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BLP: Business Loss Prevention****
BLP: Branch Licensing Policy***
BLP: Berwin Leighton Paisner***
BLP: Band Limited Pulse***
BLP: Berry Levinsohnand Pakes***
BLP: Business Liaison Program***
BLP: Best Laid Plans***
BLP: Beginning Literacy Program***
BLP: Barbados Labor Party***
BLP: Bruin Leaders Project***
BLP: Blue Lake Power***
BLP: Buste Lettere Postali***
BLP: Business Leadership Program***
BLP: Billard Leece Partnership***
BLP: byrne looby partners***
BLP: Branch Labour Party***
BLP: Business Logic Provider***
BLP: Berkshire Leadership Program***
BLP: Best Linear Prediction***
BLP: Bottom Leaded Plastic***
BLP: Bit Level Parallelism***
BLP: anti-basic liver protein**
BLP: basic liver protein**
BLP: beta-lactamase producers**
BLP: biochemical liver profile**
BLP: biophase level predictor**
BLP: blood lymphocyte pool**
BLP: bombinin-like peptides**
BLP: bovine lens proteins**
BLP: n-butyl lauryl phthalate**
BLP: beta-lytic protease**
BLP: Bismuth Layered Perovskites**
BLP: Board of Light and Power**
BLP: British Labour Party**
BLP: Brook Lapping Productions**
BLP: British Labor Party**
BLP: antibasic liver protein**
BLP: Bonsai Lucky Pugs**
BLP: Bridging Leadership Program**
BLP: Business Ladies Point**
BLP: Bell and LaPadula**
BLP: Bombesin Like Peptides**
BLP: building learning power**
BLP: Bankruptcy Law and Practice**
BLP: Brockenhurst and Lymington Pier**
BLP: Burlington Libertarian Party**
BLP: Botswana Labour Party**
BLP: Better Life Programme**
BLP: Boot from Line Printer**
BLP: Bell and LaPadulamodel**
BLP: bracamonte lamas puccio**
BLP: Boundary Layer Profilers**
BLP: Belgian Lace Products**
BLP: Baak Leiderschap Programma**
BLP: Backcountry Leadership Program*
BLP: Bandwidth Length Product*
BLP: Bishop Lifting Products*
BLP: Bonner Leaders Program*
BLP: Brink Lindsey Project*
BLP: Bethlehem Lukens Plate*
BLP: Bharatiya Labour Party*
BLP: Blender of Protein*
BLP: backup load package*
BLP: Berry Levinsohn Pakes*
BLP: Bausch Lomb Pharmaceuticals*
BLP: Board Level Products*
BLP: Basket Loading Pool*
BLP: Bulwar Lytton Prize*
BLP: Baldwin Lead Pit*
BLP: Band Listings Page*
BLP: Bank of LaPlace*
BLP: Bell-Lapadula Security Model (IT-Security, Informatics)*
BLP: Berkeley Library Project*
BLP: Bert Larew Pearson*
BLP: Black Leaf Products*
BLP: Boart Longyear Products*
BLP: Bond Liability Period*
BLP: British Library of Political*
BLP: Burr Lightning Page*
BLP: Burrs Lightning Page*

Note: Acronym Finder has 28 verified definitions for BLP

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