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What does CIAA stand for?

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CIAA: Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority***
CIAA: Canadian Insurance Accountants Association***
CIAA: Central Illinois Agency on Aging***
CIAA: Confidentiality Integrity Availability and Accountability***
CIAA: Canadian Independent Adjusters Association***
CIAA: Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority***
CIAA: Common Iliac Artery Aneurysms***
CIAA: Coalition of Italian American Associations***
CIAA: Coordinator of Inter American Affairs***
CIAA: Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association***
CIAA: Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association***
CIAA: Clean Indoor Air Act***
CIAA: Chinese Internal Arts Association***
CIAA: Consumer Insurance Advocates Association***
CIAA: Conanicut Island Art Association***
CIAA: Central Intelligence Agency the American***
CIAA: Conference and Its Automatic***
CIAA: Cayman Islands Airports Authority***
CIAA: Commission of Investigation of Abuse of Authority***
CIAA: Circle of Inner Asian Art***
CIAA: Central Illinois Apartment Association***
CIAA: Confidentiality Integrity Availability Authenticity**
CIAA: Chennault International Airport Authority**
CIAA: Commission for the Investigation of the Abuse of Authority**
CIAA: Competitive anti-insulin antibodies**
CIAA: Council of Ijaw Associations**
CIAA: Conf on Implementation and Application of Automata**
CIAA: Central Intercollegiate Athletics Association**
CIAA: Commission for Investigation of the Abuse of Authority**
CIAA: Council of Ijaw Associations Abroad**
CIAA: Confidentiality Integrity Availability and Authentication**
CIAA: Chemically Induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis**
CIAA: Conference to Install A**
CIAA: Cayman Islands Athletic Association**
CIAA: Citizens Industrial Association of America**
CIAA: Cumulative Impact Analysis Area**
CIAA: Commission on Investigation of Abuse of Authority**
CIAA: Canadian Independent Automotive Association**
CIAA: Central Illinois Advertising Association**
CIAA: Canadian Insurance Adjusters Association**
CIAA: Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives**
CIAA: Construction Industry Arbitration Association**
CIAA: Coalition of Independent Artists and Artisans**
CIAA: Coordination of Inter American Affairs**
CIAA: Cumulative Impacts Assessment Area**
CIAA: Christiansburg Institute Alumni Association**
CIAA: Continental Insurance Agency Alliance**
CIAA: Cheese Importers Association of America**
CIAA: central internal audit agency**
CIAA: Cement Industry Action Agenda*
CIAA: Central Intercollegiate Athletic Associations*
CIAA: Commission for Investigating Abuse of Authority*
CIAA: Clean Indoor Air Alliance*
CIAA: Culinary Institute of America*
CIAA: Celebrating Intergenerational Artistic Achievement*
CIAA: Commission to Investigate the Abuse of Authority*
CIAA: Confederation of Amateur Astronomers*
CIAA: Central Interscholastic Athletic Association*
CIAA: Coalition of Italo American Associations*
CIAA: Central and Inner Asian Association*
CIAA: Central Iowa Arts Association*
CIAA: Committee on International Archival Affairs*
CIAA: Confederation of India Amateur Astronomers*
CIAA: Central Indiana Amateur Astronom*

Note: Acronym Finder has 10 verified definitions for CIAA

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