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What does CCCD stand for?

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CCCD: College Community College District****
CCCD: County Community College Dallas****
CCCD: Citrus Community College District***
CCCD: Cooled Charge Coupled Device***
CCCD: Center for Communication and Development***
CCCD: Clark County Conservation District***
CCCD: Clinton County Conservation District***
CCCD: Cross Country Club of Dallas***
CCCD: Cumberland County Conservation District***
CCCD: Coordinating Council on Deafness***
CCCD: Centre for Communicative and Cognitive Disabilities***
CCCD: Cape Cod Conservation District***
CCCD: Communicative and Cognitive Disabilities***
CCCD: Cooks Creek Conservation District***
CCCD: Core Commitments for Children***
CCCD: Cass County Conservation District***
CCCD: Center for Circuit Design***
CCCD: Catskill Center for Conservation and Development***
CCCD: California Center for Cooperative Development***
CCCD: Certification Committee for Drugs***
CCCD: Cherokee County Conservation District***
CCCD: Cowley County Conservation District***
CCCD: Coconino Community College District***
CCCD: Center for Craft Creativity and Design***
CCCD: Chester County Conservation District***
CCCD: Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development**
CCCD: Centrifugal counter-current distribution**
CCCD: Combatting Childhood Communicable Disease**
CCCD: Combatting Childhood Communicable Diseases**
CCCD: crossed cerebello-cerebral diaschisis**
CCCD: Calhoun County Community Development**
CCCD: Citizens Committee on Community Development**
CCCD: Cambria County Conservation District**
CCCD: Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf**
CCCD: Compton Community College District**
CCCD: Centre for Circuit Design**
CCCD: Consensus Conference on Dementia**
CCCD: Cooled Charged Coupled Device**
CCCD: Canadian Collaboration on CPGs in Dentistry**
CCCD: Cape Cod Child Development**
CCCD: Counter Cross Claim Defendant**
CCCD: California Community College Districts**
CCCD: Commercial Credit Card Division**
CCCD: Chemical Casualty Care Division**
CCCD: Cognitive and Communicative Disabilities**
CCCD: Communicative and Cognitive Disorders**
CCCD: Copy Control Compact Disc**
CCCD: Certificate in Child Care and Development**
CCCD: Chelan County Conservation District**
CCCD: Clarifications of Contract Documents**
CCCD: Community Centred Capacity Development**
CCCD: Child Centered Community Development**
CCCD: Carotid Color Coded Duplex*
CCCD: Central Consumer Complaints Division*
CCCD: Cumberland County Community Development*
CCCD: Customs Container Control Division*
CCCD: Cunningham Construction Custom Drums*
CCCD: Customer Controlled Call Diversion*
CCCD: Center for Cosmetic Dentistry*
CCCD: Campbell County Conservation District*
CCCD: Centre County Conservation District*
CCCD: Chancellor College Chemistry Department*
CCCD: Combating Communicable Childhood Diseases*
CCCD: Canton Coal Company Drakes*
CCCD: Ceann Comhairle Chairman of the Dail*
CCCD: Consumers Coal Company Darrow*
CCCD: County Crop Compliance Data*
CCCD: Crerar Clinch Coal Duncan*
CCCD: Cuyamaca Community College Distr*

Note: Acronym Finder has 40 verified definitions for CCCD

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