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What does CAPM stand for?

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CAPM: Central Agency for Public Mobilization****
CAPM: Conditional Asset Pricing Models****
CAPM: Certificate in Advanced Property Marketing***
CAPM: Construction Administration and Project Management***
CAPM: Capital Assets Pricing Model***
CAPM: Certification the Project Management***
CAPM: Certificate in Project Management***
CAPM: Certification as Project Management***
CAPM: Canadian Association of Professors of Medicine***
CAPM: Compensation Accessions and Personnel Management***
CAPM: Capital Asset Pricing Models***
CAPM: Connecticut Association of Purchasing Management***
CAPM: Comprehensive Access to Printed Materials***
CAPM: Computer Assisted Project Management***
CAPM: Certification from the Project Management***
CAPM: Comprehensive Access to Print Materials**
CAPM: Certified Associate Project Manager**
CAPM: Computer Assisted Production Management**
CAPM: Capital Asset Pricing Modellen**
CAPM: Civil Air Patrol Membership**
CAPM: Certified Associate Project Management**
CAPM: Certified Associate of Project Management**
CAPM: Collection of Animal Pathogenic Microorganisms**
CAPM: Common Agricultural Policy Management**
CAPM: Certified Associates in Project Management**
CAPM: Capital Asset Price Model**
CAPM: Capital Asset Princing Model**
CAPM: Croatian Association for Project Management**
CAPM: Canadian Association of Pump Manufacturers**
CAPM: California Academy of Preventive Medicine**
CAPM: Chain in Project Management**
CAPM: Control and Protection Module**
CAPM: Complicated Asset Pricing Model**
CAPM: Capital Asset Pricing Method**
CAPM: Common Asset Pricing Models**
CAPM: Canadian Academy of Pain Management*
CAPM: Computer Aided Project Management*
CAPM: Corrective Action Project Managers*
CAPM: Continuous Airway Pressure Monitoring*
CAPM: Canadian Association of Physical Medicine*
CAPM: Connecticut Association of Purchasing Managers*
CAPM: Country Air Property Management*
CAPM: Certificate Associate in Project Management*
CAPM: Carrierless Amplitude Phase Modulation*
CAPM: Carrierless Amplitude and Phase Modulation*
CAPM: Canadian Air and Precipitatiion Monitoring*
CAPM: Chemical and Associated Product Manufacturing*
CAPM: Continuous Area Pattern Mapping*
CAPM: Contractor Acquisition and Performance Monitoring*

Note: Acronym Finder has 11 verified definitions for CAPM

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