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BCD: Barcelona Centre De****
BCD: Business Crime Direct****
BCD: Building Codes Division****
BCD: Broadband Content Distribution****
BCD: Bonsai Club Deutschland****
BCD: Building Control Division****
BCD: banco central de***
BCD: Burns Cooley Dennis***
BCD: Binary Code Decimal***
BCD: Barker Center for Dance***
BCD: Buoyancy Control Devices***
BCD: Bulldog Club of Denver***
BCD: Bruce Campbell Design***
BCD: Business Center District***
BCD: Boot Configuration Database***
BCD: Big Canopy Database***
BCD: Biological Chemical Defence***
BCD: Bishops Committee on the Diaconate***
BCD: Business Center Development***
BCD: Buoyancy Compensator Device***
BCD: Big City Dreams***
BCD: Bouyancy Control Device***
BCD: Benton Conservation District***
BCD: Buoyancy Compensating Device***
BCD: Bujinkan Czech Dojo***
BCD: Bipolar CMOS and DMOS***
BCD: Berkshire Country Day***
BCD: buoyancy compensation device***
BCD: Bureau of Child Development***
BCD: Belgian Centre for Domotics***
BCD: Brotbeck Corporate Design***
BCD: Biological and Conservation Data***
BCD: Board for Church Deployment***
BCD: Ballou Channing District***
BCD: Body Circle Designs***
BCD: Butyryl CoA Dehydrogenase***
BCD: Bietti Crystalline Dystrophy***
BCD: Blepharo Cheilo Dontic***
BCD: Base Catalyzed Decomposition***
BCD: Biological Conservation Database***
BCD: Bond Currency Derivatives***
BCD: Broadband Connectionless Data***
BCD: Bouyancy Compensator Device***
BCD: Building Code Division***
BCD: Business Case Development***
BCD: Biological and Conservation Database***
BCD: Bad Conduct Discharges***
BCD: Buoyancy Compensator Devices**
BCD: B cell deficient**
BCD: back-contour device**
BCD: bacterial cytosine deaminase**
BCD: bell-clapper deformity**
BCD: benign chronic dermatoses**
BCD: bilateral cerebellar damage**
BCD: birth center delivery**
BCD: bitter crab disease**
BCD: bladder contraction duration**
BCD: bleomycin + CP + dactinomycin**
BCD: bleomycin + cyclophosphamide + dactinomycin**
BCD: Blunt carotid dissection**
BCD: boundary condition dependence**
BCD: branched-chain dehydrogenase**
BCD: breast cystic disease**
BCD: Belgian Costume Division**
BCD: Buoyancy Compensator Diving**
BCD: Bureau of Communicable Diseases**
BCD: Binary Coded Digits**
BCD: Buoyancy Compensation Devices**
BCD: broadened cortical domains**
BCD: Bleomycin Cyclophosphamide and Dactinomycin**
BCD: Briard Club Deutschland**
BCD: Base Catalyzed Depolymerization**
BCD: Business Communications Distributors**
BCD: Byron Center Dawgs**
BCD: bacteriological grade culture dishes**
BCD: bland cornstarch-based diet**
BCD: ble-pharo-cheilo-dontic**
BCD: bleomycin, cyclophosphamide and dactinomycin**
BCD: bleomycin, cyclophosphamide, and dactinomycin**
BCD: Banque Camerounaise De**
BCD: Black Crystal Dragons**
BCD: Bottom Collider Detector**
BCD: Business Competitiveness and Development**
BCD: Barcelona Centro De**
BCD: Between Comfort and Discomfort**
BCD: Bibliographic Control Division**
BCD: Biological Computing Division**
BCD: Basal Cell Density**
BCD: Base Catalysed Decomposition**
BCD: Basic Carrier Deck**
BCD: Biological and Chemical Defence**
BCD: Bucks Conservation District**
BCD: B Completely Deflate**
BCD: Bank of Commerce and Development**
BCD: Binary Cartographic Data**
BCD: Base Catalyzed Dechlorination**
BCD: Board for Certified**
BCD: Burgess Computer Decisions**
BCD: Bovine Chondrodysplastic Dwarfism**
BCD: British Council Division**
BCD: Barbier Chalonge Divan**
BCD: Black Canyon Divers**
BCD: British Columbia Discovery**
BCD: Buoyance Control Device**
BCD: Bangladesh Community Development**
BCD: Baraga Conservation District**
BCD: Barbados Council for the Disabled**
BCD: Barge Canal Datum**
BCD: Black and Culturally Diverse**
BCD: Blade Computing Division**
BCD: Blue Crow Designs**
BCD: Bull City Divers**
BCD: Business Card Directory**
BCD: Bank for Commerce and Development**
BCD: Basal Cell Dysplasia**
BCD: Bleomycin Cyclophosphamide Dactinomycin**
BCD: Broadway Commercial District**
BCD: Basic Calibrated Data*
BCD: Blister Cell Death*
BCD: Blocked Call Delayed*
BCD: Blue Compact Dwarfs*
BCD: Binary Codes Decimal*
BCD: Botley Curdridge and Durley*
BCD: Bouyancy Compensating Devices*
BCD: Broadband Communications Division*
BCD: Banking Control Department*
BCD: Bitterroot Conservation District*
BCD: Board Certified Diplomates*
BCD: Branded Concept Development*
BCD: Burst Cartridge Detection*
BCD: Beam Coordination Diagram*
BCD: Braking Conti Dellorto*
BCD: Billing Completion Date*
BCD: Black Coral Divers*
BCD: Brain Control Device*
BCD: Brigade Corps and Division*
BCD: Buddhist Christian Dialogue*
BCD: Budget Corprate Discount*
BCD: Business Capitol District*
BCD: Business Country Desks*
BCD: Battlefield Coordination Detachments*
BCD: Base catalyzed destruction*
BCD: Based Catalyzed Decomposition*
BCD: Baseline Concept Document*
BCD: Baseline Configuration Description*
BCD: Blue Cat Design*
BCD: Back Carry Detect*
BCD: Biochemical Compounds Database*
BCD: Business Cards by Design*
BCD: Baltimore Concert Directory*
BCD: Bamako Capital District*
BCD: Barnett Clay Diggings*
BCD: Baseline Configuration Documentation*
BCD: Batman Compact Disk*
BCD: Baywatch Character Descriptions*
BCD: Benz Campgrounds Directory*
BCD: Benzs Campgrounds Directory*
BCD: Besancon Cedex Doubs*
BCD: Binary Coded Decomal*
BCD: Blue Chip Designs*
BCD: Bounced Cannot Deliver*
BCD: British Craft Directory*
BCD: Brookhaven Chemistry Department*
BCD: Budapest Chemistry Department*
BCD: Buffalo Coal Difficult*
BCD: Buick Club Directory*
BCD: Bureau of the Census Directory*
BCD: Business and Consumer Directory*

Note: Acronym Finder has 71 verified definitions for BCD

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