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ASW: Anti Surface Warfare****
ASW: Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen****
ASW: Antigua Sailing Week****
ASW: Allied Steel Wire***
ASW: Apple Sales Web***
ASW: Aktionsgemeinschaft Solidarische Welt***
ASW: Allianz Schweizer Werbeagenturen***
ASW: American School of Warsaw***
ASW: Atlantic Salmon Watch***
ASW: ASEAN Single Window***
ASW: All Saints Worship***
ASW: Automatic Stall Waterer***
ASW: A Social Worker***
ASW: Asian Studies Workshop***
ASW: And Social Workers***
ASW: Autism Society Www***
ASW: American Standard Wire***
ASW: Association of Social Workers***
ASW: And Anti Surface Warfare***
ASW: Air Safety Week***
ASW: Academic Success Week***
ASW: Advantage South West***
ASW: Approved Social Workers***
ASW: Adults of Working***
ASW: Austin Script Works***
ASW: Anti Ship Weapon***
ASW: All Star Weekend***
ASW: All Star Wrestling***
ASW: And Antisubmarine Warfare***
ASW: Anti Submarine Weapon***
ASW: All Sports Weddings***
ASW: Audits Surveys Worldwide***
ASW: Association of Serbian Women***
ASW: Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen***
ASW: Astro Science Workshop***
ASW: Anti Submarine Weapons***
ASW: And Strike Warfare***
ASW: Advanced Social Worker***
ASW: Air Support Weather***
ASW: Augmented Spherical Waves***
ASW: australian social work**
ASW: All Stars Wrestling**
ASW: ADDult Support of Washington**
ASW: abdominal stab wounds**
ASW: apparent source width**
ASW: artificial spring water**
ASW: Atlantic surface water**
ASW: Air Solid Water**
ASW: Applied Statistics Workshop**
ASW: Amanah Saham Wawasan**
ASW: Alt Sex Wizards**
ASW: Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers**
ASW: Alliance Social Worker**
ASW: Av+¿ne spa water**
ASW: Av+¿ne spring water**
ASW: Anti Submarine Wing**
ASW: Aquarium Society of Winnipeg**
ASW: Assistant Secretary of War**
ASW: Air Service Werkflugdienst**
ASW: Arctic Surface Water**
ASW: Adventure Skills Workshop**
ASW: Accounts and Services on the Web**
ASW: American Steel and Wire**
ASW: Available Soil Water**
ASW: Art of Star Wars**
ASW: Agency Software Worldwide**
ASW: Anti Standing Wave**
ASW: Army Simulation Wing**
ASW: Autism Society of Whatcom**
ASW: and synchronization word**
ASW: Auxiliary Service Water**
ASW: Aboriginal Single Window**
ASW: Anti Submarine Warefare**
ASW: American Skating World**
ASW: Ashanti South West**
ASW: air sea warfare**
ASW: Angelic Shadow Warriors**
ASW: All Source Workstation**
ASW: Ashworth Sibal Welch**
ASW: Anti Surface Weapon**
ASW: An Anti Surface Warfare**
ASW: A Sense of Wonder*
ASW: Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling*
ASW: Active Server Works*
ASW: Administratiekantoor Sector Woningcorporaties*
ASW: Anti Submarine Www*
ASW: Abseiling Survey Work*
ASW: ASUW and antisubmarine warfare*
ASW: Avoidance and Shallow Water*
ASW: Accurate Sound Wave*
ASW: And SAM Weapons*
ASW: Antisurface Ship Warfare*
ASW: Associate Social Workers*
ASW: All States Wrestling*
ASW: Angled Side Wing*
ASW: Assessment Social Worker*
ASW: Academic Support Workers*
ASW: Alternative Service Workers*
ASW: Attack Sensing and Warning*
ASW: Aircraft Antisubmarine Warfare*
ASW: Aerospace Support Wing*
ASW: Alaska Solid Waste*
ASW: Anchor Site West*
ASW: Antidiesel Submarine Warfare*
ASW: Assault with a weapon*
ASW: Abbott Skokie Warehouse*
ASW: Advanced Subterranean Warfate*
ASW: Alicia Silverstone Web*
ASW: All Star Webstakes*
ASW: Anaerobic Soil and Water*
ASW: Andreas Schlempps Windsurfing*
ASW: Antarctic Surface Weather*
ASW: Anthill by Steff Watkins*
ASW: Anti Sandinista War*
ASW: Appearance Stipulation and Waiver*
ASW: Appellation Spring Winery*
ASW: Archive of Star Wars*
ASW: Arizona State West*
ASW: Ask Scott Washington*
ASW: Aspen Systems Workstations*
ASW: Association of Soil and Water*
ASW: Astrology Spirit Web*
ASW: Autism Society of Wisconsin*

Note: Acronym Finder has 44 verified definitions for ASW

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