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What does CBU stand for?

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CBU: Cal Baptist University****
CBU: Complete Build Up****
CBU: Capital Build Up****
CBU: China Business Update****
CBU: Christian Believers United****
CBU: Completely Built Up****
CBU: Cluster Box Units***
CBU: Content Business Unit***
CBU: Convergence Business Unit***
CBU: Citizens for Balanced Use***
CBU: Cambridge Breast Unit***
CBU: Cluster Bomb Units***
CBU: Commercialised Business Unit***
CBU: Central Bank Union***
CBU: Collection Box Units***
CBU: Contracting Business Unit***
CBU: Chemical Biology Unit***
CBU: Community Banking Unit***
CBU: Computational Biology Unit***
CBU: Central Barring Unit***
CBU: Cross Border University***
CBU: Center for Biomass Utilization***
CBU: Custom Business Unit***
CBU: Coordinating and Bioinformatics Unit***
CBU: Ceramic Business Unit***
CBU: Chassis Body Unit***
CBU: Chinese Business Unit***
CBU: Capacity Building Unit***
CBU: Community Bank Update***
CBU: Cycladic Blueschist Unit***
CBU: Chrysler Business Unit***
CBU: Carson Business Unit***
CBU: Czech Baptist Union***
CBU: Customer Based Upgrade***
CBU: Case Business Unit***
CBU: Complete Built Up***
CBU: Coefficient of Beam Utilization***
CBU: Cementitious Backer Units**
CBU: chronic bilharzial uropathy**
CBU: Clinical Business Unit**
CBU: cord blood units**
CBU: Cement Backer Unit**
CBU: Commercial Business Unit**
CBU: cumulative breath units**
CBU: Cooperative Business Unit**
CBU: Criminal Background Unit**
CBU: Central Bidding Unit**
CBU: Complete Built Unit**
CBU: Confidence Building Unit**
CBU: Construction Battalion Units**
CBU: Charging Business Unit**
CBU: Cable Breakout Unit**
CBU: Cluster Bomb Used**
CBU: Commodity Business Units**
CBU: Customer Business Unit**
CBU: Clinical Business Units**
CBU: Capacity Back Up**
CBU: Cesky Bansky Urad**
CBU: Corporate Business Unit**
CBU: Cognitive Behavioral Unit**
CBU: Central Bank of Uruguay**
CBU: Construction Batallion Unit**
CBU: copper belt university**
CBU: Child Benefits Unit**
CBU: Commercial Bubble Up**
CBU: Commodity Based Unit**
CBU: Complete Body Unit**
CBU: Cross Bedded Unit**
CBU: Connection Box Unit**
CBU: Canadian Badge in Uniform*
CBU: Core Business Units*
CBU: Cement Backing Unit*
CBU: Case Building Unit*
CBU: Central Brake Unit*
CBU: Credit Bureau Update*
CBU: Cement Board Underlayment*
CBU: Church of Bible Understanding*
CBU: Cluster Bomb the United*
CBU: Commercial Bindery Unit*
CBU: Controllo Bibliografico Universale*
CBU: Customization Business Unit*
CBU: Center for Byproducts Utilization*
CBU: Camp Barry Universal*
CBU: Center for Business University*
CBU: Chemistry at Brown University*
CBU: Claude Bernard University*
CBU: Cloud at Birmingham University*
CBU: Company Blind Users*

Note: Acronym Finder has 39 verified definitions for CBU

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