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BTS: Beyond the Streets****
BTS: Bottom Trawl Survey****
BTS: British Trombone Society****
BTS: Body Training Systems****
BTS: Business Telecommunications Solutions****
BTS: Basic Telecommunications Service****
BTS: Base Transceiver Stations****
BTS: Bangkok Transit System****
BTS: Between the SGSN****
BTS: Business Tendency Surveys****
BTS: Bus Tracking System****
BTS: bit test and set****
BTS: British Tarantula Society****
BTS: Best Training System****
BTS: Breaking The Silence****
BTS: Better Than Sex****
BTS: Burn the System****
BTS: Build Then Sell****
BTS: British Transplant Society****
BTS: Blood Transfusion System***
BTS: Black Tactical Squad***
BTS: Business Travel Services***
BTS: Buah Tandan Segar***
BTS: Bureau Technique Syndical***
BTS: Business Telecom Systems***
BTS: Blood Transfusion Service***
BTS: Berg Tymoczko and Stryer***
BTS: Busbar Trunking System***
BTS: Beneath the Sea***
BTS: Building Technology State***
BTS: Business Thinking Systems***
BTS: Business Transfer Specialist***
BTS: Broadcast Technical Solutions***
BTS: Brandon Training School***
BTS: Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha***
BTS: Basic Transfer Switches***
BTS: Biblisch Therapeutische Seelsorge***
BTS: Base Tranceiver Station***
BTS: Basic Template System***
BTS: Bible Training Schools***
BTS: Balancing the Sword***
BTS: Body Technic Systems***
BTS: Best Tree Service***
BTS: Best Technology Systems***
BTS: Billfish Tackle Supply***
BTS: Butler Technology Solutions***
BTS: Britain Tanzania Society***
BTS: Base Transciever Station***
BTS: Boeing Technology Services***
BTS: BAC Technologique STI***
BTS: Be Transported on the Same***
BTS: Biz Technology Solutions***
BTS: Belt Tension Sensors***
BTS: Brain Tumor Society***
BTS: Bermuda Triangle Series***
BTS: Bridges to Success***
BTS: BreakThru Training Solutions***
BTS: Basic Telephone Service***
BTS: Batch Treatment Systems***
BTS: Beyond the Shadows***
BTS: Bilingual Translation Services***
BTS: Business Transition Specialists***
BTS: Barcode Technology Solutions***
BTS: Border Transportation and Security***
BTS: Both in Terms of the Sheer***
BTS: Blood Transport System***
BTS: Border Transportation Security***
BTS: Bhakti Tirtha Swami***
BTS: Battery Test Set***
BTS: Block Terminal Services***
BTS: Brown Taiwan Society***
BTS: Bilstein Tuned Suspension***
BTS: Broadcast Technical Services***
BTS: Base Transmitting Station***
BTS: Batt Temp Sensor***
BTS: Bias Temperature Stress***
BTS: Base Terminal Stations***
BTS: Between the Second***
BTS: Base Transmission System***
BTS: Big Town Service***
BTS: Broadcast Teletext Standard***
BTS: Binational Toxics Strategy***
BTS: Brand Technology Services***
BTS: Bibliography of Translation Studies***
BTS: Business Transaction Services***
BTS: Base Transreceiver Station***
BTS: Bahnsen Theological Seminary***
BTS: British Trauma Society***
BTS: Below Tolerable Standard***
BTS: Beat the Streak***
BTS: Buddhist Theosophical Society***
BTS: Big Time Sensuality***
BTS: Broadcasting Television Systems***
BTS: Business Telecommunications Services***
BTS: Behavioral Toxicology Society**
BTS: Break the System**
BTS: Baudains Trade Supplies**
BTS: basal tear secretion**
BTS: Basic Tear Solution**
BTS: behavioural test score**
BTS: Beltsville thawing solution**
BTS: Bethesda terminological system**
BTS: biceps tendon sheath**
BTS: bioptic telescopic spectacle**
BTS: birth to suckling**
BTS: Blessed test score**
BTS: Blood Transfusion Services**
BTS: Bourneville tuberous sclerosis**
BTS: Bradycardia/tachycardia syndrome**
BTS: branched tubular structures**
BTS: Burns-Tracey saline**
BTS: Broadband Test System**
BTS: By Taking the Skytrain**
BTS: Business Training Systems**
BTS: BIH Terrestrial System**
BTS: Bodies in the Shop**
BTS: Brady Tachy Syndrome**
BTS: Biz Traffic Station**
BTS: Birmingham Theological Seminary**
BTS: Broadband Transport Specialist**
BTS: Biblisch Therapeutischer Seelsorge**
BTS: Bon Trade Solutions**
BTS: Blackpool Tangerine Service**
BTS: Bau Technik Service**
BTS: British Titanic Society**
BTS: Bible Training School**
BTS: Biosciences Technology Support**
BTS: Burst and Transient Source experiment**
BTS: Bowling Tournament Series**
BTS: Beam Transformation System**
BTS: Bachelor in Tourism Studies**
BTS: Bourneville's tuberous sclerosis**
BTS: British Thoracic Society's**
BTS: Brass Trough Sockets**
BTS: Bromo Tengger Semeru**
BTS: Broadband Transceiver System**
BTS: Belgian Trauma Society**
BTS: Birla Technical Services**
BTS: Business Tracking System**
BTS: Big Time Software**
BTS: By the Skytrain**
BTS: Bald Thigh Syndrome**
BTS: Babes That Sparkle**
BTS: Booster to SPEAR**
BTS: Bytes Technology Storage**
BTS: Broadband TelecomCenter Specialist**
BTS: Broadcast Traffic Systems**
BTS: Base Transceiver Subsystem**
BTS: Benefit Tracking System**
BTS: Business Technology Strategies**
BTS: Borzni Trgovalni Sistem**
BTS: Building Trade Show**
BTS: Bangkok Transportation System**
BTS: Bournemouth Teaching Service**
BTS: Boys Training School**
BTS: Broward Traffic School**
BTS: bearing test set**
BTS: Budget Tracking System**
BTS: Brunel Technical Services**
BTS: Bently Tribology Services**
BTS: Bachelor of Theological Studies**
BTS: Base Transceiver Systems**
BTS: Base Transmitting Stations**
BTS: Business Transactions Solution**
BTS: Broadband Telephony Softswitch**
BTS: Berkley Technology Services**
BTS: Berlin Travel Service**
BTS: Building Thinking Skills**
BTS: Boss Technical Services**
BTS: Bradycardia Tachycardia Syndrome**
BTS: Base Transmission Stations**
BTS: Bearcat Transportation System**
BTS: Beyond the Supernatural**
BTS: Bimetallic Treatment System**
BTS: Band Translation Switch**
BTS: Band Translation Switches**
BTS: Bayesian Team Support**
BTS: Berkeley Transcription System**
BTS: Bahrain Transparency Society**
BTS: Business Technology Source**
BTS: Butt and Thigh Shaper**
BTS: Belgian Transplantation Society**
BTS: Bone and Tooth Society**
BTS: British Temperance Society**
BTS: British Thoratic Society**
BTS: Base Transmit Station**
BTS: Biuro Turystyki Sportowej**
BTS: bond technology systems**
BTS: Bandar Tasik Selatan**
BTS: Bavarian Technology Systems**
BTS: Ballast Test Systems**
BTS: Bell Tower Sniper**
BTS: Business Trading Shops**
BTS: Basin Transit Service**
BTS: Biological and Technical Services**
BTS: Business Translation Services**
BTS: Base Transceivers Stations**
BTS: Behind the Song**
BTS: Bit Transport System**
BTS: Britannia Treasury Services**
BTS: Basic Transmission Stations**
BTS: Brahma Tirta Sari**
BTS: Build to Schedule**
BTS: Base Tranciever Station**
BTS: Bass Trigon Software**
BTS: Bethesda Transportation Solutions**
BTS: Base Tranceiver System**
BTS: Base Transiver Station**
BTS: Broadcasting Technical Standard**
BTS: Bulgarian Tourist Services**
BTS: Business Telecom Services**
BTS: Base Tranceiver Stations**
BTS: Battambang Trade School**
BTS: Befestigungselemente Technik Saarburg**
BTS: Between Two Stations**
BTS: Business Tools for Schools**
BTS: Business Tourism Scotland**
BTS: Basic Transceiver Station*
BTS: Bau Trocknung Service*
BTS: Branch Trace Store*
BTS: Brians Truck Shop*
BTS: Broadcast Technical Symposium*
BTS: Bad Trick Sheet*
BTS: Base Transceiver Sites*
BTS: Based Transceiver Station*
BTS: Batch Trailer Segment*
BTS: Battlestaff Training School*
BTS: Bit Test Section*
BTS: Blue Tongue Skinks*
BTS: Border Trade Stations*
BTS: Bundle Transfer System*
BTS: Ballast Test System*
BTS: Base Telecommunications System*
BTS: Base Transceiving Stations*
BTS: Base Transeiver System*
BTS: Becker Technical Sales*
BTS: Biblisch Therapeutischen Seelsorger*
BTS: Bid Tracking System*
BTS: Bills Train Shop*
BTS: Bug Tracker Systems*
BTS: Business Telecom Solutions*
BTS: Bangla Translation Services*
BTS: Barry Townsend Systems*
BTS: Base Transmition Station*
BTS: Book Trades Services*
BTS: Bratislava Trade Site*
BTS: British Train Society*

Note: Acronym Finder has 82 verified definitions for BTS

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