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What does BLM stand for?

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BLM: Base Line Model****
BLM: Beautiful 4 Mile****
BLM: Bad Land Management****
BLM: Business Logic Modules****
BLM: Blood Lead Monitoring***
BLM: Business Law Media***
BLM: Bandar Laguna Merbok***
BLM: Bureau Land Management***
BLM: Beam Loss Monitors***
BLM: Bigram Language Model***
BLM: Brodsky Lepage MacKenzie***
BLM: Blue Line Music***
BLM: Bachelor of Learning Management***
BLM: Bantuan Langsung Masyarakat***
BLM: Banja La Mtsogolo***
BLM: Bureau of Land Managements***
BLM: Bob Larson Ministries***
BLM: Bilayer Lipid Membranes***
BLM: Blue Lake Milling***
BLM: Bureau of Livestock and Mining***
BLM: Broadband Loop Multiplexer***
BLM: Bulk Liquid Membrane***
BLM: Brotherhood of Locomotive***
BLM: Black Lipid Membranes***
BLM: Black Liberation Movement***
BLM: Badawi Lawan Mahathir**
BLM: Biblioteca Lambert Mata**
BLM: basal lateral membrane**
BLM: basal-lateral membrane**
BLM: bilateral lateral meniscectomy**
BLM: bilayer lecithin membranes**
BLM: bilayered lipid membrane**
BLM: bimolecular lipid membrane**
BLM: bimolecular lipid membranes**
BLM: biomolecular lipid membranes**
BLM: Bovine lens membranes**
BLM: Brain laryngeal mask**
BLM: Bahia Las Minas**
BLM: Bengt Ljungquist Memorial**
BLM: Biologists in Making**
BLM: Ball Limiting Metallurgy**
BLM: Bell LaPadula Modle**
BLM: Being little myelotoxic, Bleomycin**
BLM: bi-layer lipid membranes**
BLM: bilayer phospholipid membrane**
BLM: bilayer phospholipid membranes**
BLM: Bunch Length Modulation**
BLM: Badan Legislatif Mahasiswa**
BLM: Business Link Merseyside**
BLM: Business Logic Manager**
BLM: Bureau for Land Management**
BLM: basolateral plasma membranes**
BLM: black planar membranes**
BLM: By Lands Managed**
BLM: British Lawnmower Museum**
BLM: Beam Loss Monitoring**
BLM: Boundary Layer Module**
BLM: basal-lateral plasma membranes**
BLM: basolateral plasma membrane**
BLM: Buried Logic Macrocell**
BLM: Cobalt-57-bleomycin**
BLM: Ball Limiting Metallization**
BLM: Black Lipid Membrane**
BLM: Black Liberation Month**
BLM: Bureu of Land Management**
BLM: BASIS License Manager**
BLM: Branch Like Maybe**
BLM: Beaded Little Mayfly**
BLM: Building Lot Management**
BLM: Biotic Ligand Models**
BLM: Block Learn Memory**
BLM: Bureau in Late March**
BLM: Biafra Liberation Movement**
BLM: Bunch Length Monitor**
BLM: Behaviorism Language and Meaning**
BLM: Bell LaPadula Model**
BLM: Basic Line Monitoring*
BLM: Black Lung Miner*
BLM: Boleh Letak MIVEC*
BLM: Bass Lines in Minutes*
BLM: Bullis Lean Manufacturing*
BLM: Bimolecular Liquid Membrane*
BLM: Bukko Lingvo Mastikatorisk*
BLM: Balloon Life Magazine*
BLM: Bardsley and Lees Mine*
BLM: Basic Logic Model*
BLM: Bathymetry of Lake Michigan*
BLM: Bautista de Las Misiones*
BLM: Belmont Lipper Mine*
BLM: Bill Lilley Mitsubishi*
BLM: Birkbeck Lead Mine*
BLM: Blackhawk Lead Mine*
BLM: Blue Lake Mauck*
BLM: Blue Line Magazine*
BLM: Board Line Magazine*
BLM: Boston Logan Massachusetts*
BLM: Brighton Lure Manufacturing*
BLM: Bryant Loyd Mine*
BLM: Bureau of LandManagement*
BLM: Bureau of LandMgmt*

Note: Acronym Finder has 32 verified definitions for BLM

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