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What does CDIC stand for?

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CDIC: Central Discipline Inspection Commission***
CDIC: Centers for Disease Control***
CDIC: Central Discipline Inspection Committee***
CDIC: Computer Drop in Centre***
CDIC: Cyber Defense Initiative Conference***
CDIC: Canadian Dairy Information Centre***
CDIC: Conference on Dynamics Instrumentation and Control***
CDIC: Chronic Disease Injury Control***
CDIC: Central Disciplinary Inspection Commission***
CDIC: Capacity Development and Institutional Change***
CDIC: Covered by Deposit Insurance***
CDIC: Custom Data Imaging Corporation***
CDIC: China Daily Information Company***
CDIC: Capital Development and Investment Company***
CDIC: Center for Diversity in the Communication***
CDIC: Community Development and Improvement Corporation**
CDIC: cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain**
CDIC: Canada Deposit and Insurance Corporation**
CDIC: Central Discipline and Inspection Commission**
CDIC: China Daily Information Corp**
CDIC: Canadian Dairy Information Center**
CDIC: Capital Development Investment Co**
CDIC: Congressional District Impeachment Committees**
CDIC: Consultants in Disease and Injury Control**
CDIC: Capital Development Investment Company**
CDIC: Cardio Dynamics International Corporation**
CDIC: California Diagnostic Imaging Center**
CDIC: Computerized Diagnostic Imaging Centers**
CDIC: Churchill Downs Investment Company**
CDIC: Central Deposit Insurance Company**
CDIC: Cleveland Dental Implant Clinic**
CDIC: Comprehensive Dental Implant Center**
CDIC: Chief Devil in Charge**
CDIC: Central Difference Image Correction**
CDIC: Cardio Dynamics International Corp**
CDIC: Chinese Defense Industrial Complex**
CDIC: Chronic Disease and Injury Control**
CDIC: Congressional District Impeach Committee**
CDIC: Capital District Insurance Community**
CDIC: Canadian Deposit Insurance Company**
CDIC: Capital Diffusion Insurance Corporation**
CDIC: Center for Development and International Cooperation**
CDIC: Coastal Data and Information Center**
CDIC: Cyber Defence Initiative Conference**
CDIC: Changes to the Deposit Insurance Coverage*
CDIC: Country Dance in Connecticut*
CDIC: Curriculum Design and Implementation Committee*
CDIC: Civic Development International Center*
CDIC: Comprehensive and Doctoral Institutions Council*
CDIC: Community Development Information Centers*
CDIC: Central Detention and Interrogation Cell*
CDIC: Community Development Investment Committee*
CDIC: Curriculum Development and Implementation Committee*
CDIC: Custom Diabetic Insert Company*
CDIC: California Desert Information Center*
CDIC: Comit? Directeur de l'Informatique ? la Commission*
CDIC: Country Directories of International Contacts*

Note: Acronym Finder has 13 verified definitions for CDIC

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