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CIC: Christian Initiation of Children****
CIC: Codex Iuris Canonici****
CIC: Communities in Charge****
CIC: Certified Insurance Counselors****
CIC: Community Issues Committee****
CIC: Central Illinois Chapter****
CIC: Computing Information and Communications****
CIC: Communications in Computing****
CIC: California Infrastructure Coalition****
CIC: Counter Intelligence Corps****
CIC: Capital Improvements Committee****
CIC: Completely In Canal****
CIC: Citizen and Immigration Canada****
CIC: Computing International Conference****
CIC: Committee of Culture****
CIC: Coffee Industry Corporation****
CIC: City Informatie Centrum****
CIC: Crown Investments Corporation****
CIC: Community Improvement Corporation****
CIC: Canberra Islamic Centre****
CIC: Commercial Information Center****
CIC: Customer Information Center****
CIC: Catholic Interracial Council****
CIC: Customs Information Centres****
CIC: Certified Interview Coach****
CIC: Citizen Information Centres****
CIC: Crisis Intervention Centre****
CIC: Christmas in the City****
CIC: Certified Infection Control****
CIC: Corporate Intellectual Capital****
CIC: Centre for Intercultural Communication****
CIC: Customer Interaction Centre****
CIC: Commercial and Industrial Company****
CIC: Community Internet Centers***
CIC: Construction Industry Committee***
CIC: Canada Immigration and Canadian***
CIC: community information centres***
CIC: Community Impact Committee***
CIC: CPU Info Center***
CIC: Cambridge International College***
CIC: Consortium the Community***
CIC: Common Interest Communities***
CIC: Chip Implementation Center***
CIC: Center on International Cooperation***
CIC: Contemporary Image Collective***
CIC: Curtin International College***
CIC: Canberra Investment Corporation***
CIC: Casualty Insurance Company***
CIC: Certificate in Computing***
CIC: Computational Intelligence and Control***
CIC: Competitiveness and Industrial Change***
CIC: Community Information Corps***
CIC: Creating Institutional Change***
CIC: Creative Internet Consulting***
CIC: Consumer Information Centre***
CIC: Community Impact Council***
CIC: Connect Investment Conference***
CIC: Consorzio Italiano Compostatori***
CIC: Covered Interconnect Cells***
CIC: Cadet Instructors Cadre***
CIC: Committee for Institutional Cooperation***
CIC: China Institute of Communications***
CIC: Centro Italiano Congressi***
CIC: Central Inland Capture***
CIC: Council of Churches***
CIC: Central Information Centre***
CIC: Compliance Information Center***
CIC: Central Intervest Corporation***
CIC: Cancer Information Centres***
CIC: Chinese Investment Corporation***
CIC: College Info Center***
CIC: Citizenship Immigration Canada***
CIC: Chemie Information Computer***
CIC: Center Industries Corporation***
CIC: Community Investment Council***
CIC: Community Involvement Center***
CIC: Communications Intelligence Corporation***
CIC: Customer Inter Ction***
CIC: Central Iowa Cooperative***
CIC: Corporate Insurance Company***
CIC: Capital Invest Com***
CIC: Concert Industry Consortium***
CIC: Central Intelligence Corporation***
CIC: Central Intercollegiate Conference***
CIC: Commercial Information Company***
CIC: Criminal Injuries Compensation***
CIC: Continuous Improvement Council***
CIC: Cascaded Integrator Comb***
CIC: CDMA International Conference***
CIC: China Information Center***
CIC: Children in Care***
CIC: Census Information Center***
CIC: construction industries commission***
CIC: Cartographic Information Center***
CIC: Carrier Identification Codes***
CIC: Centro Integral Comunitario***
CIC: Collision Insight Com***
CIC: Cambodian Information Center***
CIC: Congregations in Community***
CIC: Continental Illinois Corporation***
CIC: Canadian Immunization Conference***
CIC: Check Into Cash***
CIC: Construction Industry Communication***
CIC: China Investment Corporate***
CIC: Christian Industrial Committee***
CIC: Canada Immigrate to Canada***
CIC: Central Intake Center***
CIC: Central Indiana Chapter***
CIC: Custom Industrial Concrete***
CIC: Crime Information Center***
CIC: Cellular and Intelligent Communications***
CIC: Community Integrated Care***
CIC: Canada Immigrating to Canada***
CIC: Commerce International Canada***
CIC: Curriculum Innovation Center***
CIC: Computer Information Center***
CIC: Capital Issues Committee***
CIC: Central Ink Corporation***
CIC: Computer Information Concepts***
CIC: Cyngor Iechyd Cymuned***
CIC: Connectivity Industry Consortium***
CIC: Contact and Information Centre***
CIC: Cisco Information Center***
CIC: Coupon Information Corporation***
CIC: Core Infrastructure Centres***
CIC: Capacity of Congregations***
CIC: Color Imaging Conference***
CIC: Comcast Interactive Capital***
CIC: Careers in the Curriculum***
CIC: Customer Information Centre***
CIC: Christian International Church***
CIC: Captive Insurance Council***
CIC: Community Involvement Coordinators***
CIC: City Improvement Committee***
CIC: Customer Innovation Centre***
CIC: Christchurch International College***
CIC: Community Information Commons***
CIC: Chartered Investment Councelor***
CIC: Children in Common***
CIC: Community Information Centers***
CIC: Chemistry Information Computer***
CIC: College for International Citizenship***
CIC: Colleagues in Caring***
CIC: Circuit Identification Codes***
CIC: Contact Information Commissioners***
CIC: Communications Industry Consortium***
CIC: Cast Iron Cleaner***
CIC: Community Improvement Contest***
CIC: Center for Industrial Competitiveness***
CIC: Capricorn Indonesia Consult***
CIC: Cluster and Internet Computing***
CIC: Cooperative Internet Computing***
CIC: Chemistry in Clean***
CIC: Communities in Contact***
CIC: Core Infrastructure Centre***
CIC: California Immunization Coalition***
CIC: Compatible Integrated Circuit***
CIC: Centro de Investigacion Cientifica***
CIC: CEBus Industry Council***
CIC: Childhood Immunization C3I***
CIC: Community Industries Corporation***
CIC: Columbia and Cowlitz***
CIC: Corpus Iuris Civilis***
CIC: Center for Information and Communication***
CIC: CARICOM Investment Code***
CIC: Citizens Investigative Commission***
CIC: Captive Insurance Corporation***
CIC: Central Information Center***
CIC: Commonwealth Information Center***
CIC: Campus Improvement Committee***
CIC: Construction Industry CIRIA***
CIC: Citizen Involvement Committee***
CIC: Crown Investment Corporation***
CIC: Chairman for the Construction***
CIC: Community Impact Consulting***
CIC: CMAC Investment Corporation***
CIC: Competitive Intelligence Center***
CIC: Committee for International Coordination***
CIC: Community Immunization Clinic***
CIC: Canadian Intelligence Corps***
CIC: Control and Instrumentation Cable***
CIC: Certification in Infection Control***
CIC: Crop Insurance Corporation***
CIC: County Ice Center***
CIC: Cave Instructor Certificate***
CIC: Certificate in Computer***
CIC: China Insurance Clauses***
CIC: Center for Italian Culture***
CIC: Coalition Information Centre***
CIC: Codici Iuris Canonici***
CIC: Corrections Information Council***
CIC: Christian Information Centre***
CIC: Communications Innovation Center***
CIC: Center for Institutional Cooperation***
CIC: concours international combine***
CIC: Council for International Cooperation***
CIC: CSCS Is Currently***
CIC: Culinary Institute of Canada***
CIC: China Internet Corporation***
CIC: Civic Initiative Center***
CIC: Customer Insight Co***
CIC: Council for Independent Colleges***
CIC: Central Intelligence Cell***
CIC: Community Involvement Committee***
CIC: Constitutional Issues Committee***
CIC: China Insurance Company***
CIC: Combat Information Centre***
CIC: Communication Infrastructure Company***
CIC: Cranfield Impact Centre***
CIC: Campus Instructional Consulting***
CIC: Competition in Contracting***
CIC: Composites Innovation Centre***
CIC: Census Information Centers***
CIC: Curriculum and Instruction Committee***
CIC: Continental Insurance Company***
CIC: Criminal Information Center***
CIC: Construction Industry Consortium***
CIC: Ceramic Information Center***
CIC: Corporate Info Center***
CIC: Controlling Innovations Center***
CIC: Christ I'm Confused***
CIC: Credit Infomation Center***
CIC: Confederation of Construction***
CIC: clinical investigation centre***
CIC: Committee on Instruction and Curriculum***
CIC: Community Integration Collaborative***
CIC: Crisis Intervention Center***
CIC: Campus Improvements Committee***
CIC: Capital Investments Corporation***
CIC: Chartered Investment Council***
CIC: Center for International Commerce***
CIC: Computers in Chemistry***
CIC: Croatian Information Centre***
CIC: Career Information Clearinghouse***
CIC: Center Ice Club***
CIC: Centre of Industrial Collaboration***
CIC: Computer Integrated Courtroom***
CIC: Clinical Industrial Corporate***
CIC: Certified Instructor Coordinator**
CIC: Clinical Information Center**
CIC: Character and Identification Clearance**
CIC: Command Intelligence Center**
CIC: Council for International Coordination**
CIC: carbon isotope content**
CIC: cardiac internuncial cell**
CIC: chelation ion chromatography**

Note: Acronym Finder has 222 verified definitions for CIC

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