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What does AWG stand for?

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AWG: Africa Working Group****
AWG: Association of Woodturners of Great****
AWG: Australian Writers Guild****
AWG: African Wedding Guide****
AWG: Alameda Writers Group****
AWG: American Wire Guage****
AWG: African Working Group****
AWG: Arbitrary Waveform Generators****
AWG: Analysis Working Group***
AWG: Atmospheric Water Generators***
AWG: Ageing Working Group***
AWG: Artists and Writers Guild***
AWG: American Writers Guild***
AWG: Associated Wholesale Grocers***
AWG: Alan Waxler Group***
AWG: Automotive Working Group***
AWG: Amount of Wages***
AWG: Authentication Working Group***
AWG: Arapahoe Working Group***
AWG: Arrayed Waveguide Gratings***
AWG: Algorithm Working Group***
AWG: Accommodation Working Group***
AWG: Aerosol Working Group***
AWG: Alaska Wilderness Guide***
AWG: Airport Working Group***
AWG: Asymmetrical Warfare Group***
AWG: alpine wild garlic***
AWG: Abilene Writers Guild***
AWG: Agility Working Group***
AWG: And the Waveguides***
AWG: American Watch Guild***
AWG: Austral Waste Group***
AWG: Australian Woodcraft Galleries***
AWG: Art Workshop and Gallery***
AWG: Alles wird geil***
AWG: Assessments Working Group***
AWG: Andretti Wine Group***
AWG: Academic Working Group***
AWG: antenna working group***
AWG: Atlantis Weather Gear***
AWG: Austin Wireless Group***
AWG: Actions Work Group***
AWG: Appleby Westward Group***
AWG: ASIFA Workshop Group***
AWG: Association of Washington Generals***
AWG: Aceh Working Group***
AWG: Athens Web Group***
AWG: American Wiring Gauge***
AWG: Aviation Working Group***
AWG: Art Workers Guild***
AWG: Amtrak Working Group***
AWG: Andean Working Group***
AWG: Astronomy Working Group***
AWG: Application Working Group**
AWG: Assay Working Groups**
AWG: average weight gain**
AWG: At the Alameda Writers Group**
AWG: Accessibility Working Group**
AWG: Atlas World Group**
AWG: Affiliated Wireless Group**
AWG: Alnwick Wildlife Group**
AWG: Analytical Work Group**
AWG: Angriest White Guy**
AWG: Average Wire Gauge**
AWG: Advanced Wafer Geometry**
AWG: Astrobiology Working Group**
AWG: Arbitrary Wave Generator**
AWG: Arrayed Wavelength Grating**
AWG: Assessment Working Group**
AWG: Association of Waterloo Groups**
AWG: Annapolis Woodworkers Guild**
AWG: Administrative Working Group**
AWG: Airline Working Group**
AWG: Andover Working Group**
AWG: Arkansas Western Gas**
AWG: Ambassadorial Working Group**
AWG: Architectural Working Group**
AWG: Australian Wool Group**
AWG: As the Wire Gets**
AWG: Appalachian Writers Guild**
AWG: Aviation Week Group**
AWG: Action Working Groups**
AWG: Associated Writers Guild**
AWG: American Wire Gauges**
AWG: Animation Writers Group**
AWG: Athabasca Working Group**
AWG: Avena Working Group**
AWG: Active Worlds Group**
AWG: ASP Working Groups**
AWG: Aluminum Wheel Group**
AWG: Area of Washington**
AWG: Array Waveguide Grate**
AWG: Arcane Writers Guide**
AWG: Archiefdienst Westfriese Gemeenten**
AWG: Arrayed Wave Guides**
AWG: Aural Warning Generator**
AWG: Aust Writers Guild**
AWG: Alterations Work Group**
AWG: Astrophysics Working Group**
AWG: Administrators Working Group*
AWG: Assymetric Warfare Group*
AWG: Aboriginal Working Group*
AWG: Administrative Wage Garnishments*
AWG: American Wired Gauge*
AWG: American Wiring Gage*
AWG: Anglia Water Group*
AWG: Atmospheres Working Group*
AWG: Accuracy Wire Gauge*
AWG: Acquisition Working Group*
AWG: Aircrew Working Group*
AWG: Airspace Work Group*
AWG: American Wire Guide*
AWG: Average Wire Gage*
AWG: Advanced Walkover Gamers*
AWG: Analysis Working Groups*
AWG: Area Working Groups*
AWG: Asmussen Waxler Group*
AWG: Aspidochirote Working Group*
AWG: Audible Warning Generator*
AWG: Automotive West Group*
AWG: Activation Working Group*
AWG: Acyclic Word Graph*
AWG: Acceptance Working Group*
AWG: Additional Waste Generated*
AWG: Activities of Working Groups*
AWG: Adventures of Willie Gitback*
AWG: Aiea Web Gallery*
AWG: Alexander Wasseraufbereitung Grafing*
AWG: Antarctic Working Group*
AWG: Antique World Globes*
AWG: Aquatic Water Garden*
AWG: Archetype Working Group*
AWG: Argentina Water Gardening*
AWG: Arizona Water Gauges*
AWG: Association of Women Geologists*
AWG: Auburn Women Golf*
AWG: Auburn Womens Golf*
AWG: Aviation Weather Gopher*

Note: Acronym Finder has 43 verified definitions for AWG

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