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CAP: Consultations and Proposals****
CAP: Cooperative Admissions Program****
CAP: Converged Application Platform****
CAP: Campus Administrative Policies****
CAP: Child Assault Prevention****
CAP: Central Air Purification****
CAP: Canadian Art Prints****
CAP: Community AIDS Partnership****
CAP: College Admission Procedures****
CAP: Conservation Area Partnership****
CAP: Compliance Acceleration Program****
CAP: Corporate Advantage Program****
CAP: community advocacy program****
CAP: Criteria And Procedures****
CAP: Coalition Against Poverty****
CAP: Community Action Programs****
CAP: Cost Analysis Program****
CAP: Central Agency for Public****
CAP: Central Arizona Phoenix****
CAP: Committee on Advertising Practice****
CAP: Council of Academic Partners****
CAP: Cuba Aids Project****
CAP: Climate Action Project****
CAP: Contact A Propos****
CAP: Center for Arts Policy****
CAP: Columbia Appletalk Package****
CAP: Centre for Academic Practice****
CAP: Columbia Appletalk Program****
CAP: Community Access Project****
CAP: Computer and Printer****
CAP: Community Action Project****
CAP: Common Assessment Plan****
CAP: Communication Aids Project****
CAP: Corporate Associates Program****
CAP: Corrective Action Plans****
CAP: Community Arts Practice****
CAP: Council for Advancement of People****
CAP: Central Area Planning****
CAP: Community Assessment Project****
CAP: Common Agricultural Policies****
CAP: Credit Allocation Program****
CAP: Club Aviazione Popolare****
CAP: Counseling Advocacy Program****
CAP: Conduct Advisory Panel****
CAP: Computing and Philosophy****
CAP: Consolidated Action Plan****
CAP: Cascade AIDS Project****
CAP: Collaborative Action Plan****
CAP: Certification and Accreditation Professional****
CAP: Campaign for Pesticide****
CAP: Change Analysis Program****
CAP: Corporate Affiliates Program****
CAP: Controlled Analogue Programming****
CAP: Collective Action Plan****
CAP: Conception Assistee Par****
CAP: Change Active Partition****
CAP: Council of Atlantic Premiers****
CAP: Conservation Awareness Programme****
CAP: Common Action Plan****
CAP: Congress of Aboriginal Peoples****
CAP: Critical Adjustment Parameters****
CAP: College Admissions Prep****
CAP: Conservation Action Planning****
CAP: Collective Action Plans****
CAP: Cathodic Arc Plasma****
CAP: Class Act Productions****
CAP: Condom Availability Program****
CAP: Cable Applications Platform****
CAP: Canadian Association of Petroleum****
CAP: Curriculum Alignment Process****
CAP: Commonwealth Association of Professional****
CAP: Criteria Air Pollutants***
CAP: Cancer Advisory Panel***
CAP: Coordinator A Program***
CAP: Curriculum Alignment Project***
CAP: Canadian Arctic Producers***
CAP: Committee Advisory Panel***
CAP: Clean Air Policy***
CAP: Consumers Association of Penang***
CAP: Consolidated Appeal Process***
CAP: Coalition Against the Privatization***
CAP: Career Academic and Personal***
CAP: Chemical Action Plan***
CAP: Confidential Address Program***
CAP: Consumer Assistance Program***
CAP: Christian Affiliate Programs***
CAP: Community Alliance Program***
CAP: Confidentiality of Program***
CAP: Centro Apoyo Profesorado***
CAP: Cyclase Associated Protein***
CAP: Child Assistance Program***
CAP: Collective Agreement Provision***
CAP: Contract Administration Planning***
CAP: Community Action Programme***
CAP: College Awareness and Preparation***
CAP: competitive access providers***
CAP: Carbon Action Plan***
CAP: Career Advancement Plan***
CAP: Consejo Agrario Provincial***
CAP: Conservation Action Plan***
CAP: Compliance Assistance Programme***
CAP: Community Archaeology Program***
CAP: College Admissions Program***
CAP: Cost Allocation Program***
CAP: Conservation Assessment Program***
CAP: Center for Aging Policy***
CAP: Complete Advanced Pilot***
CAP: Connexions Access Point***
CAP: Commute Alternatives Program***
CAP: Committee on Academic Programs***
CAP: cost allocation plan***
CAP: Canadian Action Plan***
CAP: Conception Assistée Par***
CAP: Customer Acceptance Policy***
CAP: Customer Appreciation Program***
CAP: Cincinnati as Part***
CAP: Community Academy of Philadelphia***
CAP: Community Arts Project***
CAP: Care and Preservation***
CAP: Central Artery Project***
CAP: Clube Alpino Paulista***
CAP: Credit Aggregation Pool***
CAP: Consumer Awareness Programme***
CAP: Catchment Action Plan***
CAP: Contamination Assessment Plan***
CAP: Country Areas Program***
CAP: Comprehensive Academic Plan***
CAP: Centre for Academic and Professional***
CAP: Client Assistance Programs***
CAP: Control Animal Population***
CAP: clean air power***
CAP: Composer Assistance Program***
CAP: Center for Agricultural Partnerships***
CAP: Compliance Assistance Program***
CAP: Characterization and Analysis Program***
CAP: Computer Aided Process***
CAP: Central Auditory Processing***
CAP: Certification Accelerator Packages***
CAP: Content Application Platform***
CAP: College Assistance Program***
CAP: Cationic Antimicrobial Protein***
CAP: Clean Air Program***
CAP: Community Alternative Programs***
CAP: Canada in Partnership***
CAP: Chairman Advisory Panel***
CAP: Centre for Applied Policy***
CAP: Citizen Action Program***
CAP: Committee on Academic Personnel***
CAP: Colorado Aids Project***
CAP: Community Annotation Project***
CAP: Control and Processing***
CAP: contractor assistance program***
CAP: Customer Advantage Program***
CAP: Christian Assistance Program***
CAP: Caffeine for Apnea of Prematurity***
CAP: Custom Aerosol Packaging***
CAP: Chicago Arts Program***
CAP: chase authentics pit***
CAP: Citizens Advisory Panel***
CAP: Compassionate Access Program***
CAP: Chromosome Associated Protein***
CAP: Company Action Plan***
CAP: Cooperative Assistance Program***
CAP: Cyclic AMP Phosphodiesterase***
CAP: Combat Air Patrols***
CAP: Controlled Access Program***
CAP: Country Assistance Programme***
CAP: Concepts About Print***
CAP: Code Analysis Program***
CAP: Current Assessment Program***
CAP: Cooperative Agreements Program***
CAP: Curriculum and Academic Policy***
CAP: Comprehensive Annual Plan***
CAP: Center for Adoption Policy***
CAP: Community Alternative Program***
CAP: Certificat Aptitude Prof***
CAP: Composers Authors and Publishers***
CAP: College Affiliate Program***
CAP: Cleaner Air Partnership***
CAP: Consumer Advisory Panel***
CAP: Cellulose Acetate Phthalate***
CAP: Centre Anti Poison***
CAP: Coalition Against Pesticides***
CAP: Community Action and Problem***
CAP: Confidential Assistance Program***
CAP: Cbl Associated Protein***
CAP: Corporate Alliance Partner***
CAP: Center for Archaeology and Paleontology***
CAP: Center for Addiction and Pregnancy***
CAP: Channel Advantage Program***
CAP: Community Accountability Program***
CAP: Career Assessment Program***
CAP: Computer Assisted Paleoanthropology***
CAP: Chemical Activity Pacific***
CAP: Community Awareness Program***
CAP: Complementary Action Plan***
CAP: Child Abuse Program***
CAP: Consumer Advisory Panels***
CAP: County and Performs***
CAP: Community Arts Program***
CAP: Community Assessment Program***
CAP: Campaign Against Poverty***
CAP: Comparative Analysis Project***
CAP: Care the Pennsylvania***
CAP: City Action Partnership***
CAP: Control and Public***
CAP: Concerned Alumni for Princeton***
CAP: Computer Aided Procedure***
CAP: Configuration Access Protocol***
CAP: Christians Against Poverty***
CAP: Community Action Planning***
CAP: Charles A Pesko***
CAP: Comprehensive Assessment Project***
CAP: Conservation Action Program***
CAP: Cooperative Assessment Project***
CAP: Children Awaiting Parents***
CAP: Community Advisory Panels***
CAP: Commuter Assistance Program***
CAP: Connaissances Attitudes Pratiques***
CAP: Common Access Protocol***
CAP: Central Alabama Pride***
CAP: Coalition Against Prohibition***
CAP: Creative Activities Program***
CAP: Community Access Point***
CAP: citizen action plan***
CAP: College Application Program***
CAP: Certified Addiction Professionals***
CAP: Community Action Plans***
CAP: Community Area Partnership***
CAP: College Automotive Program***
CAP: Christian Alliance for Progress***
CAP: Certification Assistance Program***
CAP: Centre Anti Poisons***
CAP: Compliance Assurance Plan***
CAP: Combinatorics and Physics***
CAP: Clean Air Programme***
CAP: Cyberspace Automotive Performance***
CAP: Catatan Akhir Pekan***
CAP: Compact Automation Products***
CAP: Compliance Advisory Panel***
CAP: Canada Air Pilot***
CAP: Clean Airport Partnership***
CAP: Community Against Pollution***
CAP: Career Advancement Program***
CAP: Certified Accounting Practitioner***
CAP: Climate Action Panel***
CAP: Career Advancement Project***
CAP: Convertible Adjustable Preferred***
CAP: Coaching Apprenticeship Program***
CAP: Conference Advisory Panel***

Note: Acronym Finder has 358 verified definitions for CAP

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