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CCB: Calcium Channel Blockers****
CCB: Central Control Building****
CCB: Commercial Credit Bank****
CCB: Chilterns Conservation Board****
CCB: Covington County Bank****
CCB: Capital City Bank****
CCB: CBI Computer Based****
CCB: Corporation Commission Bureau****
CCB: Community Central Bank****
CCB: Council of Both****
CCB: City College Brighton****
CCB: Commercial Capital BanCorp****
CCB: Campus Community Building****
CCB: Center for Computational Biology****
CCB: Connecticut Center for the Book****
CCB: Central Cooperative Banks****
CCB: Council of the Blind****
CCB: Colorado Community Bank****
CCB: Corporate Client Business***
CCB: Cheetah Conservation Botswana***
CCB: Cancer Control Branch***
CCB: Colorado Center for the Blind***
CCB: California Center Bank***
CCB: Cross County Bank***
CCB: Clackamas County Bank***
CCB: Contra Costa Ballet***
CCB: Coast Center Base***
CCB: Case by Case Basis***
CCB: Czech Credit Bureau***
CCB: CBT Computer Based***
CCB: Central Control Board***
CCB: Community Council for Berkshire***
CCB: Commercial Crime Branch***
CCB: Corporate Citizenship Briefing***
CCB: Capital Community Bank***
CCB: Cannabis Cup Band***
CCB: Cold Conveyor Belt***
CCB: City Community Boards***
CCB: Capitol City Band***
CCB: Country Club Brown***
CCB: Campus Center Board***
CCB: Chair in Conservation Biology***
CCB: Credit Cooperative Banks***
CCB: Central Court Building***
CCB: Connecticut Community Bank***
CCB: Credit Cooperative Bank***
CCB: Connection Control Block***
CCB: Citizens Community Bancorp***
CCB: Chemistry and Chemical Biology***
CCB: Coca Cola Bottling***
CCB: Contingent Convertible Bonds***
CCB: Community Center Boards***
CCB: Christians Concerned for Burma***
CCB: Command Control Boat***
CCB: Cadillac Chair and Barrels***
CCB: Cleveland Clinic Beachwood***
CCB: Center for Chinese Business***
CCB: Converse County Bank***
CCB: Coal Compensation Board***
CCB: Charlton College of Business***
CCB: Cooperative Credit Banks***
CCB: Chevy Chase Bank***
CCB: community capital bank***
CCB: Congress Center Bremen***
CCB: Central Cooperative Bank***
CCB: City Cornet Band***
CCB: CBR Central Board***
CCB: Community Capacity Building***
CCB: Central Coastal Board***
CCB: Canadian Cavalry Brigade***
CCB: Consumers Cooperative of Berkeley***
CCB: Concrete Containment Buildings***
CCB: Configuration Control Boards***
CCB: Classic Color Band***
CCB: Canberra Convention Bureau***
CCB: Chicken Cordon Bleu***
CCB: County Clerk Building***
CCB: Cripple Creek Band***
CCB: Canadian County Board***
CCB: Civic Center Bank***
CCB: Cultural Community Business***
CCB: Christian Community Bible***
CCB: Committee of the Central Board***
CCB: Credit Card Billing***
CCB: Cat Club Berlin***
CCB: Cambodian Commercial Bank***
CCB: Construtora Castelo Branco***
CCB: City Cooperative Bank***
CCB: Comprehensive Claims Branch***
CCB: Contact the Buchanan***
CCB: Cedartown Chat Board***
CCB: Climate Change and Biosphere***
CCB: Coal Combustion Byproducts***
CCB: Chris Canty Band***
CCB: Chelmsford Community Band***
CCB: Central Counselling Board***
CCB: Council of Broward***
CCB: Copper Country Brigade***
CCB: Commercial Capital Bank***
CCB: Cherry Cherry Burst***
CCB: Clay Colton Band***
CCB: Civil Cooperation Bureau***
CCB: Congress Casino Baden***
CCB: Com Chinese Bank***
CCB: Connection Control Blocks***
CCB: Camera Controller Board***
CCB: Canadian Commercial Bank***
CCB: Community Centered Boards***
CCB: Child Care Benefit***
CCB: Child Care Bodies***
CCB: Centrale Culturelle Bruxelloise***
CCB: Calvary Chapel Bothell***
CCB: Communications the Beijing***
CCB: College of Computing Building***
CCB: Change Control Boards***
CCB: Command Control Blocks***
CCB: Connections of Brockton***
CCB: Center for Capacity Building***
CCB: Council of Band***
CCB: Cue Chalk Board***
CCB: Chromated Copper Boron***
CCB: Census Coordinating Board***
CCB: Connector Conversion Board***
CCB: Columbia County Bounty***
CCB: Committee on Constitutional Business***
CCB: Call Center Bureau***
CCB: Climate Community and Biodiversity***
CCB: Customer Care Bulletin***
CCB: Carriage Control Bytes***
CCB: Centre for Carbohydrate Bioprocessing***
CCB: Certificate in Computational Biology***
CCB: COBRA Continuation Beneficiaries***
CCB: CEN Certification Board***
CCB: Camden County Band***
CCB: Candleford Ceilidh Band***
CCB: CBL Clearstream Banking***
CCB: Community Consultative Bodies***
CCB: Complex Control Board***
CCB: Canyon Concert Ballet***
CCB: Chelonian Conservation and Biology***
CCB: City County Building***
CCB: Conversation Control Block***
CCB: CBU Community Bank***
CCB: Cole Canoe Base***
CCB: Central Classroom Building***
CCB: City Crime Branch***
CCB: Country Cutting Board***
CCB: CBO Congressional Budget**
CCB: Cancer Cell Biology**
CCB: Ca channel blocker**
CCB: Ca2+ channel blockers**
CCB: calcium channel blockade**
CCB: Characterize the Beneficial**
CCB: chemosensitive cardiopulmonary baroreflex**
CCB: chronic catarrhal bronchitis**
CCB: clinical cardiopulmonary bypass**
CCB: complete cecal bypass**
CCB: continuous cardiopulmonary bypass**
CCB: inhibitor/calcium channel blocker**
CCB: Catalogue Collectif Belge**
CCB: Coal Combustion Byproduct**
CCB: Charge Controller Bracket**
CCB: Council for Berkshire**
CCB: Coggin College of Business**
CCB: Campbeltown Community Business**
CCB: Catholic Charities Bureau**
CCB: Christchurch Convention Bureau**
CCB: Cuyamaca College Botanical**
CCB: Community Center Board**
CCB: Concerned for Burma**
CCB: Calcium Channel Blokers**
CCB: Citizen Community Board**
CCB: Christian Community Broadcasters**
CCB: Christeal Consulting Berlin**
CCB: Continuing Calibration Blanks**
CCB: Community College Board**
CCB: Creative Colour Bureau**
CCB: Centennial Community Band**
CCB: calcium channel blocking agent**
CCB: calcium channel blocking agents**
CCB: Calcium channel blocking drugs**
CCB: calcium channel-blocking drug**
CCB: capacity of clearance bacteria**
CCB: cardiac component of baroreflex**
CCB: Caye Chapel Belize**
CCB: Checklist of Challenging Behaviour**
CCB: Cross-bred Carora Bulls**
CCB: Cat Cay Bahamas**
CCB: Columbia Concert Band**
CCB: Contact Carolyn Bryant**
CCB: Conversation Control Blocks**
CCB: Centre for Carbohydrate Bioengineering**
CCB: Caravan Center Birmensdorf**
CCB: Chamber of Customs Brokers**
CCB: Change Centered Boards**
CCB: CBC Complete Blood**
CCB: Central Canada Branch**
CCB: concentrations of cytochalasin B**
CCB: Council for Community Building**
CCB: Critical Care Bypass**
CCB: Consumer Credit Business**
CCB: Credit Collections Bureau**
CCB: Civilian Career Brief**
CCB: Classic Colour Band**
CCB: Chub Cay Bahamas**
CCB: Celebrates Community Banking**
CCB: Committee of Certification Bodies**
CCB: Citrus Company of Belize**
CCB: Collector to Base**
CCB: Customer Care Branch**
CCB: Catholic Charities of Buffalo**
CCB: Continuum Configurational Bias**
CCB: Cardioangiologisches Centrum Bethanien**
CCB: Comitato Consultivo Bancario**
CCB: Citizen Community Boards**
CCB: Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity**
CCB: Chocolate Chip Brownies**
CCB: Clovernook Center for the Blind**
CCB: Conversational Control Block**
CCB: Camera Control Board**
CCB: CBO Community Based**
CCB: Cyclic Check Byte**
CCB: Coconut Cultivation Board**
CCB: Consolidated Credit Bank**
CCB: County Conservation Boards**
CCB: Canadian Coalition for Biodiversity**
CCB: Cash Correspondent Banks**
CCB: Civil Cooperation Buraeu**
CCB: Clarens Chailly Blonay**
CCB: Community Citizen Boards**
CCB: Country Club Bank**
CCB: Check Claims Branch**
CCB: China Corporate Bonds**
CCB: Communications Control Board**
CCB: Cowboy Custom Bikes**
CCB: Cameroonian Community in Bremen**
CCB: Centre for Conservation Biology**
CCB: Child Care Bursary**
CCB: Congress Centre B**
CCB: Central Club Basel**
CCB: Clarence City Band**
CCB: Community Commerce Bank**
CCB: Consult Crystal Ball**
CCB: Contract Control Board**
CCB: Cam Control Blocks**
CCB: Central Confiscation Branch**
CCB: Community Council Berkshire**
CCB: Chinese Community Bulletin**
CCB: Chocolate Chip Byte**
CCB: Civilian Cooperation Bureau**

Note: Acronym Finder has 153 verified definitions for CCB

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