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CEPA: Closer Economic Partnership Agreement****
CEPA: Canada Europe Parliamentary Association****
CEPA: Center for Economic Policy Analysis****
CEPA: Communication Education and Public Awareness****
CEPA: Cooperation and Partnership Agreement***
CEPA: Comisión Económica Para Africa***
CEPA: Comision Ejecutiva Portuaria Autonoma***
CEPA: Committee of Experts on Public Administration***
CEPA: Canadian Environment Protection Act***
CEPA: Comision Economica Para Africa***
CEPA: Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly***
CEPA: Changes to the Environmental Protection Act***
CEPA: communication education public awareness***
CEPA: Classification of Environmental Protection Activities***
CEPA: Corriente Estudiantil Popular Antiimperialista***
CEPA: Canadian Educational Policy and Administration***
CEPA: Closer Economic Partnership Arrangements***
CEPA: C E Precision Assemblies***
CEPA: Center for Poverty Analysis***
CEPA: Connecticut Environmental Policy Act***
CEPA: Central European Police Academy***
CEPA: Consolidated Electric Power Asia***
CEPA: Commonwealth Environmental Protection Agency***
CEPA: Close Economic Partnership Arrangement***
CEPA: Calumet Ecological Park Association***
CEPA: Creation Education and Presentation***
CEPA: Chinese Environmental Protection Agency***
CEPA: Centre for Policy Analysis***
CEPA: Centro Europeo Psicologia Applicata***
CEPA: Culture and Environment Preservation Association***
CEPA: Cambridge Economic Policy Associates***
CEPA: Commonwealth Environment Protection Agency***
CEPA: Council for the Encouragement of Philanthropy in Australia***
CEPA: Canadian Emergency Preparedness Association***
CEPA: Consumer Education and Protective Association***
CEPA: Center for European Policy Analysis***
CEPA: Center for Economic and Policy Analysis***
CEPA: china education press agency***
CEPA: Centre for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis***
CEPA: Close Economic Partnership Agreement***
CEPA: Connecticut Environmental Protection Agency***
CEPA: Ceylon Elephant Polo Association**
CEPA: Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs**
CEPA: Canadian Environmental Protection Agency**
CEPA: carcinoma ex-pleomorphic adenoma**
CEPA: Centre for Environmental Public Advocacy**
CEPA: Center for Educational Policy Analysis**
CEPA: Centre for Economic Policy Analysis**
CEPA: Children's Environmental Protection Act**
CEPA: Citizenship and Public Affairs**
CEPA: Common English Proficiency Assessment**
CEPA: Common Economic Partnership Agreement**
CEPA: China Environmental Protection Agency**
CEPA: Communications Education and Public Awareness**
CEPA: Center for Public Advocacy**
CEPA: Centre for Excellence in Performance Arts**
CEPA: China Europe Public Administration**
CEPA: Commission Economique Pour l'Afrique**
CEPA: Canada Environmental Protection Act**
CEPA: Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy**
CEPA: Communication Education Participation and Awareness**
CEPA: Common European Priority Areas**
CEPA: Chesapeake Environmental Protection Association**
CEPA: Competitive Education Pricing Analysis**
CEPA: Campo Environmental Protection Agency**
CEPA: Career Education Partnership Act**
CEPA: Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements**
CEPA: Customized Educational Programs Abroad**
CEPA: Center for Experimental and Perceptual Art**
CEPA: Clausaly Economic Partnership Agreement**
CEPA: Committee on Economic Professional Affairs**
CEPA: Commonwealth Environment Protection Authority**
CEPA: Canadian Educational Press Association**
CEPA: Continuing Education Programs of America**
CEPA: Cape Environment Protection Association**
CEPA: Christian Eternal Prayer Advocates**
CEPA: Center for Environmental Public Awareness**
CEPA: Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis**
CEPA: Closer Economic Participation Arrangement**
CEPA: Committee of Experts in Public Administration**
CEPA: Culture Environment Preservation Association**
CEPA: Conscientious Employees Protection Act**
CEPA: Corps of Engineers Public Affairs**
CEPA: Center for Education in Proteomic Analysis**
CEPA: Columbus External Payload Adapter**
CEPA: Consumers Education Protective Association**
CEPA: Center for Exploratory Perceptual Art**
CEPA: Centre for European Public Administration**
CEPA: Columbia Emergency Planning Association**
CEPA: Communities and Education Program in Aceh**
CEPA: Common Educational Proficiency Assessment**
CEPA: Center for Educational Performance Accountability**
CEPA: Council on Economic Priorities Agency**
CEPA: Center for Education and the Performing Arts**
CEPA: Center for Educational and Professional Advancement**
CEPA: China Electronic Purchasing Association**
CEPA: China Electronics Purchasing Association**
CEPA: Close Economic Partnership Arrangment**
CEPA: Committee on Energy Policy Administration**
CEPA: Council on Economic Priorities Accreditation**
CEPA: Canadian Energy Pipelines Association*
CEPA: Certified Economic Policy Analyst*
CEPA: Culture for Environment and Preservation Association*
CEPA: Care of the Elite and Professional Athlete*
CEPA: Centennial Environmental Protection Act*
CEPA: China EU Public Administration*
CEPA: Closer Economic Participation Agreement*
CEPA: Closer Economic Partner Arrangement*
CEPA: Canadian Energy and Pipeline Association*
CEPA: Canadian Environmental Protect Act*
CEPA: Coalition to Ensure Patient Access*
CEPA: Controlled Environment Production Area*
CEPA: Coupled Electron Pair Approximations*
CEPA: Center for Electronic Portfolios and Assessment*
CEPA: Chief Environmental Program Administrator*
CEPA: Collaborative Educational Programs for the Americas*
CEPA: Computing and Engineering for Physics Applications*
CEPA: Cambridge Economics Policy Associates*
CEPA: Center for Economic Policy and Analysis*
CEPA: Centre for Economics and Public Affairs*
CEPA: Closer Economic Partnership Arrangment*
CEPA: Collegiate Equestrian Polo Association*
CEPA: Commercial Event Planning Association*
CEPA: Community and Education Program in Aceh*
CEPA: Community Emergency Power Act*
CEPA: Coal Exploration or Permit Area*

Note: Acronym Finder has 36 verified definitions for CEPA

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