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CEL: Charon Extension Layer****
CEL: Center for Educational Leadership****
CEL: CIMFast Event Language****
CEL: Chick Embryo Liver****
CEL: Center for Extended Learning***
CEL: Center for Experiential Learning***
CEL: Crystal Entity Layer***
CEL: Cognitive Engineering Laboratory***
CEL: Carboxyl Ester Lipase***
CEL: Christian Ecology Link***
CEL: California Eastern Laboratories***
CEL: Centre for Environmental Law***
CEL: Community Education Lewisham***
CEL: Clough Engineering Limited***
CEL: Centrum Edukacji Logistycznej***
CEL: China Everbright Limited***
CEL: Confessional Evangelical Lutheran***
CEL: California Eastern Labs***
CEL: Cancer Effect Level***
CEL: Clean Elections Lawsuit***
CEL: Centre for Educational Leadership***
CEL: Centre of Expertise in Life***
CEL: Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership***
CEL: Choctaw Extension Library (Choctaw, OK)***
CEL: Clearwater East Library (Clearwater, FL)***
CEL: Calscience Environmental Laboratories***
CEL: Chinese English Lookup***
CEL: Century Enka Limited***
CEL: College of Early Learning***
CEL: Collective Enterprises Limited***
CEL: Continuing Education Loans***
CEL: Centre Evolutif Lilith***
CEL: Continuing Education Loan***
CEL: Communication Engineering Lab***
CEL: Clarion Events Limited***
CEL: Centre of European Law***
CEL: Castlereagh Enterprises Ltd***
CEL: Common Essential Learnings***
CEL: Centralized Eligibility List***
CEL: Central Environmental Laboratory***
CEL: Comptoir Electrotechnique Luxembourgeois***
CEL: Coalition to Extend Life***
CEL: Conference on English Leadership***
CEL: Center for Emerging Leadership***
CEL: Conditional Equational Logic***
CEL: Collaboration for Enhanced Learning***
CEL: Centre for Environmental Labelling***
CEL: Center for Environmental Law***
CEL: Continuous Exposure Level***
CEL: Central Electronics Ltd***
CEL: Collisionally Excited Lines***
CEL: Certified Equipment List***
CEL: Center for Early Learning***
CEL: Center of English Language**
CEL: Community of Evolving Learners**
CEL: Caspian Environmental Laboratory**
CEL: charge equalization line**
CEL: chick epithelial lung**
CEL: chicken embryo liver**
CEL: chicken embryo lung**
CEL: Chronic Eosinophilic Leukemia**
CEL: Community Epidemiology Laboratory**
CEL: contrast enhancing lesions**
CEL: core-envelope link**
CEL: core-envelope linkage**
CEL: Classified Educational Leaders**
CEL: Check Engine Lamp**
CEL: Chronic Eosinophilic Leukaemia**
CEL: Crossey Engineering Ltd**
CEL: Cryogenic Engineering Laboratory**
CEL: Center for Ethical Leadership**
CEL: Casting Engineering Laboratory**
CEL: Consortium for Ecological Living**
CEL: Central European League**
CEL: Construction Engineering Labs**
CEL: Closed End Lease**
CEL: Coalition for Emotional Literacy**
CEL: Computer Education Lab**
CEL: Computer Engineering Laboratory**
CEL: Common Execution Library**
CEL: Centrum Ecologisch Leven**
CEL: Centralized Eligibility Lists**
CEL: Centre of Expertise Life**
CEL: Commercial Enterprises Ltd**
CEL: Communistes En Lutte**
CEL: lactate/saline/Cremophor EL**
CEL: xi-N-(I-carboxyethyl)lysine**
CEL: Certification of E Learning**
CEL: Community Enterprise Limited**
CEL: Center for Educator Licensing**
CEL: Clear to End of Line**
CEL: Conserved Effector Loci**
CEL: Central Equity Limited**
CEL: Commission of Environmental Law**
CEL: Context Evidence and Links**
CEL: Collaborative Educational Leadership**
CEL: Core Endocrine Laboratory**
CEL: Conditional Expected Loss**
CEL: Component Evolution List**
CEL: Central Eligibility List**
CEL: Conditionally Exempt Limited**
CEL: Camberly Energy Ltd**
CEL: Combustion Engineering Lab**
CEL: Contract Expression Language**
CEL: Contrast Enhanced Lithography**
CEL: Community Enhanced Learning**
CEL: Cultura En Libertad**
CEL: Central Electronics Limited**
CEL: Conserved Effector Locus**
CEL: Contrast Enhancing Layer**
CEL: Computer Enhanced Learning**
CEL: Certification in E Learning**
CEL: Cheque Exchange Limited**
CEL: Certification Europe Limited**
CEL: Contact Energy Ltd**
CEL: Centre for Everyday Life**
CEL: Centro Eva Lindstedt**
CEL: Conditional Exemption Limited**
CEL: Cyber Enterprises Ltd**
CEL: Centre Ecològic Llémena**
CEL: Change and Environmental Leadership**
CEL: Contemporary Editions Limited**
CEL: Criminal Environmental Law**
CEL: Centre for Education Leadership**
CEL: Centre for Extended Learning**
CEL: Chronic Eosinophilia Leukemia**
CEL: Certification for Elearning**
CEL: Channel Event Logging**
CEL: Computer Ease Limited**
CEL: Contrast Enhancement Layer**
CEL: Commercial Evaluation License*
CEL: Community Electric Ltd*
CEL: Community Enterprise Ltd*
CEL: Consultants Environmental Liability*
CEL: Corrected Energy and Loss*
CEL: Consolidated Engineering Laboratories*
CEL: Consumer Exposure Level*
CEL: Carbon Equivalent Liquidus*
CEL: Civil Engineering Library*
CEL: Coherent Emitter Location*
CEL: Computational Epistemology Laboratory*
CEL: Continue Et Langues*
CEL: Certificate of E Learning*
CEL: Chemical Enrichment Law*
CEL: Chief Engineer for Logistics*
CEL: Concept Exploration Laboratory*
CEL: CEM Environmental Law*
CEL: Centralan Estates Ltd*
CEL: Centre for European Law*
CEL: City Eligibility List*
CEL: Coefficient of Effective Length*
CEL: Concept Exploration Lab*
CEL: Congressional Economic Leadership*
CEL: Control Engineering Laboratory*
CEL: Country Experimental Laboratory*
CEL: Coupled Euler Lagrange*
CEL: Centamin Egypt Limited*
CEL: Capacitatively Enhanced Logic*
CEL: Consolidated Energy Limited*
CEL: Croft Exploration Limited*
CEL: Comada Energy Limited*
CEL: Country Experimental Laboratories*
CEL: Canada Energy Limited*
CEL: Candian Environmental Law*
CEL: Cedex Eure et Loir*
CEL: Centralia Environmental Landfill*
CEL: Centre Environmental Labell*
CEL: Centre for Environmental Labell*
CEL: Centre for Environmental Labels*
CEL: Chilling Effect Letter*
CEL: Churchill Energy Limited*
CEL: Citydata Enterprises Limited*
CEL: Coastal Energy Limited*
CEL: Comada Exploration Limited*
CEL: Commission Economique pour Leurope*
CEL: Como Engineers Limited*
CEL: Congressional Economic Leadershi*
CEL: Conquest Exploration Limited*
CEL: Cooperative Education Links*
CEL: Correspondence of Eric Livingston*
CEL: Coruba Exploration Limited*
CEL: Cutting Edge of the Law*

Note: Acronym Finder has 41 verified definitions for CEL

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