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CDL: Certificate Driver License****
CDL: Commercial Drivers Licenses****
CDL: City Developments Ltd****
CDL: Clan Draconus Lupus****
CDL: Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle****
CDL: Culturally Diverse Learners****
CDL: CILEA Digital Library****
CDL: Commercial Driver Licenses****
CDL: Channel Data Link****
CDL: Child Development Laboratories****
CDL: Clariion Disk Library****
CDL: Center for Development and Learning****
CDL: Contributing to the Developing***
CDL: Colloseum Dota League***
CDL: Coherent Doppler Lidar***
CDL: Container Deposit Legislation***
CDL: Child Domestic Labor***
CDL: Consiglio Di Legislazione***
CDL: Consortium of Digital***
CDL: Cognitive Developmental Level***
CDL: Cereal Disease Laboratory***
CDL: Computer Driving Licence***
CDL: California Drivers Licenses***
CDL: California Driver License***
CDL: Choreography Description Language***
CDL: Custom Document Library***
CDL: Communication Data Link***
CDL: City Developments Limited***
CDL: Chronic Disease List***
CDL: College for Distance Learning***
CDL: Commercial Driver Licensing***
CDL: Commercial Driving License***
CDL: Community Dharma Leaders***
CDL: Centre for Distance Learning***
CDL: Client Display Library***
CDL: Certified Device List***
CDL: Cass District Library (Cassopolis, MI)***
CDL: Coalinga District Library (Coalinga, CA)***
CDL: Conococheague District Library (Chambersburg, PA)***
CDL: Coopersville District Library (Coopersville, MI)***
CDL: Corneal Dystrophy Lattice***
CDL: Customer Designated Locations***
CDL: Cleveland Digital Library***
CDL: Class A Drivers License***
CDL: Commercial Drivers Licence***
CDL: Carbon Defense League***
CDL: Cosmic Dust Laboratory***
CDL: Colombo Dockyard Limited***
CDL: Cyber Defense Laboratory***
CDL: Colleghi Di Lavoro***
CDL: Consumer Direct Link***
CDL: Campbell Data Logger***
CDL: College Du Leman***
CDL: Commonwealth Documents Law***
CDL: Clear Doped Linen***
CDL: Class Definition Language***
CDL: Christenson Developments Ltd***
CDL: Call Detail Log***
CDL: Craft Dental Laboratory***
CDL: Christian Defense League***
CDL: Comprehensive Drug List***
CDL: California Driver Licenses***
CDL: Community Design League***
CDL: Common Data Links***
CDL: Component Description Language***
CDL: Common Day of Learning***
CDL: Christian Distance Learning***
CDL: Communication Design Laboratory***
CDL: Company Drivers Lease***
CDL: Common Documentation License***
CDL: Central Drug Laboratory***
CDL: Commercial Driving Licenses***
CDL: Consortium for Digital Learning***
CDL: Chemical Diversity Labs***
CDL: Chihuahuan Desert Lab***
CDL: Common Design Language***
CDL: Caribbean Digital Library***
CDL: Commerical Drivers License***
CDL: Communications Data Link***
CDL: Chest Diseases Laboratory***
CDL: Catholic Defense League***
CDL: Common Document Library***
CDL: Coal Derived Liquid***
CDL: Crestview Dart League***
CDL: Centre for Distributed Learning***
CDL: Computer Driving License***
CDL: Congressional District Liaison***
CDL: Center for Digital Literacy***
CDL: Chief of Defence Logistics***
CDL: Color Designtec Laboratory***
CDL: Corby Distilleries Ltd***
CDL: Common Data Language***
CDL: Command Definition Language**
CDL: Commercial Drivers Licences**
CDL: China Democratic League**
CDL: Circuito De Lutas**
CDL: Concept Description Language**
CDL: central dark line**
CDL: chemically defined lipids**
CDL: chronic discoid lupus**
CDL: clinical decision limits**
CDL: clinical diagnostic laboratories**
CDL: clinico-diagnostic laboratories**
CDL: Closed duodenal loop**
CDL: colipase-dependent lipase**
CDL: common duct ligation**
CDL: complement dependent lymphocytotoxicity**
CDL: complement dependent lymphocytotoxins**
CDL: complement-dependent lymphocytotoxicity**
CDL: complement-dependent lysis**
CDL: contralateral donor lung**
CDL: critical day length**
CDL: Critical day lengths**
CDL: cystic duct leak**
CDL: cystic duct leaks**
CDL: cystic duct ligation**
CDL: Child Domestic Labour**
CDL: Core Dynamic Library**
CDL: Colombo Dockyard Ltd**
CDL: Conversation Definition Language**
CDL: Counter Draft Legal**
CDL: Cass District Library**
CDL: Corby Distilleries Limited**
CDL: Canceled or Disqualified**
CDL: Conceptual Design Lab**
CDL: Club Deck Loyal**
CDL: Carmel Desalination Ltd**
CDL: Chicago Debate League**
CDL: Climate Dynamics Laboratory**
CDL: Clariion Disk Libraries**
CDL: Central Drugs Laboratory**
CDL: Central Dental Laboratory**
CDL: Cabinet David Lutard**
CDL: Collections Deposit Library**
CDL: Christian Doppler Laboratories**
CDL: Consolidated Discounts Limited**
CDL: Culturally Diverse Learner**
CDL: Comite De Liaison**
CDL: common bile duct ligation**
CDL: Combustion Diagnostics Laboratory**
CDL: Committee of Departmental Librarians**
CDL: Corporate Digital Library**
CDL: Clinical Digital Library**
CDL: Contract Definition Language**
CDL: Chelsea District Library**
CDL: complement dependent lymphocytotoxicity test**
CDL: complement dependent lymphocytoxicity test**
CDL: coumarin pulsed-dye laser**
CDL: Creative Dental Laboratories**
CDL: Cambridge Development Laboratory**
CDL: Chemical Design Ltd**
CDL: Character Description Language**
CDL: Curved Desolvation Line**
CDL: Closed Distribution License**
CDL: Computer Disposals Ltd**
CDL: collagen diagnostic laboratory**
CDL: Command Description Language**
CDL: Central Development Laboratory**
CDL: Cash Development Loans**
CDL: Canada Domino League**
CDL: Code Development Ltd**
CDL: Corporate Distribution Limited**
CDL: Crazy Dog Ladies**
CDL: City Development Ltd**
CDL: Classified Driver License**
CDL: Compiler Description Language**
CDL: Can Drive Light**
CDL: China Development Laboratory**
CDL: Comparatif De Licences**
CDL: Californian Digital Library**
CDL: Combustion Dynamics Ltd**
CDL: Compactors Direct Ltd**
CDL: Configuration Deviation Lists**
CDL: Constitution Defense League**
CDL: Cullum Detuners Limited**
CDL: Celebrity Death League**
CDL: Cheshire Datasystems Limited**
CDL: Centric Dental Lab**
CDL: Certification in Dental Laboratory**
CDL: Champlain Dental Laboratory**
CDL: Choreography Definition Language**
CDL: Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory**
CDL: Configuration Description Language**
CDL: cool designs ltd**
CDL: Cornell Digital Library**
CDL: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster**
CDL: Cheminor Drugs Limited**
CDL: China Development Lab**
CDL: Comite De Lecture**
CDL: Cycle Description Language**
CDL: Chronic Disease Lists**
CDL: Centraal Diagnostisch Laboratorium**
CDL: Certified Dental Laboratories**
CDL: Color Decision Lists**
CDL: Community Dry Latrines**
CDL: Continuum Detector Laboratory**
CDL: Career Developments Loans**
CDL: Client Data Linkage**
CDL: Coastal Development Limited**
CDL: Covered Drain Length**
CDL: Certification of Dental Laboratories**
CDL: Child Development Liaison**
CDL: Climate Data Liaison**
CDL: Country and Democratic League**
CDL: Computer Developer License**
CDL: Career Development Learning*
CDL: Certified Dental Laboratory*
CDL: Chest Disease Laboratory*
CDL: christian doppler laboratorium*
CDL: Club Der Luftfahrt*
CDL: Construction Demolition and Landclearing*
CDL: Contract Description Language*
CDL: Council for Disabled*
CDL: Centre De Lancement*
CDL: Cervantes Digital Library*
CDL: Clinical and Development Liaison*
CDL: Club Directors League*
CDL: Collision Danger Line*
CDL: Color Display Laboratory*
CDL: Commerical Drivers Licence*
CDL: Computer Devices Laboratory*
CDL: Controls and Drives Ltd*
CDL: cosmos data logger*
CDL: current drugs ltd*
CDL: Customer Document Library*
CDL: Canal Defence Lights*
CDL: Character Description Languages*
CDL: Chemical Descriptors Library*
CDL: Computational Design Laboratory*
CDL: Containment Decision Lists*
CDL: Control Data Lists*
CDL: Center Driver Licensing*
CDL: Climate Data Logger*
CDL: Community Description Language*
CDL: Compact Dispense Line*
CDL: Complete Database List*
CDL: Computer Device Laboratory*
CDL: Cooperstown Diamond Legends*
CDL: Carolina Digital Library*
CDL: Catalyst Development Laboratory*
CDL: Centre of Distance Learning*
CDL: Clinical Discovery Laboratory*
CDL: Collected from Localized*
CDL: Company Data Library*
CDL: Compensated Density Log*
CDL: Composted Deciduous Leaves*
CDL: Compressed Dialing List*
CDL: Core Diode Logic*

Note: Acronym Finder has 72 verified definitions for CDL

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