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BMF: British Marine Federation****
BMF: Building Maintenance Fund****
BMF: Bahrain Motor Federation***
BMF: Bayesian Mail Filter***
BMF: British Museum Founded***
BMF: Birdseye Maple Fingerboard***
BMF: Brooklyn Met Fan***
BMF: Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship***
BMF: Biwako Millennium Framework***
BMF: Boat Maintenance Facility***
BMF: Bob Marshall Foundation***
BMF: Business Multi Function***
BMF: Black Mesa Forces***
BMF: British Motorcyclist Federation***
BMF: Brabantse Milieu Federatie***
BMF: Bard Music Festival***
BMF: Bombing Madd Fatties***
BMF: bibliothecarii medicinae fenniae***
BMF: Builders Merchant Federation***
BMF: Bay Meadows Fair***
BMF: Black Market Farts***
BMF: Business Management Fund***
BMF: British Metals Federation***
BMF: Bird Meertens Formalism***
BMF: Blues Music Foundation***
BMF: Bone Marrow Failure***
BMF: Bio Micro Fluidics***
BMF: Birch Meadow Farm***
BMF: Being Music Fantasy**
BMF: barnacle muscle fiber**
BMF: barnacle muscle fibers**
BMF: bendamustine/methotrexate/fluorouracil**
BMF: best masking frequency**
BMF: best modulation frequency**
BMF: best-modulation frequency**
BMF: blood mimicking fluid**
BMF: blood-mimickig fluid**
BMF: blood-mimicking fluid**
BMF: Boutonneuse Mediterranean Fever**
BMF: Bovine milk fat**
BMF: Bumiputra Malaysia Finance**
BMF: Bruno Manser Fund**
BMF: both males and females**
BMF: brain cell membrane fragments**
BMF: Building Materials Federation**
BMF: B cell maturation factor**
BMF: B-cell maturation factor**
BMF: B-cell maturation factors**
BMF: Burr Metadata Framework**
BMF: Bash Master Forces**
BMF: Border Music Festival**
BMF: Business Master Files**
BMF: Business Mens Fellowship**
BMF: BCL 2 Modifying Factor**
BMF: Blue Marlin Flag**
BMF: Biologics Master File**
BMF: Barmah Millewa Forum**
BMF: Bone Marrow Fibrosis**
BMF: Babies Milk Fund**
BMF: Bahda Mareegta Farshaxan**
BMF: Broken Mixed Fannings**
BMF: Bromsgrove Motor Factors**
BMF: Beebe Medical Foundation**
BMF: British Meat Federation**
BMF: bad muvva fukkas**
BMF: Bare Mountain Fault**
BMF: Bible Mennonite Fellowship**
BMF: Bond Monetary Fund**
BMF: Black Mens Forum**
BMF: Body Modification Forums**
BMF: Best Modulation Frequencies**
BMF: Benefits Management Form**
BMF: Black Market Fabrication**
BMF: Bharatiya Momin Front*
BMF: Black Media Foundation*
BMF: Bidder Master File*
BMF: Bone Marrow Fibroblasts*
BMF: Bursa Monetar Financiara*
BMF: Bad Mutha Fukas*
BMF: Builder Merchants Federation*
BMF: Birdseye Maple Fretboard*
BMF: Buffer Manager Facility*
BMF: Belgian Mix Fight*
BMF: Bessey Microscopy Facility*
BMF: Blue Metal Flake*
BMF: Bred Microtus Fortis*
BMF: Bristol Microbiology Forum*
BMF: Bucheon Mold Festival*
BMF: Beneficiary Master File*
BMF: Bad Mother Fisher*
BMF: Baltimore Men Fastpitch*
BMF: Bat Mariana Fruit*
BMF: Beijing Municipal Foundation*
BMF: Benchmark Mortgage and Financial*
BMF: Bernzys Music Files*
BMF: Bird Mountain Foundry*
BMF: Bru Message Follows*
BMF: Buckeye Machine Fabricators*
BMF: BundesMinisterium fur Forschung*
BMF: Burgess Mining Finance*

Note: Acronym Finder has 47 verified definitions for BMF

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