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CET: Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology****
CET: Center for the Enhancement of Teaching****
CET: College of Engineering Trivandrum****
CET: Consultant Education and Trainer****
CET: Consultation Education Training****
CET: Conventional Energy Technologies****
CET: Center for Enabling Technologies****
CET: Cause and Effect****
CET: Center for Education and Training****
CET: Certificate in Educational Technology****
CET: Center for Effective Teaching****
CET: Continuing Education Teachers****
CET: Community Educational TV****
CET: Central European Translations****
CET: Center for Entrepreneurship Technology****
CET: Cable Extension Transducers****
CET: Closed End Trusts****
CET: Chews for Extra****
CET: Clinical Engineering Technologists****
CET: Centre for English Teaching****
CET: Chemical Engineering Technology****
CET: Clinician Educator Track****
CET: Common Entrance Tests***
CET: Computer Education Technology***
CET: Centre for Educational Technology***
CET: Center for Tribology***
CET: Central England Temperature***
CET: Call Email Text***
CET: Country End Table***
CET: Center for Engineering Technology***
CET: Cutting Edge Technologies***
CET: Central England Temperatures***
CET: Center for Ecological Technology***
CET: Centers for Education and Technology***
CET: Composition of Evaluation Team***
CET: Communication Enabling Technologies***
CET: Certified Entrepreneurship Teachers***
CET: clubul ecologic transilvania***
CET: Commonwealth Expert Team***
CET: Construction Engineering Technology***
CET: Constant Elasticity of Transformation***
CET: Content and Topics***
CET: Code Enforcement Tracking***
CET: Computing in Education***
CET: Central Evaluation Team***
CET: Creative Energy Technologies***
CET: Certified Electronics Technicians***
CET: Cholesteryl Ester Transfer***
CET: Centre of Environmental Technology***
CET: Centre for Education and Training***
CET: Canadian Equestrian Team***
CET: Council for Exceptional***
CET: Center for Energy and Transportation***
CET: Corridor Engineering Team***
CET: Campus Environment Team***
CET: Center for Education and Technology***
CET: Common External Tariffs***
CET: Computer and Engineering Technologies***
CET: Centres of Excellence for Training***
CET: Computer Enhanced Teaching***
CET: College of Engineering Technology***
CET: Consultation Education and Training***
CET: Council for Educational Technology***
CET: Chews and Treats***
CET: Committee on Earth***
CET: Civil Engineering Technologist***
CET: Cairo Express Travel***
CET: Centre for Engineering Technology***
CET: China Elite Technology***
CET: Corporate Education and Training***
CET: Christian English Teachers***
CET: Clearly Erroneous Trade***
CET: Civil Engineering Technician***
CET: Centre of Effective Therapy***
CET: College of Electrical Training***
CET: Capacitance Equivalent Thickness***
CET: Center for Employment and Training***
CET: Columnar to Equiaxed Transition***
CET: Centralized Evaluation Team***
CET: Center for Entrepreneurial***
CET: Clean Energy Technologies***
CET: Comprised of Experts***
CET: Critical Edition Typesetter***
CET: Center for Transportation***
CET: Certified Engineering Technician***
CET: Customer Enquiry Team***
CET: Cumberland Emerging Technologies***
CET: Crisis Evaluation Team***
CET: Corporation for Educational Technology***
CET: Coordinator Environmental Technology***
CET: Committee Effectiveness Training***
CET: Center for Employee Training***
CET: Cern Expenditure Tracking***
CET: Centre for Exploration Targeting***
CET: Computing Environments and Technology***
CET: Commission on Education and Training***
CET: Comments 4 Trackback***
CET: Christian Eder Technology***
CET: Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher***
CET: Certified Engineering Technologists***
CET: Communication Engineering Tool***
CET: Certified Environmental Trainers***
CET: Contribution Exceptionnelle Temporaire***
CET: Central Europe Today***
CET: Committee on Education and Training**
CET: Circuit Efficiency Technology**
CET: Controller of Examination**
CET: carrageenan edema test**
CET: cartilaginous eustachian tube**
CET: chick embryo tendon**
CET: cholesterol ester transfer**
CET: Cholesterol ester transfer**
CET: cholesterol esters transport**
CET: cholesteryl ester transferase**
CET: chronic ethanol treated**
CET: Chronic ethanol treatment**
CET: Clearly Erroneous Transaction**
CET: clinical efficacy time**
CET: Clinical Evaluation Tool**
CET: Cognitive Enhancement Therapy**
CET: Cognitive Estimation Test**
CET: cognitive estimations test**
CET: collageno-elastic tubes**
CET: combination endocrine therapy**
CET: combination endocrine treatment**
CET: combined endocrine treatment**
CET: common "epithelial" tumors**
CET: competition exercise test**
CET: Complex Exercise Test**
CET: Compliance Evaluation Test**
CET: computed EEG topography**
CET: computed electroencephalographic topographic**
CET: computerized electroencephalographic topography**
CET: conditional empirical threshold**
CET: controlled environment therapy**
CET: Controlled Environment Treatment**
CET: cooperative energy transfer**
CET: Coping Effectiveness Training**
CET: cranio-encephalic traumatisms**
CET: Cue exposure treatment**
CET: cue-exposure treatment**
CET: cycle ergometer test**
CET: cycle ergometry testing**
CET: cycle ergometry training**
CET: Cycling endurance tests**
CET: Combat Engineers Tractors**
CET: Consulting Engineering and Translation**
CET: College Entrance Test**
CET: Center of Educational Technology**
CET: Central European Television**
CET: Coach Effectiveness Training**
CET: certified euthanasia technician**
CET: Certified Euthanasia Technicians**
CET: Center for Educational Transformation**
CET: Chinn Environmental Training**
CET: Code Enforcement Teams**
CET: Centre for Engineering and Technology**
CET: carbon powder elimination test**
CET: carboplatin, etoposide and thiotepa**
CET: carcinogen enhancement of transformation**
CET: carcinogen-enhancement of transformation**
CET: Connection Expiration Time**
CET: CITES Educational Technologies**
CET: Clark Equality Theory**
CET: Czech Elite Team**
CET: Consulting Engineers of Tennessee**
CET: Center for Empowered Teaching**
CET: Consulting and Expert Testimony**
CET: Center for Electronic Texts**
CET: Center for Enhancement of Teaching**
CET: Centre for Education Technology**
CET: College English Tests**
CET: Chamber of Engineering Technology**
CET: Community Economic Toolbox**
CET: Certified Elevator Technician**
CET: Coal and Energy Technology**
CET: Clinical Educator Training**
CET: Community Environment Trust**
CET: Centers for Education and Training**
CET: Committee for Educational Technology**
CET: Creating Excellence Together**
CET: Cannabis Education Trust**
CET: collageno-elastic grafts**
CET: Continuing Education Through**
CET: Calumet Energy Team**
CET: Centers for Enabling Technologies**
CET: Clean Environment Technologies**
CET: Community Evaluation Team**
CET: Containment Event Trees**
CET: Circuit Etching Technics**
CET: Cleveland Express Trucking**
CET: Count Enable Trickle**
CET: Comprehensive Evaluation Test**
CET: Certified EKG Technician**
CET: Composite Elevated Tanks**
CET: Centre for Electric Technology**
CET: Clean Earth Technologies**
CET: Connect East Timor**
CET: Controlled Emission Toilets**
CET: Contributed by Tingo**
CET: CEO in the Executive**
CET: Council for Education Technology**
CET: Country Economic Teams**
CET: Centers for Enabling Technology**
CET: Centre for Employment and Training**
CET: Centre for Employment Training**
CET: Communities in Economic Transition**
CET: CSIRO Energy Technology**
CET: coastwide environmental technologies**
CET: Combined Environments Test**
CET: Critical Entry Times**
CET: Centralized Entrance Test**
CET: Certification Evaluation and Testing**
CET: Centers for Employment Training**
CET: Coastal Engineering Today**
CET: Civil Engineering and Technology**
CET: Community Evaluation Teams**
CET: Center for Esoteric Testing**
CET: Cold Environment Test**
CET: Commander Evaluation Test**
CET: concrete end treatment**
CET: Centers for Education Training**
CET: Chemical Engineering Technologist**
CET: Comment by Tinrm**
CET: Construction and Engineering Testing**
CET: Cell Extraction Team**
CET: Centre for Electric Transportation**
CET: College of Engineering Training**
CET: Combat Engineering Tractor**
CET: Contractor Engineering Technical**
CET: Council on Educational Technology**
CET: Certified Electronic Technicians**
CET: Certified Escrow Technician**
CET: Commercial Ear Training**
CET: Courses for Technological**
CET: Center of Ecological Technology**
CET: Comcast Entertainment Television**
CET: Computer Electronics Technician**
CET: Centres for Employment Training**
CET: Current Event Team**
CET: Ceramic Electric Touch**
CET: Certified Educational Therapist**
CET: Collaborative Eclampsia Trial**
CET: Covariant Ether Theories**
CET: Community Employment Training**
CET: Caterpillar Equipment Training*
CET: Centre for Excellence in Teaching*
CET: Civilian Engineering Team*
CET: Carlson Education Trailer*
CET: Certified Entrepreneurship Trainers*

Note: Acronym Finder has 82 verified definitions for CET

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