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What does CGF stand for?

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CGF: Committee for Green Foothills****
CGF: Community Growth Fund****
CGF: Czech Golf Federation***
CGF: Control Gel Formula***
CGF: Canadian Gymnastics Federation***
CGF: Cotswold Garden Flowers***
CGF: Carrier Grade Framework***
CGF: Canadian Green Fuels***
CGF: Committee on Graduate Fellowships***
CGF: Continuous Grain Flow***
CGF: Cellular Growth Factors***
CGF: China Gospel Fellowship***
CGF: Computer Go Forum***
CGF: Corn Gluten Feed***
CGF: Core Genotyping Facility***
CGF: Compagnia Generale Finanziaria***
CGF: cell-generating factor**
CGF: cervical giant fiber**
CGF: Chondrocyte growth factor**
CGF: chronic graft failure**
CGF: colonic growth factors**
CGF: Conductivity gradient focusing**
CGF: continuous-gene-flow**
CGF: cytotoxic-T-cell-generating factor**
CGF: Competitive Grant Facility**
CGF: Commonwealth Games Foundation**
CGF: Canadian Geological Foundation**
CGF: Catapult Growth Fund**
CGF: cementum derived growth factor**
CGF: Cementum-derived growth factor**
CGF: cervical giant nerve fiber**
CGF: Contractor General File**
CGF: classe globale francophone**
CGF: Community Group Forum**
CGF: Clan of German Fighter**
CGF: Carr Gottstein Foods**
CGF: Cooperativa Garanzia Fidi**
CGF: Counsel Group of Funds**
CGF: Charging Gateway Functionality**
CGF: CAES Genomics Facility**
CGF: Canonical Generating Function**
CGF: Capital Guaranteed Fund**
CGF: Christian Graduate Fellowship**
CGF: Credit Guarantee Facility**
CGF: California Gun Forum**
CGF: Clinical Genomics Facility**
CGF: Circular Gabor Filters**
CGF: Compulsive Gambling Foundation**
CGF: Cyprus Golf Federation**
CGF: Congo Gorilla Forest**
CGF: Cowpox Growth Factor**
CGF: Cardiac Growth Factor**
CGF: Crystal Growth Facility**
CGF: Competitiveness Grant Fund**
CGF: Coral Growth Fund**
CGF: Cape Green Forum*
CGF: Camping at the Fairground*
CGF: Cascade Gateway Foundation*
CGF: Core Genomics Facility*
CGF: Cytokine Growth Factors*
CGF: CENELEC Global Framework*
CGF: Coalition for Genetic Fairness*
CGF: Continuous Glass Filaments*
CGF: Complexity Generating Factors*
CGF: Cornerstone Growth Fund*
CGF: Czechowicka Grupa Fotograficzna*
CGF: Cell Generating Factor*
CGF: Credit Guarantee Facilities*
CGF: Cryptomonadales Growth Factor*
CGF: Computer Generated Films*
CGF: Cantrell and Gibbons Fluorspar*
CGF: Carnivores General Fissipedia*
CGF: Caviar and Gourmet Foods*
CGF: Central Group of Forces*
CGF: Chemistry Gopher in Finland*
CGF: Coffee Grand Forks*
CGF: Comprehensive Guide to Fruit*
CGF: Computer Generated Force (Virtual Reality)*
CGF: Computer Graphics Facility*
CGF: Consulat GTnTral de France*
CGF: Consulate General of Finland*
CGF: Cottage Grove Fault*
CGF: Cultural Geography Freiburg*

Note: Acronym Finder has 38 verified definitions for CGF

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