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C.LE: Curriculum for Liberal Education****
C.LE: Central and Eastern****
C.LE: Canadian Lakehead Exhibition****
C.LE: Center for Legal Education****
C.LE: Current on Legal****
C.LE: Contact Lenses Encore***
C.LE: Career Long Education***
C.LE: Clinical Legal Education***
C.LE: Concentrated Language Encounter***
C.LE: Center for Law and Education***
C.LE: Credits for Less***
C.LE: Centre for Language in Education***
C.LE: Center for Language Education***
C.LE: Chinese Linux Extensions***
C.LE: Christian Light Education***
C.LE: Centre for Logic Epistemology***
C.LE: Collaboration and Learning Environment***
C.LE: Contextual Learning Environment***
C.LE: Centre for Learning Excellence***
C.LE: Creative Learning Exchange***
C.LE: Constructivist Learning Environments***
C.LE: Compass Lake Engineering***
C.LE: Command Latch Enable***
C.LE: Club Leadership Education***
C.LE: Centrum Latinitatis Europae***
C.LE: Crystal Lake Elementary (Lakeland, FL)***
C.LE: Courses on Legal Ethics***
C.LE: Committee Legal Education***
C.LE: Com Leadership Education***
C.LE: Competitive Ligand Equilibration***
C.LE: College Living Experience***
C.LE: Committee on Legal Education***
C.LE: Corpus Librorum Emblematum***
C.LE: Christopher Lowell Enterprises***
C.LE: Centre for Learning***
C.LE: Continued Legal Education***
C.LE: Consumer Law Education***
C.LE: Council of Legal Education***
C.LE: Commercial Laundry Equipment***
C.LE: Carmina Latina Epigraphica***
C.LE: Center for Learning Excellence***
C.LE: Chinese Language Enrichment***
C.LE: Conference Labor and Employment***
C.LE: Chain Lake Elementary***
C.LE: Canton Linux Enthusiasts***
C.LE: Credits on Line***
C.LE: Commission on Law Enforcement***
C.LE: 3H-cholesteryl linoleyl ether**
C.LE: 3H]cholesteryl linoleyl ether**
C.LE: carbon labeling experiments**
C.LE: chicken lysozyme enhancer**
C.LE: cholesteryl linoleyl ether**
C.LE: clinical learning environment**
C.LE: collagenase-like enzyme**
C.LE: conditioning lesion effect**
C.LE: Conewise Linear Elasticity**
C.LE: conserved late element**
C.LE: constant-load exercise**
C.LE: contact laser endarterectomy**
C.LE: contact lens electrode**
C.LE: correction-labour establishments**
C.LE: CRE-like element**
C.LE: cross-linked envelope**
C.LE: cross-linked envelopes**
C.LE: crude leishmania extract**
C.LE: cutaneous lupus erythematosus**
C.LE: Continuing Legal Education_Index**
C.LE: Creative Learning Environments**
C.LE: Center of Logistics and Expert**
C.LE: Coefficient of Linear Expansion**
C.LE: C Legal Education**
C.LE: columnar lined distal esophagus**
C.LE: corpora lutea tissue extracts**
C.LE: cross-linked protein envelope**
C.LE: cryptogenic localization related epilepsy**
C.LE: Certified Linux Engineers**
C.LE: Colorado Legal Education**
C.LE: Columbus Ledger Enquirer**
C.LE: Composite Legal Expenses**
C.LE: Central Landing Establishment**
C.LE: Conferences Legal Education**
C.LE: Compliance and Law Enforcement**
C.LE: Conservation Law Enforcement**
C.LE: Conflits Linguistiques Et**
C.LE: Cohen and Lenstra**
C.LE: Council of Leather Exports**
C.LE: Cell Like Entities**
C.LE: Cardiogenic Lung Edema**
C.LE: Conference Law Education**
C.LE: Centre for Laboratory and Epidemiology**
C.LE: Commercial Laws of Europe**
C.LE: Continuting Legal Education**
C.LE: Corporate Level Evaluation**
C.LE: Culture and Language in Education**
C.LE: Collectors Limited Edition**
C.LE: Communities for Lawyer Ethics**
C.LE: Contining Legal Education**
C.LE: Council of Latino Executives**
C.LE: Council of Liberal Education**
C.LE: Command Log Event**
C.LE: Criminal Law Employee**
C.LE: Committee on the Learning Environment**
C.LE: Credit for Lawyers**
C.LE: Concentrated Learning Encounter**
C.LE: Coordinated Learning Experiences**
C.LE: Coalition for LANL Excellence**
C.LE: Calendar Leadership Education**
C.LE: Continuing Legal Educaton**
C.LE: creative learning exercise**
C.LE: Campus Laboratory Exchange**
C.LE: Cardan Light Europe**
C.LE: Contact Lenses Extensive**
C.LE: Conservative Logic Element**
C.LE: Center for Life Enrichment*
C.LE: Column Layout Editor*
C.LE: Combined Law Enforcement*
C.LE: Commercial Lab Edition*
C.LE: Competitive Ligand Exchange*
C.LE: Created in Late*
C.LE: Cabo Leadership Experience*
C.LE: Centre for Linguistics and English*
C.LE: Corporate Lead Executives*
C.LE: Collective Leadership Effectiveness*
C.LE: Command and Launch Equipment*
C.LE: Compatibility of Leica*
C.LE: Council of Leather Exporters*
C.LE: Castle Lake East*
C.LE: Cafe Lafitte in Exile*
C.LE: Column Level Encryption*
C.LE: Committee on Learning Environments*
C.LE: Clinical Laboratory for Evaluation*
C.LE: Centre for Landscape Evolution*
C.LE: Chemical Laboratory Equipment*
C.LE: Circuito de Linea de Enlace*
C.LE: Calendar of Local Events*
C.LE: Centro Latinoamericano de Estud*
C.LE: Children Literature Electroni*
C.LE: City Lights Espresso*
C.LE: Coal Links Europe*
C.LE: Colorado Legal Eagles*
C.LE: Cook Limestone Empire*
C.LE: Cummings Lake Erie*
C.LE: Cyber Legend Electronics*

Note: Acronym Finder has 48 verified definitions for C.LE

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