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CER: Center for Economic Research****
CER: Consumer Electronics Review****
CER: Center for Research****
CER: Center of Economic Research****
CER: Capita Education Resourcing****
CER: Closer Economic Relationship****
CER: Contracts the European****
CER: Constant Exchange Rates****
CER: Constant Extension Rate****
CER: Center for Evaluation Research***
CER: Center For Educational Resources***
CER: Communicating European Research***
CER: Customer Error Reporting***
CER: Cationic Exchange Resin***
CER: Centre for the Regions***
CER: Cost Effectiveness Ratios***
CER: Company Environmental Reporting***
CER: Commission for Electricity Regulation***
CER: Corporate Error Reporting***
CER: Compagnie Eric Rohmer***
CER: Center for Evaluation and Research***
CER: Carbon Exchange Rate***
CER: Council of European***
CER: Center for European Reform***
CER: Central Enrollment Registry***
CER: Clean Energy Research***
CER: Cost Estimating Relationships***
CER: Centre Educatif Renforcé***
CER: China Education and Research***
CER: Candidate Enabler Release***
CER: Comprehensive Environmental Response***
CER: Currency Exchange Rates***
CER: Central European Railway***
CER: Charles E. Reyburn (Merced, CA)***
CER: Centralized Employee Registry***
CER: Cisco Emergency Responder***
CER: Corporate Educational Responsibility***
CER: Centre for Environmental Risk***
CER: Centre for Educational Research***
CER: Cabinet and External***
CER: Codice Europeo Rifiuti***
CER: Customer Error Reports***
CER: Center for Ethnographic Research***
CER: Classification Error Rate***
CER: Constellation Energy Resources***
CER: Constrained Execution Regions***
CER: Catalogo Europeo Rifiuti***
CER: Core Edge Router***
CER: Chugiak Eagle River***
CER: Center for Ecohydraulics Research***
CER: Center for Electronic Records***
CER: CLEAR Exam Review***
CER: Center for Educational Renewal***
CER: Central Enrollment Registration***
CER: Council on Environmental***
CER: Career Equity Review***
CER: Compulsory Emission Reduction***
CER: College of Environment and Resources***
CER: Center for Ecological Research***
CER: Communications and External Relations***
CER: Cutting Edge Research***
CER: Crossover Error Rate***
CER: Corporate Environmental Reports***
CER: China Education Resources***
CER: Center for Ecosystem Research***
CER: Code Error Rate***
CER: Crash Error Report***
CER: Confidence Error Rate***
CER: Center for Epidemiologic Research***
CER: Country Economic Review***
CER: Community Emergency Response***
CER: Cation Exchange Resin***
CER: Classical Electron Radius***
CER: Center for Education Rights***
CER: Citizens for Earned Release***
CER: Candlelight Ecstacy Romance***
CER: Closer to the European***
CER: Converted Epoxy Resin***
CER: Comparative Education Research***
CER: Channel Error Register***
CER: Contact Electric Resistance***
CER: Cisco Enterprise Reporting***
CER: Coordinated Experimental Research**
CER: Commission of Energy Regulation**
CER: Cardiac Event Recorder**
CER: cardioversion energy requirement**
CER: central ejection region**
CER: chick embryo related**
CER: chick embryo-related**
CER: chicken estrogen receptor**
CER: Cholesterol ester-rich**
CER: Cholesterol esterification rate**
CER: cobalt enhancement ratio**
CER: cognitive eating restraint**
CER: comparative exposure ratio**
CER: Computed Equalization Radiography**
CER: conditional emotional response**
CER: conditioned emotional reaction**
CER: conditioned emotional responses**
CER: Conjoint Expected Risk**
CER: constant exposure rate**
CER: continuous energy restriction**
CER: contrast enhancement ratio**
CER: contrast-enhancement ratio**
CER: correct estimation rate**
CER: cortical endoplasmic reticulum**
CER: crossed extension reflex**
CER: crossed extension reflexes**
CER: crossed extensor reflex**
CER: cyanamide-ethanol reaction**
CER: cytoplasmic estradiol receptors**
CER: cytoplasmic estrogen receptor**
CER: cytoplasmic estrogen receptors**
CER: cytosol estrogen receptor**
CER: Cytosol estrogen receptors**
CER: cytosolic estrogen receptor**
CER: cytosolic estrogen receptors**
CER: Conference of European Rabbis**
CER: Constrained Execution Region**
CER: Community Engagement Resource**
CER: Centre for Extremophile Research**
CER: Consorzio Emiliano Romagnolo**
CER: Charge Exchange Recombination**
CER: Council of Environmental**
CER: Carbon Emission Rights**
CER: CO 2 Exchange Rate**
CER: Civil Engineering Research**
CER: Cortical Evoked Response**
CER: Cumulative Excess Returns**
CER: Changing Employment Relationships**
CER: 14CO2 exhalation rate**
CER: 14CO2 exhalation rates**
CER: Carbon dioxide entry rates**
CER: carbon dioxide evolution rate**
CER: carbon dioxide evolution rates**
CER: carbon dioxide exchange rate**
CER: cells of "evolutionary reserve**
CER: Centre for Education Research**
CER: chick embryo retina assay**
CER: CO(2) evolution rate**
CER: CO(2) evolution rates**
CER: conditioned emotional response paradigm**
CER: conditioned emotional stress response**
CER: contrast material enhancement ratio**
CER: contrast medium enhancement ratio**
CER: Committee on Electronic Resources**
CER: Citizens for Economic Responsibility**
CER: Chip Enable Recovery**
CER: Cost Estimation Relationships**
CER: Coupon Equivalent Rate**
CER: Centrum Ekonomiki Rolniczej**
CER: Construction Engineering Research**
CER: Centre for European Research**
CER: Call Event Record**
CER: Christian Employment Resource**
CER: Continuing Educational Requirements**
CER: chick oestradiol receptor**
CER: cytoplasmic oestrogen receptors**
CER: Childcare and Education Recruitment**
CER: Communication Equipment Room**
CER: Center for Energy Research**
CER: Career Episode Report**
CER: Coordinated Equity Review**
CER: Coastal Engineering Research**
CER: Cyanate Ester Resins**
CER: Centre Esportiu Raval**
CER: Close Economic Relations**
CER: Commercial Efficiency Ratio**
CER: Common Engineering Report**
CER: Contact End Resistance**
CER: Common Event Record**
CER: Clubman Estate Register**
CER: Competent English Reader**
CER: Centre for Ecological Research**
CER: Combined Electrical Readiness**
CER: Control Electrical Rhythm**
CER: Cancellation and Retirement**
CER: City Exotic Reviews**
CER: Concordia Entre Rios**
CER: Customer Efficiency Rating**
CER: Call Event Recording**
CER: Common Ecological Regions**
CER: Cadet Evaluation Reports**
CER: Chloroplast Endoplasmic Reticulum**
CER: Combined Experiment Rotor**
CER: Cryptographic Equipment Room**
CER: Center for Emerging**
CER: Center for Estuarine Research**
CER: Centralized Enrollee Record**
CER: Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance**
CER: Codeword Error Ratio**
CER: Cold Enrichment Rod**
CER: Common Eliminated Region**
CER: Corporate Employee Relations**
CER: Center for Electromagnetics Research*
CER: Character Entity References*
CER: Cinco Electronics Recycling*
CER: Comunidade Edmund Rice*
CER: Carbon Emission Receipts*
CER: Center for Environmental Responsibility*
CER: Colby Emergency Response*
CER: Community Education and Regeneration*
CER: Complex Emergency Response*
CER: Continuing Education Record*
CER: Cost Estimate Relationships*
CER: Cabinet and External Relations*
CER: Capital Expenditure Review*
CER: Civil and Earth Resources*
CER: Campaign to End Rape*
CER: Center for Educational Restoration*
CER: Converging Equivalence Relations*
CER: Crop Equivalent Rating*
CER: California Environmental Resources*
CER: Central Europe the Rusyn*
CER: Centre for Educational Reasearch*
CER: Charge Exempt Resident*
CER: Chute Expansion Ratio*
CER: Civil Engineering Resources*
CER: Committee for Ethics in Research*
CER: Compounding Education Resource*
CER: Central Electrochemical Research*
CER: Center for Earthquake Research*
CER: Comprehensive Evaluation Reports*
CER: Computer Engineering Research*
CER: Connecticut Economic Resource*
CER: Contact End Resistor*
CER: Career and Employment Resources*
CER: Consumer Education and Research*
CER: Characterization and Environmental Remediation*
CER: Coal and Energy Research*
CER: Command Expenditure Report*
CER: Connecticut Environmental Regulations*
CER: Constitutional Educational Research*
CER: Craighead Environmental Research*
CER: Critical Error Rate*
CER: California Elections on Results*
CER: California Environment Resources*
CER: Camp Espa±ol Rßpido*
CER: Campaign for Equal Rights*
CER: Center of Education Research*
CER: Center of Excellence for Research*
CER: Central European Registry*
CER: Centre EuropTen de la Recherche nuclTaire*
CER: Centre for Environmantal Research*
CER: Century Excel Realty*
CER: Chemical Extracts from Residues*
CER: Chicago El Rukns*
CER: Cliff Ecology Research*
CER: Coal Educational Resources*

Note: Acronym Finder has 90 verified definitions for CER

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