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BTC: Birmingham Track Club****
BTC: Bulgarian Telecommunications Company****
BTC: Business Technology Consulting****
BTC: Bridge to College****
BTC: Baltimore Transit Company****
BTC: Business Technology Center****
BTC: Bristol Trade Centre****
BTC: Behind the Church****
BTC: bit test and complement****
BTC: Block Truncation Coding****
BTC: Branch Target Cache****
BTC: Business Technology College****
BTC: Bauru Tenis Clube***
BTC: Bulgarian Telecom Company***
BTC: Body Transformation Challenge***
BTC: Bioprocessing Technology Centre***
BTC: Baku Tblisi Ceyhan***
BTC: Bermuda Telephone Company***
BTC: Belgian Technical Cooperation***
BTC: Blood Transfusion Council***
BTC: Brisbane Turf Club***
BTC: Berkeley Tennis Club***
BTC: Basic Tree Climbing***
BTC: Balboa Tennis Club***
BTC: Bangalore Turf Club***
BTC: Behind The Curtain***
BTC: Battersea Technology College***
BTC: Business and Technology Center***
BTC: Bicycle Tour of Colorado***
BTC: Belafonte Tacolcy Center***
BTC: Bosque Tropical Caducifolio***
BTC: Beginning Teachers Conference***
BTC: Boots the Chemists***
BTC: Basel Trust Corporation***
BTC: Burns Telecommunications Center***
BTC: Bakou Tbilissi Ceyhan***
BTC: Brookhaven Technical Center***
BTC: Barclay Training Center***
BTC: Beyond the Classroom***
BTC: Baud Telecom Company***
BTC: Bench Tested Circuits***
BTC: Breaking the Cycle***
BTC: Blackhawk Technical College (Janesville, WI)***
BTC: Burns Technology Center***
BTC: Baku Tibilisi Ceyhan***
BTC: Beyond the Crux***
BTC: Baltic Training Center***
BTC: Bank Tax Credit***
BTC: Bigger Than Cheeses***
BTC: Business Travel Club***
BTC: Baarlose Trial Club***
BTC: Braille Transcription Center***
BTC: Bicycle Torque Couplings***
BTC: Basic Training Course***
BTC: Buffalo Tournament Club***
BTC: Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative***
BTC: Bicycle Transportation Coalition***
BTC: Brazil Test Center***
BTC: Bogor Tiger Club***
BTC: Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative***
BTC: blagovno trgovinski center***
BTC: Biochemical Testing Coordinator***
BTC: Baku Tiblisi Ceyhan***
BTC: Baptist Theological College***
BTC: Bull Terrier Club***
BTC: Belgium Technical Cooperation***
BTC: Better Than Captcha***
BTC: Behavior Training Center***
BTC: Berkshire Telephone Corporation***
BTC: Biometrics Technical Committee***
BTC: Body Therapies Com***
BTC: Binh Trieu Construction***
BTC: Bixby Telephone Company***
BTC: British Technical Council***
BTC: Brantley Telephone Company***
BTC: Bohemia Track Club***
BTC: Burlington Tennis Club***
BTC: Borsa Turismo Congressuale***
BTC: Battalion Training Center***
BTC: Basic Training Courses***
BTC: Bates Technical College***
BTC: Business and Technology College***
BTC: Building Trades Council***
BTC: Batam Tiger Club***
BTC: Breaking the Chains***
BTC: Blong Technology Center***
BTC: Bank of Tazewell County***
BTC: braga travel consulting***
BTC: Baltic Theriological Conference***
BTC: Belgian Truckwash Cleaning***
BTC: Brooklyn Treatment Court***
BTC: business travel centers***
BTC: Binary Tree Coding***
BTC: Boston Tenants Coalition***
BTC: Bank Training and Consultancy***
BTC: Bangladesh Tariff Commission***
BTC: Bait and Tackle***
BTC: Barbed Tape Concertina***
BTC: Brigade Training Centre***
BTC: Bipolar Tubal Coagulation***
BTC: Beigel Technology Corporation***
BTC: BioPharmaceutical Technology Center***
BTC: Biotechnology Transfer Centre***
BTC: Battlefield Terrain Concepts***
BTC: Behavioral Testing Core***
BTC: Botswana Telecom Corporation***
BTC: Bandung Trade Center***
BTC: Bankers Training College***
BTC: Bullseye Thin Clear***
BTC: Bank Trust Company***
BTC: Business Training Centre***
BTC: Brennan Title Company***
BTC: B Touring Cruiser**
BTC: BATco Technology Centre**
BTC: Build Test and Certification**
BTC: Bulgarian Tourism Chamber**
BTC: Bank and Trust Company**
BTC: Bus Transition Cycle**
BTC: Business Taxation Computations**
BTC: basal temperature curves**
BTC: biliary tract cancer**
BTC: biliary tract cancers**
BTC: biliary tract carcinomas**
BTC: binary tree classifier**
BTC: binucleate trophoblastic cells**
BTC: biologically tolerated concentrations**
BTC: bladder tumor cells**
BTC: Blanca Telephone Company**
BTC: Blood Transfusion Center**
BTC: blood transfusion centres**
BTC: Bodo Territorial Council**
BTC: bovine trabecular cells**
BTC: Brain Tumor Committee**
BTC: brainstem trigeminal complex**
BTC: Business Technology Centre**
BTC: Bovine Tracheal Cartilage**
BTC: Baraga Telephone Company**
BTC: British Teaching Centre**
BTC: Brazelton Touchpoints Center**
BTC: Bakersfield Track Club**
BTC: Bhutan Tourism Corporation**
BTC: Brewster Theater Company**
BTC: Betio Town Council**
BTC: Bois Tranches Claudet**
BTC: Brownbag Technology Collaborative**
BTC: British Touring Cars**
BTC: Building Test Coordinators**
BTC: Building Technologies Center**
BTC: Battlespace Transformation Centre**
BTC: Block Turbo Codes**
BTC: British Taekwondo Council**
BTC: Barnabas Training Consortium**
BTC: Beer Tasting Club**
BTC: Beckenham Theatre Centre**
BTC: beef tallow plus cholesterol**
BTC: benzene, toluene, and chlorobenzene**
BTC: Buffalo Time Council**
BTC: Brinson Trust Company**
BTC: Baltic Tourism Commission**
BTC: Based Training Computer**
BTC: Block Transfer Complete**
BTC: Buffalo Triathlon Club**
BTC: Bathurst Teachers College**
BTC: Building Tennis Communities**
BTC: Big Tent Coalition**
BTC: Bridgestone Tyre Centres**
BTC: Baltic Training Centre**
BTC: Basic Training Centres**
BTC: Better Transportation Coalition**
BTC: Biogas Technology Center**
BTC: British Technology Centre**
BTC: Brussels Triathlon Club**
BTC: Buckland Telephone Co**
BTC: Budapesti Torna Club**
BTC: Business Training Camp**
BTC: Bahamas Telephone Company**
BTC: Bit Transition Count**
BTC: Brownsburg Town Council**
BTC: Business Telecom Coach**
BTC: Biotechnology Training Centre**
BTC: brominated taurodehydrocholic acid**
BTC: Bellevue Transit Center**
BTC: Business and Technology Centers**
BTC: Bakoe Tbilisi Ceyhan**
BTC: Bourbon Tabernacle Choir**
BTC: Belon Trade Consulting**
BTC: Benoni Town Council**
BTC: Bismarck Transition Center**
BTC: Border Training Centre**
BTC: Building Technical Council**
BTC: Beaverton Track Club**
BTC: Bouchard Transportation Company**
BTC: Bulgarian Theological College**
BTC: Background Telemetry Channels**
BTC: Base Transition Coordinators**
BTC: Border Trade Centres**
BTC: Brickhouse Theatre Company**
BTC: Before Top Center**
BTC: Biggest Tech Conference**
BTC: Blood Transshipment Centers**
BTC: Bandwidth Technology Corp**
BTC: Behavioral Treatment for Children**
BTC: Battery Transfer Carriage**
BTC: Bluegrass Technology Center**
BTC: Bombay Teen Challenge**
BTC: Building Trades Councils**
BTC: Business and Technology Campus**
BTC: Belgian Telegraphy Club**
BTC: Bis Trichloromethyl Carbonate**
BTC: Ballot Tabulation Center**
BTC: Black Threaded and Coupled**
BTC: Burnaby Transit Centre**
BTC: Bus Telefon Comfort**
BTC: Bulk Transport Capacity**
BTC: baku tbilisi ceyan**
BTC: Bangalore Transport Company**
BTC: Bias Temperature Coefficient**
BTC: BioEnergy Technologies Corp**
BTC: Biology Transfer Consortium**
BTC: Bolivarian Translation Circle**
BTC: bedson teaching centre**
BTC: Belgian Technical Corporation**
BTC: Biotechno Trade Centre**
BTC: Business Technology Committee**
BTC: Background Telemetry Channel**
BTC: Backpack Tieing Crew**
BTC: Balanced Temperature Control**
BTC: Business Training Centers**
BTC: Belgium Technical Corporation**
BTC: BELGUIM Technical Cooperation**
BTC: Burn That Coaster**
BTC: Bangkok Technical Campus**
BTC: Belgian Treasury Certificates**
BTC: Billiards Training Company**
BTC: Blood Transfusion Centre**
BTC: British Tax Cases**
BTC: Baku Tiblisi Ceyan**
BTC: Beginning Teacher Competencies**
BTC: Belgium Technical Co**
BTC: Belmont Teaching Center**
BTC: Bridge Travelling Crane**
BTC: Bates Technical Collage**
BTC: Bicycle Technical Committee**
BTC: Biotechnology Temperature Controller**
BTC: Bulgarian Tourist Chamber**
BTC: bus thermometer clock**
BTC: Business Technology Club**
BTC: Baltic Tourism Council**
BTC: Barrier Test Consortium**
BTC: Barter Trade Credit**

Note: Acronym Finder has 92 verified definitions for BTC

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