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What does CGT stand for?

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CGT: Capital Gain Tax***
CGT: Compagnie Generale Transatlantique***
CGT: Consumer Goods Technology***
CGT: Compressed Gases Toxic***
CGT: Center for Gene Therapy***
CGT: Compagnia Generale Telemar***
CGT: Concrete Goals Tracker***
CGT: Compagnia Generale Trattori***
CGT: Channel Global Television***
CGT: Computer Game Technology***
CGT: Continental General Tire***
CGT: Columbia Gas Transmission***
CGT: Center of Game Theory***
CGT: Coal Gas Technology***
CGT: Compensated Gross Tonnage***
CGT: Coudray Graphic Technologies***
CGT: Chesed Gvurah Tiferet***
CGT: Ceramic Gas Turbines***
CGT: Compressed Gas Technologies***
CGT: Cooperative Game Theory***
CGT: Criminal Geographic Targeting***
CGT: Computational Graph Theory***
CGT: Computational Group Theory***
CGT: ceramide galactosyl transferase**
CGT: Chondrodysplasia Grebe type**
CGT: combined galvanic test**
CGT: convoluted granular tubules**
CGT: convoluted granulated tubes**
CGT: UDP-galactose:ceramide galactosyl transferase**
CGT: Crystal Gems Tube**
CGT: Carso Global Telecom**
CGT: Centrum Gminy Terespol**
CGT: UDP-galactose:ceramide galactosyltransferase**
CGT: Chemotherapy of Gastrointestinal Tumors**
CGT: chin point guidance technique**
CGT: chronic granulomatous pseudotumor**
CGT: convoluted granular tubule cells**
CGT: Cincinnati Grinding Technology**
CGT: Computer Get Together**
CGT: Capital Gearing Tst**
CGT: Catterick Garrison Tesco**
CGT: Center for Government Training**
CGT: Camp Golden Treasures**
CGT: Consolidated Group Travelers**
CGT: Christmas Gift Tray**
CGT: California Gas Transmission*
CGT: Center for Governmental Training*
CGT: Continuous Group Training*
CGT: Centre for Geotechnologies*
CGT: Certified Group Trainer*
CGT: Communications Graphics Technology*
CGT: Computer Graphics Tecnologies*
CGT: Conductive Grid Tape*
CGT: Cork Grease Tube*
CGT: Crystal Gravfield Traps*
CGT: Center for Globalization of Technology*
CGT: Center for Grid Technologies*
CGT: Collaboration of Great Talent*
CGT: Cambridge Greek Testament*
CGT: Careers Guidance Today*
CGT: cinergy global trading*
CGT: Centro de Gestion de Telefonica*
CGT: Centro de Gestion de Tarjetas*
CGT: ConfTdTration GTnTrale du Travail*
CGT: Colin Glen Trust*
CGT: Charles Ghankay Taylor*
CGT: Command Group Team*
CGT: Colin George Treworgy*
CGT: Combines Graphics and Text*
CGT: Corrected Geomagnetic Time*
CGT: Crystalline Green Tallahassee*
CGT: CTsar Gaviria Trujillo*

Note: Acronym Finder has 32 verified definitions for CGT

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