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CDI: Childhood Development Initiative****
CDI: Capacitor Discharged Ignition****
CDI: Content Delivery Infrastructure****
CDI: Centers for Disease****
CDI: Custom Design Inc****
CDI: Career Development Initiative****
CDI: College Des Ingenieurs****
CDI: Cultural Diversity Institute****
CDI: California Dept of Insurance****
CDI: Cyber Defense Initiative****
CDI: Connect Direct Inc****
CDI: Child Development Institute****
CDI: CHESS Depositary Interests****
CDI: Comprised of Investigators****
CDI: Centre for Defence Information****
CDI: China Development Institute****
CDI: Centre for Democratic Institutions****
CDI: Center for Design Informatics****
CDI: Character Device Interface****
CDI: Certificate of Deposit****
CDI: Corps or Division****
CDI: CASE Data Interchange****
CDI: Compact Disc Interactive****
CDI: Cultural Diversity Initiative****
CDI: Center for Digital Initiatives****
CDI: Chung Dahm Institute****
CDI: Cluster Disk Interface****
CDI: Consumer Demand Index****
CDI: Creative Designs International***
CDI: Corporate Decisions Inc***
CDI: Centro De Investigaciones***
CDI: Cal Dive International***
CDI: Computer Dealers Inc***
CDI: Child Development Initiative***
CDI: Care and Diagnostic Imaging***
CDI: Cruising Design Inc***
CDI: Choices for Displaying***
CDI: Controlled Demolition Inc***
CDI: California Diversified Industries***
CDI: Concept Development Inc***
CDI: Center for Dental Informatics***
CDI: Conference on Disarmament***
CDI: Clinical Dermatology Illustrated***
CDI: Carbon Designs Inc***
CDI: Color Doppler Imaging***
CDI: Commercial Data Integration***
CDI: computer design inc***
CDI: Car from DaimlerChrysler***
CDI: Center for Diagnostic Imaging***
CDI: Church Development Institute***
CDI: Cosmological Distance Indicators***
CDI: Central Distributors Inc***
CDI: Core Deposit Intangibles***
CDI: Computer Decisions International***
CDI: Clinical Decision Intelligence***
CDI: Casa Da Imprensa***
CDI: Content Distribution Internetworking***
CDI: Christian Democratic International***
CDI: Chicago Dial Indicator***
CDI: Chrysler Design Institute***
CDI: Component Distributors Inc***
CDI: Communicable Disease Investigators***
CDI: Committee to Democratize Information***
CDI: Commitment to Development Index***
CDI: Child Depression Inventory***
CDI: Center for Democratic Institutions***
CDI: Compagnia Distribuzione Internazionale***
CDI: Centre for Distance***
CDI: Community Development Inc***
CDI: Coalition for Democracy in Iran***
CDI: Centre for Development Information***
CDI: Cost Down Initiatives***
CDI: Conveyor Dynamics Inc***
CDI: Comparative Drug Index***
CDI: Controlled Demolition Incorporated***
CDI: Controller Device Interfaces***
CDI: Course and the Desired***
CDI: Child Development Infoline***
CDI: City Directory Inc***
CDI: Content Distribution Infrastructures***
CDI: Certificates for Deposit***
CDI: Career Directions Inventory***
CDI: Center for Drug Information***
CDI: Campus Diversity Initiative***
CDI: CDYNE Death Index***
CDI: Capacity Development Indicators***
CDI: Computer Distributors Inc***
CDI: capitol decisions inc***
CDI: Center for Digital Innovation***
CDI: Child Dependency Increases***
CDI: Centre for Defence and International***
CDI: Commission Direct Inc***
CDI: Calif to Distribute***
CDI: Cathepsin D Inhibitors***
CDI: Corporate Directions Inc***
CDI: Cyber Defense Institute***
CDI: Child Death Inquiry***
CDI: City Development Index***
CDI: Common Data Index***
CDI: Character Development Institute***
CDI: Centraal Diergeneeskundig Instituut***
CDI: Carr Development Inc***
CDI: Child Development Inventory***
CDI: community digital initiative***
CDI: Communicative Development Inventories***
CDI: Compensated Devices Inc***
CDI: California Dance Institute***
CDI: Circulation Development Inc***
CDI: Corporate Dimensions Inc***
CDI: Course Design Institute***
CDI: Control Design Integration***
CDI: Cornerstone Designs Inc***
CDI: Centro de Desarrollo Infantil***
CDI: Central Drama Institute***
CDI: Centro Deportivo Israelita***
CDI: Centre for Development of Industry***
CDI: Communications Development Incorporated***
CDI: California Death Index***
CDI: Creative and Digital Industries***
CDI: Capacity Development Institutions***
CDI: Cardiac Device Infections***
CDI: Course Deviation Indicators***
CDI: Colorado Doorways Inc***
CDI: Child Development Inc***
CDI: Construction Dynamics Inc***
CDI: Course Development Initiative***
CDI: Comprehensive Dissertation Index***
CDI: Class Discussion Items***
CDI: Control Devices Inc***
CDI: Cancer Diagnostics Inc***
CDI: Control Dynamics International***
CDI: custom direct income***
CDI: Classic Delight Inc***
CDI: Comprehensive Designers Inc***
CDI: City Diecutting Inc***
CDI: Cutting Dynamics Inc***
CDI: Communication Dynamics Inc***
CDI: Colegio De Ingenieros***
CDI: Change Direction Indicator***
CDI: Chief of Defence Intelligence***
CDI: Career Development Increments***
CDI: Centers of Daily***
CDI: Contract Data Items***
CDI: CREST Depositary Interests***
CDI: Collector Diffusion Isolation***
CDI: Commercial Driver Institute***
CDI: Convertible Debt Issuers***
CDI: Cathepsin D Inhibitor***
CDI: Conductivity Depth Images***
CDI: California Dairies Inc***
CDI: Criminal Defense Institute***
CDI: Corrosion Deformation Interactions***
CDI: Cobalt Development Institute***
CDI: Commerce Data Interchange***
CDI: caribbean drugs initiative***
CDI: Constrained Data Items***
CDI: Cyrel Digital Imagers***
CDI: Cachoeiro De Itapemirim***
CDI: Childrens Depression Inventory***
CDI: Computer Data Institut***
CDI: Cascade Distributing Inc***
CDI: Contech Design Inc***
CDI: Compact Disc Interactif***
CDI: Compact Disk Images***
CDI: Coordinated Direct Investment***
CDI: Craft Designs Inc***
CDI: Childhood Depression Inventory***
CDI: California Distribution Inc***
CDI: Consolidated Devices Inc***
CDI: Career Development Inventory***
CDI: Cee Dings of the IEEE***
CDI: Conformation Dependent Immunoassay***
CDI: Credit Development International***
CDI: Community Development Initiatives***
CDI: Canadian Door Institute***
CDI: Commercial Development Investments***
CDI: Continuing Development Incorporated***
CDI: Czech Development Invest***
CDI: community developed initiatives***
CDI: Committee for the Democratization of Information***
CDI: Consolidated Distributors Incorporated**
CDI: Commercial Design Inc**
CDI: Conway Data Inc**
CDI: Communications Devices Inc**
CDI: Completed the Implementation**
CDI: Condenser Discharge Ignition**
CDI: C. difficile infection**
CDI: Ca2+-dependent inactivation**
CDI: Canadian Debt Initiative**
CDI: carbon dioxide insufflation**
CDI: Caring Dimensions Inventory**
CDI: carotid diastolic index**
CDI: cartilage-derived inhibitor**
CDI: cell death index**
CDI: Cell Development Index**
CDI: cell-directed inhibitor**
CDI: Cellular Dynamics International**
CDI: central dopaminergic index**
CDI: cervical distensibility index**
CDI: chemotherapy dose-intensity**
CDI: Children Depression Inventory**
CDI: chronic dose index**
CDI: chronic duodenal ileus**
CDI: clinical diagnostic index**
CDI: clinical dianostic index**
CDI: Clinical Dysfunction Index**
CDI: Clinically defined infections**
CDI: clinically documented infection**
CDI: closed diaphragmatic injury**
CDI: Co-Dispersion Index**
CDI: Cognitive Depression Index**
CDI: color Doppler image**
CDI: color duplex imaging**
CDI: Communication Disturbances Index**
CDI: Communicative Development Inventory**
CDI: Composite Divitriol Infusion**
CDI: Compound Daphne Injection**
CDI: congenital diabetes insipidus**
CDI: continuous duodenal infusion**
CDI: convection-dependent inhomogeneities**
CDI: convection-dependent inhomogeneity**
CDI: Cotrel Dubousset instrumentation**
CDI: Cotrel-Dubousett instrumentation**
CDI: Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation**
CDI: count density index**
CDI: cranial diabetes insipidus**
CDI: Chess Depositary Instruments**
CDI: Communicative Developmental Inventories**
CDI: Crescent Design Inc**
CDI: Connect Direct Internet**
CDI: Capacity Development Indicator**
CDI: Competitive Dynamics International**
CDI: Concept Designworx Inc**
CDI: Catalytic Devices International**
CDI: Country Domain Identifier**
CDI: Commission for the Development of Indigenous**
CDI: Curso Digital Interactivo**
CDI: Compound Document by Inclusion**
CDI: Catchment Disturbance Index**
CDI: Certified Deaf Interpreters**
CDI: Communication Design Institute**
CDI: Components Distributors Inc**
CDI: Customer Directory Integration**
CDI: Chronic Disease Index**
CDI: Conditioned Diphase Interface**
CDI: Computer Deductions Inc**
CDI: Century Diversified Inc**
CDI: 1,1'-carbonyl-diimidazole**
CDI: colicin D immunity**

Note: Acronym Finder has 140 verified definitions for CDI

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