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What does CIDC stand for?

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CIDC: City and Industrial Development Corporation****
CIDC: Center for Infectious Disease Control***
CIDC: Canadian International Demining Corps***
CIDC: Certificate in Diabetes Care***
CIDC: Corporation Industrial Development Corporation***
CIDC: Climatology Interdisciplinary Data Collection***
CIDC: Chronically Ill and Disabled Children***
CIDC: California Indian Days Celebration***
CIDC: Cambridge Infectious Diseases Consortium**
CIDC: Canadian International Demining Centre**
CIDC: Christian Interchurch Diaconal Council**
CIDC: Claremont Improvement District Company**
CIDC: Clovis Industrial Development Corporation**
CIDC: Cape and Islands Democratic Council**
CIDC: Center for Integrated Design and Construction**
CIDC: China Internet Data Center**
CIDC: China International Display Conference**
CIDC: Community Informatics for Developing Countries**
CIDC: Chronically Ill Disabled Children**
CIDC: Communications Internet Data Center**
CIDC: Central Iowa Dachshund Club**
CIDC: Critical Incident Debriefing Counselling**
CIDC: Colorado Interior Design Coalition**
CIDC: Canadian Interfaith Dialogue Centre**
CIDC: Canadian International Development Consultants**
CIDC: China IC Design Center**
CIDC: Cisco Internet Development Center**
CIDC: Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation**
CIDC: Canadian International Demining Center**
CIDC: Central Institute for Disease Control**
CIDC: Chillicothe Industrial Development Corporation**
CIDC: clinical indicator data capture**
CIDC: Coney Island Department of City**
CIDC: Cannes International Dental Congress**
CIDC: Clark Industrial Development Corporation**
CIDC: Committee for the Improvement of Dickenson County**
CIDC: Capital Improvement District Commission**
CIDC: Centraal Instituut Dierziekte Controle**
CIDC: Children of Immigrants Development in Context**
CIDC: Construction Industries Development Council**
CIDC: Crop Injury and Diagnostic Clinic**
CIDC: Combating Illegal Drug Circulation*
CIDC: Commercial Investment Development Company*
CIDC: Conroe Industrial Development Corporation*
CIDC: Cameron Industrial Development Corporation*
CIDC: Clothing Industry Development Council*
CIDC: Clyde Industrial Development Corporation*
CIDC: Canadian International Demining Corporation*
CIDC: Canfor International Distribution Centre*
CIDC: Combat Intelligence Damage Control*
CIDC: California Interagency Data Collaboration*
CIDC: Ciudad de Ilobasco Departamento de Cabanas*

Note: Acronym Finder has 10 verified definitions for CIDC

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