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What does CEMA stand for?

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CEMA: California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives****
CEMA: Central European Music Agency****
CEMA: Customs and Excise Management Act***
CEMA: Centro Educacional Maria Auxiliadora***
CEMA: Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association***
CEMA: Centre for Economic Management and Administration***
CEMA: Connecticut Educational Media Association***
CEMA: Canadian Environmental Markets Association***
CEMA: Committee for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts***
CEMA: Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association***
CEMA: Converting Equipment Manufacturers Association***
CEMA: Chatham Emergency Management Agency***
CEMA: Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Association***
CEMA: County Emergency Management Agency***
CEMA: Cumulative Effects Management Association***
CEMA: Canadian Ethnic Media Association***
CEMA: Centre for Electronic Media Art***
CEMA: catastrophic event memorandum account***
CEMA: Corporate Event Marketing Association***
CEMA: Center for Experimental Media***
CEMA: Certified E Marketing Associate**
CEMA: Construction Engineering Management Association**
CEMA: Cutting Edge Matrix Assembly**
CEMA: Computer Electronics Marketing Association**
CEMA: Converting Equipment Manufacturers by Addressing**
CEMA: Catastrophic Events Memorandum Account**
CEMA: Channel Electron Multiplier Array**
CEMA: Chronic enteroviral meningoencephalitis with agammaglobulinemia**
CEMA: scanned eye muscle area**
CEMA: Colorado Educational Media Association**
CEMA: Call External Method Activity**
CEMA: Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly**
CEMA: Centre of Excellence in Music and the Arts**
CEMA: Comprehensive Emergency Management Associates**
CEMA: Commodities Export Marketing Authority**
CEMA: Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Assn**
CEMA: chronic enteroviral meningitis associated with agammaglobulinemia**
CEMA: Computer and Electronics Marketing Association**
CEMA: Colorado Electronic Music Association**
CEMA: China Enterprise Management Association**
CEMA: Connecticut Emergency Management Association**
CEMA: cholecystectomy from mini-approach**
CEMA: Calgary Evangelical Ministerial Association**
CEMA: Centre Emergency Medical Associates**
CEMA: Channel Electron Multiplier Arrays**
CEMA: County Employees Management Association**
CEMA: Council of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment**
CEMA: Camden Emergency Management Agency**
CEMA: Canadian Egg Marketing Association**
CEMA: Center On Ethnic and Minority Aging**
CEMA: Coastal and Ex Mining Areas**
CEMA: Consumer Electronics Manufactures Association**
CEMA: Cabarrus Emergency Medicine Associates**
CEMA: Commodity Export Marketing Authority**
CEMA: Conveyor Equipment Manufactures Association**
CEMA: Centre for Egyptology and Mediterranean Archaeology**
CEMA: Cooperative Educational Master Agreement**
CEMA: Caprock Early Music Association**
CEMA: Committee of Experts on Methods of Analysis**
CEMA: Conveyer Equipment Manufacturers Association**
CEMA: Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers Association**
CEMA: Concordia Entrepreneurship and Management Association**
CEMA: Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Alliance**
CEMA: Center for Military Analyses**
CEMA: Computer Event Management Association**
CEMA: Conveyor Equipment Manufacture Association**
CEMA: Centro de Estudios del Mar y Acuicultura*
CEMA: City Emergency Management Agency*
CEMA: Colorado Emergency Management Association*
CEMA: Connecticut Educators Media Association*
CEMA: Converting Equipment Manufacturers Assn*
CEMA: Corning Elmira Musical Arts*
CEMA: Cumulative Effects Monitoring Association*
CEMA: Central Emergency Management Agency*
CEMA: Chrysler Employees Motorsports Association*
CEMA: Commerce Entrepreneurship Management Association*
CEMA: Center for Electronic Manufacturing Assembly*
CEMA: Center for Environmental Management Analysis*
CEMA: Commerce Entrepreneurship and Management Association*
CEMA: Council for Economic Mutual Assistance*
CEMA: Center for Ethnic Minority Aging*
CEMA: Concord Emergency Management Agency*
CEMA: Conveyor Equipment Manufacturing Association*
CEMA: Computer Education Management Association*
CEMA: Centre d'Etude du Machinisme Agricole*
CEMA: Chief D'etat Major Des Armees*
CEMA: Constituant ElTmentaire de la MatiFre Assemblage*
CEMA: Contact Electronic Mail Address*
CEMA: Council of Economic and Mutual Assistance*

Note: Acronym Finder has 19 verified definitions for CEMA

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