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BRR: Bannayan Riley Ruvalcaba****
BRR: Brazil Brazilian Real****
BRR: Balkan Reconstruction Report****
BRR: Bridge Replacement Rehabilitation***
BRR: Boise Ridge Riders***
BRR: Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement***
BRR: Business Reporting Research***
BRR: Binding Refresh Request***
BRR: Breakdancing Ronald Reagan***
BRR: Bear River Ridge***
BRR: Brian R Richards***
BRR: Blue Ridge Region***
BRR: Black River Review***
BRR: balanced repeated replication***
BRR: Bedford Rifle Range***
BRR: Bark River Racing***
BRR: Bushey River Rats***
BRR: Base Revenue Requirement***
BRR: Bannayan-Riley-Ruvacalba**
BRR: Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba**
BRR: Bannayan-Ruvalcaba-Riley**
BRR: basic residue-rich**
BRR: best repetition rate**
BRR: BVE Route Randomizer**
BRR: Bureau of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction**
BRR: Bacterial Ring Rot**
BRR: Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndrome**
BRR: Bannayan-Ruvalcaba-Riley syndrome**
BRR: base-line renin release**
BRR: Benson's relaxation response**
BRR: BRL Brazil Real**
BRR: Boating Restriction Regulations**
BRR: Break Resistant Reflectors**
BRR: Bridger Ridge Run**
BRR: Blu Room Records**
BRR: Bali Regency Realty**
BRR: Black Rabbit Records**
BRR: Buffalo Range Riders**
BRR: Balanced Repeated Replicate**
BRR: Bike Ride to Rippey**
BRR: Budapest Research Reactor**
BRR: Board of Realty**
BRR: BassetsRus Retirement Ranch**
BRR: Beginners Reglement Routebeschrijving**
BRR: Badan Rehabilitasi Rekonstruksi**
BRR: Black Rabbit Racing**
BRR: Build Readiness Review**
BRR: Base Rate Reduction*
BRR: Both the Recovery Rate*
BRR: Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation*
BRR: Binary Round Robin*
BRR: Bureau Regio Randstad*
BRR: Bylaws Resolutions and Recommendations*
BRR: Battelle Research Reactor*
BRR: Big Round Records*
BRR: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim*
BRR: Blue Ribbon Realty*
BRR: Banking Research Resources*
BRR: Basic Rules of Racquetball*
BRR: Baywatch Reference Resources*
BRR: Bicycle Racing Results*
BRR: Biodiversity Related Resources*
BRR: Biology Ready Reference*
BRR: Black Renaissance Renaissance*
BRR: Blair Ray Riverside*
BRR: Blast Recording or Record*
BRR: Boston Roommate Refer*
BRR: Branscombe Richmond and the Rene*
BRR: Brazilian Rainforest Reserve*
BRR: Bullion Reef Resources*
BRR: Buttner Reed Real*

Note: Acronym Finder has 24 verified definitions for BRR

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