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CCMA: Centre Canadien Multisport Atlantique****
CCMA: City and County Management Association****
CCMA: Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment****
CCMA: Canadian Country Music Awards****
CCMA: Council of Montessori Administrators***
CCMA: Canadian Centre on Minority Affairs***
CCMA: Christian Country Music Awards***
CCMA: Commission for Conciliation Mediation Arbitration***
CCMA: County and City Managers Association***
CCMA: Call Center Management Association***
CCMA: Council for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration***
CCMA: condamine catchment management association***
CCMA: Council of Metropolitan Atlanta***
CCMA: Converging Computing Methodologies in Astronomy***
CCMA: Credit Card Merchant Account***
CCMA: Consumer Cooperative Management Association***
CCMA: Cape Cod Museum of Art***
CCMA: Capital City Medical Associates***
CCMA: California Country Music Association***
CCMA: Charleston Community Music Association***
CCMA: Corangamite Catchment Management Authority***
CCMA: Call Center Managers Association***
CCMA: Cape Coast Municipal Assembly***
CCMA: Clear Creek Management Area***
CCMA: CIAC Certified Management Apprentice***
CCMA: California Cast Metals Association***
CCMA: China Construction Machinery Association***
CCMA: Catholic Campus Minstry Association***
CCMA: Center for Computational Mathematics and Applications***
CCMA: Certified Color Manufacturers' Association**
CCMA: cocaine-conditioned motoric activity**
CCMA: Canadian Complementary Medical Association**
CCMA: County City Managers Association**
CCMA: Council for Case Management Accountability**
CCMA: Capital Country Music Association**
CCMA: Colorado Country Music Association**
CCMA: California College Media Association**
CCMA: Connecticut Coastal Management Act**
CCMA: Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance**
CCMA: CMA Country Music Association**
CCMA: California Certified Medical Assistant**
CCMA: Columbus Carnatic Music Association**
CCMA: Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis**
CCMA: California Cast Metal Association**
CCMA: Center for Coastal Monitoring Assessment**
CCMA: Cambodia Christian Methodist Association**
CCMA: Covenant Christian Ministries Academy**
CCMA: Canadian Courier and Messenger Association**
CCMA: Community Coalition for Media Accountability**
CCMA: Concilliation Mediation and Arbitration**
CCMA: Catholic Campus Ministers Association**
CCMA: Central Coast Motorcycle Association**
CCMA: Clubb Chimera Martial Arts**
CCMA: Coolidge Corner Merchants Association**
CCMA: Country Capital Music Association**
CCMA: Certified Connecticut Municipal Assessor**
CCMA: cibolo creek municipal authority**
CCMA: Clark County Ministerial Association**
CCMA: CMA the Country Music Association**
CCMA: Council and Media Alliance**
CCMA: Canadian Circulation Management Association**
CCMA: Consolidated Census Metropolitan Area**
CCMA: Companies Commission of Malaysia Act**
CCMA: Canadian Circulation Managers Association**
CCMA: Certified Color Manufacturers Association**
CCMA: Community Case Management Agency**
CCMA: Civic Coalition for Minority Affairs**
CCMA: Core Components Message Assembly**
CCMA: Commission Consultative Mixte Académique**
CCMA: Consortium for Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology**
CCMA: Chinese Christian Mission Australia*
CCMA: Columbia Country Music Association*
CCMA: Central Coast Martial Arts*
CCMA: Colorado Chapter of Modern Arnis*
CCMA: Commander Corps Medium Artillery*
CCMA: Connecticut Colony Military Association*
CCMA: Connecticut Country Music Association*
CCMA: Corrugated Case Materials Association*
CCMA: Czech Capital Market Association*
CCMA: Coleman Chamber Music Association*
CCMA: Community Chamber Music Association*
CCMA: Country Christian Music Association*
CCMA: Cycloserine Cefoxitin Mannitol Agar*
CCMA: Canadian Courier Messenger Association*
CCMA: Central Christian Missionary Alliance*
CCMA: Chapel College Merchants Association*
CCMA: Child Care Management Agency*
CCMA: Corporate Court Matrix Authority*
CCMA: Covenant Christian Ministries All*
CCMA: Canterberry Crossing Master Association*
CCMA: Certified Cash Manager Associate*
CCMA: Country Club Managers of America*
CCMA: Covansys Compliance Monitoring Application*
CCMA: Czech Commission of Martial Arts*
CCMA: Clay County Ministerial Alliance*
CCMA: Ceolas Celtic Music Archive*
CCMA: Chester County Martial Arts*

Note: Acronym Finder has 22 verified definitions for CCMA

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