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What does ATIS stand for?

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ATIS: Areas of the Telecommunications Industry***
ATIS: Allied Translator and Interpreter Section***
ATIS: Advanced Traveller Information Systems***
ATIS: Abra Tinguian Ilocano Society***
ATIS: Antique Tractor Internet Services***
ATIS: Automated Tax Information System***
ATIS: Air Travel Information Service***
ATIS: Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions***
ATIS: Automatic Telescope Instruction Set***
ATIS: And the Telecommunications Industry***
ATIS: Alliance for Telecom Industry Solutions**
ATIS: Airport Terminal Information Service**
ATIS: AIDS Treatment Information Services**
ATIS: Automatic Terminal Information Services**
ATIS: Adventures Thru Inner Space**
ATIS: Allied Translator and Interpreter Service**
ATIS: A Tool Integration Standard**
ATIS: Association of Telecommunications Industry of Singapore**
ATIS: Advanced Traffic Information Service**
ATIS: Air Traffic Information System**
ATIS: Alliance of Telecommunications Industry Solutions**
ATIS: Advanced Traffic Information Systems**
ATIS: Airport Terminal Information System**
ATIS: angle of trunk inclinations**
ATIS: Academic Technology and Instructional Services**
ATIS: Association of the Telecommunications Industry of Singapore**
ATIS: Automated Terminal Information Services**
ATIS: Automatic Terminal Information Station**
ATIS: Arizona Transportation Information System**
ATIS: Automated Traveler Information Systems**
ATIS: Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Standards**
ATIS: Aerodrome Terminal Information Service**
ATIS: Association of Teachers in Independent Schools**
ATIS: Automated Technical Information System**
ATIS: Aeronautical Terminal Information Service**
ATIS: Automated Terminal Information Systems**
ATIS: Automatic Terminal Info Service**
ATIS: Automatic Traveler Information System**
ATIS: Advanced Traveler Info System**
ATIS: Aeronautical Traffic Information Service*
ATIS: Alaska Traveler Information System*
ATIS: Allied Translator Interpreter Section*
ATIS: Army Training Information Systems*
ATIS: Advanced Technology and Information Systems*
ATIS: Advanced Travellers Information Systems*
ATIS: Air Toxics Implementation Strategy*
ATIS: Airline Travel Information System*
ATIS: Alliance of Telecommunication Industry Solutions*
ATIS: Advanced Technologies and Information Services*
ATIS: Airport Traffic Information Service*
ATIS: Automatic Terminal Information Systems*
ATIS: Axiomatic Theories of Intentional Systems*
ATIS: AIDS Treatment Information Source*
ATIS: Airborne Test Instrumentation System*
ATIS: Airborne Tracking Instrumentation System*
ATIS: Airport Termianl Information System*
ATIS: AIT Touring Information System*
ATIS: Ark la Tex Internet Servcies*
ATIS: Ark Tex Internet Servcies*

Note: Acronym Finder has 30 verified definitions for ATIS

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