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What does C.HT. stand for?

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C.HT.: Classic Home Theater****
C.HT.: Catalog of Hittite Texts****
C.HT.: Certified Hakomi Therapist***
C.HT.: computational heat transfer***
C.HT.: COSCO HIT Terminals***
C.HT.: Community Housing Therapy***
C.HT.: Chemo Hormonal Therapy***
C.HT.: Certified Hand Therapists***
C.HT.: Certified Hyperbaric Technician***
C.HT.: Cylinder Head Temperatures***
C.HT.: Chung Hwa Telecom***
C.HT.: Collection Holding and Transfer***
C.HT.: Centre for Human Transformation***
C.HT.: Childbirth Hypnosis Training***
C.HT.: Certification in Hand Therapy***
C.HT.: College Hill Tavern***
C.HT.: Chairman Hochen Tan***
C.HT.: Call History Table***
C.HT.: Combined Hormonal Therapy***
C.HT.: Cross Harbour Tunnel***
C.HT.: Combination Herbal Therapy***
C.HT.: Convective Heat Transfer***
C.HT.: Certified Hospitality Trainer***
C.HT.: Complementary Health Trust***
C.HT.: Chitagong Hill Tracts***
C.HT.: Chinese herbal therapy**
C.HT.: chronic hemodialysis treatment**
C.HT.: circular harmonic transform**
C.HT.: cobalt hexaammine trichloride**
C.HT.: continuous hemodialysis treatment**
C.HT.: conventional hypervolemic therapy**
C.HT.: cutaneous hypersensitivity test**
C.HT.: Cambridge Heat Treating**
C.HT.: Combined Hormone Therapy**
C.HT.: Consumer Health Terminology**
C.HT.: Computerized Heat Treatment**
C.HT.: Center for Heritage Tourism**
C.HT.: Crown House Technology**
C.HT.: Charlie Hunter Trio**
C.HT.: Conditioned Head Turn**
C.HT.: Cambie House of Travel**
C.HT.: Certification in Hyperbaric Technology**
C.HT.: Charlie Henry Timbers**
C.HT.: Collection, Handling & Transfer (sewage system)**
C.HT.: Certified Hypno Therapist**
C.HT.: Charleston Housing Trust**
C.HT.: Certified Hospitality Trainers**
C.HT.: Conductive Heat Transfer**
C.HT.: Contemporary Handweavers of Texas**
C.HT.: Channel Habitat Type**
C.HT.: Cheshire Housing Trust**
C.HT.: Cleaning and Hygiene Today**
C.HT.: Centre for High Technology**
C.HT.: Congress of Houston Teachers**
C.HT.: Certified by the Hand Therapy**
C.HT.: Certified Hemodialysis Technologist**
C.HT.: Cursor Horizontal Tab**
C.HT.: Center for Hellenic Traditions**
C.HT.: Community of the Holy Transfiguration**
C.HT.: Circular Hough Transform**
C.HT.: Clyde Heritage Trust**
C.HT.: Culture Heritage Tourism**
C.HT.: Center for Human Toxicology**
C.HT.: Conjugated Heat Transfer**
C.HT.: Centre for Hand Therapy**
C.HT.: Chinese Hand Tractor**
C.HT.: Combination Hormonal Therapy**
C.HT.: Controlled Health Thesaurus**
C.HT.: Center for Health Technology**
C.HT.: Channel Habitat Types**
C.HT.: Chilean Hacker Team**
C.HT.: Chittagong Hills Tracts**
C.HT.: Columbus Hindu Temple**
C.HT.: Commercial Highway and Tourist**
C.HT.: Complementary Holistic Therapies**
C.HT.: Capillary Heat Transfer*
C.HT.: Center for Health and Technology*
C.HT.: Chapel Hill Transit*
C.HT.: Clinical Herbal Therapist*
C.HT.: Community Housing Trust*
C.HT.: Centre for Healthcare Telematics*
C.HT.: Certified Hyperbaric Technologists*
C.HT.: Confederate Heritage Trust*
C.HT.: CIMMYT Hybrid Trial*
C.HT.: Center of Hampton*
C.HT.: CIMMYT Hybrid Trials*
C.HT.: Coralie Hewitt Tillack*
C.HT.: Chemical Heat Treatment*
C.HT.: Choke and Throttle*
C.HT.: Clinical Hypnotherapist Thank*
C.HT.: Computer Hardware Technician*
C.HT.: Cookie Harvest Tin*
C.HT.: Center for Healthcare Technology*
C.HT.: Center for Healthcare Technologies*
C.HT.: Chicago Heights Terminal*
C.HT.: company Chunghua Telecom*
C.HT.: Calabrian History and Traditions*
C.HT.: Capillary Heat Tube*
C.HT.: Cat Hospital at Towson*
C.HT.: Certain Hour The*
C.HT.: Chairman of the Hopi Tribe*
C.HT.: Cherry Hill Total*
C.HT.: Cindy House of Tupperware*
C.HT.: collecting and holding tanks*
C.HT.: Computer Hardware and Technical*
C.HT.: Core Heat Transfer*

Note: Acronym Finder has 40 verified definitions for C.HT.

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