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BRI: Building Research and Information****
BRI: Biopharmaceutical Research Inc****
BRI: Binary Research Institute****
BRI: Benaroya Research Institute***
BRI: BioSciences Research Institute***
BRI: Buffalo Research Institute***
BRI: Baylor Research Institute***
BRI: Barksdale Reading Institute***
BRI: Biomedical Research Instruments***
BRI: Basic Rate Interfaces***
BRI: Bituminous Roadways Inc***
BRI: Bleeding Risk Index***
BRI: Business Relations International***
BRI: Binary Research International***
BRI: Biomedical Research Institute***
BRI: Bitterroot Restoration Inc***
BRI: BioDiversity Research Institute***
BRI: Brewing Research International***
BRI: Building Related Illnesses***
BRI: Bloomington Restorations Inc***
BRI: Bellville Rodair International***
BRI: Basic Reading Inventory***
BRI: Blue Ridge Institute***
BRI: Bible Research Institute***
BRI: Braun Research Inc***
BRI: Bread Research Institute***
BRI: Barnes Reinecke Inc***
BRI: Brownfield Redevelopment Initiative***
BRI: Business Response Inc***
BRI: Board Registered Interventionist***
BRI: Beaumont Research Institute***
BRI: Biometric Research Institute***
BRI: Bonzai Records Italy***
BRI: Brewers Retail Inc***
BRI: Base Rate Interface***
BRI: Book Review Index***
BRI: Business Renaissance Institute***
BRI: Biomolecular Research Institute***
BRI: Basic Reconfigurable Interactive***
BRI: Baton Rouge International***
BRI: bishop resources inc***
BRI: Baltic Russian Institute***
BRI: Basin Research Institute***
BRI: Biomedical Research Initiative***
BRI: Bandar Raya Islam***
BRI: Bend Research Inc**
BRI: bacterial respiratory infection**
BRI: Behavior Research Institute**
BRI: Bereavement Risk Index**
BRI: bile reflux index**
BRI: biological reactive intermediates**
BRI: Bonn-Risk Index**
BRI: brain reference index**
BRI: Biological Research Infrastructure**
BRI: business risks international**
BRI: Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative**
BRI: Balaji Rubber Industries**
BRI: Biostatistics Research and Informatics**
BRI: Bideford Regeneration Initiative**
BRI: Behavioral Risk Improvement**
BRI: BREW Resource Intermediate**
BRI: Building Restoration Incorporated**
BRI: Biomedical Research Inc**
BRI: Behavioral Research Institute**
BRI: Building and Realty Institute**
BRI: Biometrics Research Institute**
BRI: Burlington Rock Island**
BRI: Boston Reentry Initiative**
BRI: Baromedical Research Institute**
BRI: Basic Research Institute**
BRI: Business Relationship and Intelligence**
BRI: Biological Research Institute**
BRI: Biologics Resources Inc**
BRI: Brothers Redevelopment Inc**
BRI: Beginning Reading Instruction**
BRI: Bar Review Institute**
BRI: Brace Research Institute**
BRI: Benefit Rate Increase**
BRI: Background Research International**
BRI: Brandwonden Research Instituut**
BRI: Broadcast Research Initiative**
BRI: Bank Rakyat of Indonesia**
BRI: Basic Route Interface**
BRI: Builders Resources Inc**
BRI: Biosystematics Research Institute**
BRI: Building Research Institutes**
BRI: Burrowing Rate Index**
BRI: Bahamas Realtors Institute**
BRI: Basis Rate Interface**
BRI: Benefit Resourcing Inc**
BRI: Benjamin Rose Institute**
BRI: Bit Rate Interface**
BRI: Brownfields Research Institute**
BRI: Building Related Ilness**
BRI: Bulding Research Institute**
BRI: Buran Rural Institute**
BRI: Business Ready Infrastructures**
BRI: Biophysics Research Institute*
BRI: Breslov Research Institute*
BRI: Buffalo Road Imports*
BRI: Barrick Resources International*
BRI: Benefits Rights and Information*
BRI: Border Research Institute*
BRI: Bearing Range Indicator*
BRI: Behavioral Research Incorporated*
BRI: Boards and ISDN*
BRI: Borneo Resource Institute*
BRI: Brownfield Restoration Ireland*
BRI: Barrel Reconditioning Industries*
BRI: Basic Rate Interchange*
BRI: Brent Robinson Inc*
BRI: Business Resources on the Internet*
BRI: Behavior Risk Improvement*
BRI: Bioscience Research Institute*
BRI: Broad Range of ISDN*
BRI: Broadband Remarketing International*
BRI: Busy Reserved Idle*
BRI: Baton Rouge Internet*
BRI: Biotechnology Research for Innovation*
BRI: Biomass Resource Information*
BRI: Bahai Resources on the Internet*
BRI: Beef Research and Information*
BRI: Best Recycled Impressions*
BRI: Biochemische Resourcen International*
BRI: Bioinformatics Resource Index*
BRI: Boa Round Island*
BRI: Boca Raton Investment*
BRI: Bond Release Inspection*
BRI: Brett Resources Incorporated*
BRI: Brultech Research Incorporated*
BRI: Bureau of Reclamation Implementation*
BRI: Burlington Resources Incorporated*

Note: Acronym Finder has 43 verified definitions for BRI

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