Lee Rompot*
CLR: Christopher Lee Rompot*
CLR: Cleveland Live Rockers*
CLR: Click on this Line to Receive ou*
CLR: Clinical Laboratory Reference [journal / revue]*
CLR: Colorado Library Resources*
CLR: Cooperative Land Reclamation*
CLR: Coopers and Lybrand Ratings*
CLR: Copies of each Land Report*
CLR: Core Lateral Restraint*
CLR: Culture of Little Robots*

Note: Acronym Finder has 54 verified definitions for CLR

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