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BCF: British Car Forum****
BCF: Breast Cancer Foundation****
BCF: The Breast Cancer Fund***
BCF: Breast Care Formula***
BCF: Biblical Counseling Foundation***
BCF: Berrien Community Foundation***
BCF: Branded Consumer Foods***
BCF: Borneo Cultural Festival***
BCF: Blue Chip Financial***
BCF: Baguio Colleges Foundation***
BCF: Benevolent Care Fund***
BCF: Blacksburg Christian Fellowship***
BCF: Bush Crime Family***
BCF: Bumiputra Commerce Finance***
BCF: Baltimore Community Foundation***
BCF: Bronx Christian Fellowship***
BCF: Bull Creek Foundation***
BCF: Bridge Capital Fund***
BCF: Business Consortium Fund***
BCF: Boylston Chess Foundation***
BCF: Brush Correctional Facility***
BCF: Biological Control Facility***
BCF: Bristol Christian Fellowship***
BCF: Boundary Crossing Facilities***
BCF: Berlin Capital Fund***
BCF: Block Club Federation***
BCF: Brownian Configuration Fields***
BCF: Business and Community Foundation***
BCF: Bright China Foundation***
BCF: Baruch College Fund***
BCF: Business Community Foundation***
BCF: bore cleaning foam***
BCF: Business Collaboration Framework***
BCF: Burmese Christian Fellowship***
BCF: Bahrain Christian Fellowship***
BCF: Believers Christian Fellowship***
BCF: Birds Came First***
BCF: Birmingham Change Fund***
BCF: Banff Community Foundation***
BCF: Burton Cabrera Frank***
BCF: Brisbane Christian Fellowship***
BCF: Beaconsfield Community Fund***
BCF: Bridge Control Facility***
BCF: Bulked Continuous Filaments***
BCF: Balance Charitable Foundation**
BCF: Bahamas Chess Federation**
BCF: Beach Cart Folding**
BCF: Backscatter Correction Factor**
BCF: bacterial chemotactic factor**
BCF: bacterial culture filtrate**
BCF: beat/cross frequency**
BCF: biological concentration factor**
BCF: blood cell flux**
BCF: boa constrictor fat**
BCF: body cavity fluid**
BCF: breast cyst fluids**
BCF: broth culture filtrates**
BCF: burn care facilities**
BCF: Babson College Fund**
BCF: Bear Conservation Fund**
BCF: Brown Christian Fellowship**
BCF: background jaw-clenching force**
BCF: basophil chemotactic factor(s**
BCF: body and caudal fin**
BCF: carbon-carbonic fiber**
BCF: Belgian Cat Fanciers**
BCF: Bureau of Children and Families**
BCF: Barcelona Club Flyers**
BCF: British Coating Federation**
BCF: Black Clan Fighters**
BCF: Battle Cruiser Force**
BCF: Broome Christian Fellowship**
BCF: Biomedical Computing Facility**
BCF: Biotechnology Computing Facility**
BCF: Border City Firm**
BCF: Birsa Commando Force**
BCF: British Cycling Formerly**
BCF: Billion Conductor Feet**
BCF: Brighton Community Forum**
BCF: Brooklyn Correctional Facility**
BCF: Berkshire Community Foundation**
BCF: Baltistan Cultural Foundation**
BCF: Black College Football**
BCF: Bangkok Capital Fund**
BCF: Blueberry Cordial Floral**
BCF: Broward County Florida**
BCF: batch control facility**
BCF: Black Carbon Fiber**
BCF: Bainbridge Community Foundation**
BCF: Bavarian Cross Fire**
BCF: Board of Chosen Freeholders**
BCF: Business Co Formulation**
BCF: Berkeley Community Fund**
BCF: Blend Challenge Forum**
BCF: Bolivar Coastal Field**
BCF: Brain Centre Foundation**
BCF: Brooklyn College Foundation**
BCF: Bowdoin Christian Fellowship**
BCF: Britto Cachazo Feng**
BCF: Before Columbus Foundation**
BCF: Bulked Continuous Fiber**
BCF: Backup Control Facility**
BCF: Berea Community Forum**
BCF: Breast Cyst Fluid**
BCF: Bulldogs Care Foundation**
BCF: Busy Call Forwarding**
BCF: Bentley Christian Fellowship**
BCF: Biblical Counselling Foundation**
BCF: Bloomington Community Foundation**
BCF: Book of Current Focus**
BCF: British Charitable Fund**
BCF: Brock Christian Fellowship**
BCF: Burnsville Community Foundation**
BCF: Barkleigh Commercial Funding*
BCF: Bendheim Center for Finance*
BCF: Biogeochemistry Core Facility*
BCF: Block Centered Flow*
BCF: Branch and Catch Fire*
BCF: British Coasteering Federation*
BCF: Bureau for Children and Families*
BCF: Basic Calibration File*
BCF: Basic Calibration Files*
BCF: Big Country Foundation*
BCF: Boston Christian Foundation*
BCF: Bear Capital Fund*
BCF: Bircha Commando Force*
BCF: Boundary Change Factor*
BCF: Baltistan Culture Foundation*
BCF: Batch Control File*
BCF: Brookhaven Computing Facility*
BCF: Brownsville Community Foundation*
BCF: Bay County Florida*
BCF: body bioconcentration factor*
BCF: Brevard County Florida*
BCF: Busy Call Forward*
BCF: Bastidor Cabecero de Fila*
BCF: Benefit Continuity Factor*
BCF: BNL Computing Facility*
BCF: Bakers Country Furniture*
BCF: Birth Control Failure*
BCF: BAF and bioconcentration factors*
BCF: Baker College Flint*
BCF: Baker Country Furniture*
BCF: Balloon and Craft Festival*
BCF: Beef Cattle Farming*
BCF: Big Creek Fluorspar*
BCF: Biological Control of Flies*
BCF: BirkhSuser Curious Findings*
BCF: Birmingham College of Food*
BCF: Boston Coalition for Freedom*
BCF: Boston Couture Fashio*
BCF: Breckenridge Convention Facility*
BCF: Breese Coal Future*
BCF: Brickner Cory Freedom*
BCF: British Columbia Federation*
BCF: British Columbia Flyfishing*
BCF: Budoff Classic Furniture*
BCF: Bureau of County Fairs*

Note: Acronym Finder has 65 verified definitions for BCF

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