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ASAC: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor****
ASAC: Administrative Science Association of Canada***
ASAC: Active Structural Acoustic Control***
ASAC: Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor***
ASAC: American Student Association of Community***
ASAC: Accessibility Standards Advisory Council***
ASAC: Arts and Sciences Advisory Council***
ASAC: After School Activity Club***
ASAC: Asthma Sinus Allergy Centers***
ASAC: After School Activity Center***
ASAC: Anglo South Africa Capital***
ASAC: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center***
ASAC: Aviation Security Advisory Committee***
ASAC: Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee***
ASAC: Alabama State Arts Council***
ASAC: Association S Annual Charity***
ASAC: Auditing Standards Advisory Council***
ASAC: After School Astronomy Club***
ASAC: American Subcontractors Association of the Carolinas***
ASAC: Academic Standards and Admissions Committee***
ASAC: Air Service Area Command***
ASAC: Alcohol Substance Abuse Council***
ASAC: Association of Agricultural Computing***
ASAC: After School Astronomy Clubs***
ASAC: Avon Sexual Abuse Centre***
ASAC: Armed Services Assistance Centre***
ASAC: After School Advisory Committee***
ASAC: Archaeological Services and Consultancy***
ASAC: Association Stop Au Cancer***
ASAC: Alice Springs Aero Club***
ASAC: Area of Special Advertisement Control***
ASAC: Airspace Safety Analysis Corporation***
ASAC: Australian Screening Advisory Committee***
ASAC: Analysis Synthesis Audio Codec***
ASAC: Associazione Sentieri Alpini Calanca***
ASAC: Acoustical Society of America***
ASAC: Australian Statistical Advisory Council***
ASAC: Albany Sonic Arts Collective***
ASAC: Australian Sport Aviation Confederation***
ASAC: Ambulatory Surgery Access Coalition**
ASAC: Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Anchorage Suzuki Arctic Cat**
ASAC: Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex**
ASAC: Accessible Services Advisory Committee**
ASAC: American Samoa Administrative Code**
ASAC: Assistant Special Agents in Charge**
ASAC: American Subcontractors Association of Cincinnati**
ASAC: Academic Support Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Academic Software Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Alliance of South Asian Communities**
ASAC: Asian Securities Analysts Council**
ASAC: Adolescent Substance Abuse Coalition**
ASAC: Augsburg Student Activities Council**
ASAC: American Subcontractors Association of Colorado**
ASAC: Association of School Aid in Cambodia**
ASAC: Arts Sciences Advisory Committee**
ASAC: ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Austrian Society for Analytical Chemistry**
ASAC: American Society of Assistant Cinematographers**
ASAC: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council**
ASAC: Agricultural Sector Adjustment Credit**
ASAC: Animal Shelter Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Academic Staff Appeals Committee**
ASAC: Acadian Society for Autistic Citizens**
ASAC: Active Structure Acoustic Control**
ASAC: Academic Standards and Advising Committee**
ASAC: American Society of Arms Collectors**
ASAC: Apprentice Substance Abuse Counselor**
ASAC: Aboriginal Statewide Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Alternative Schools Advisory Council**
ASAC: African Students Association of Concordia**
ASAC: Academic Services Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Accredited Seller Agency Council**
ASAC: Annual Safety Award Convention**
ASAC: ASA of the Carolinas**
ASAC: Australian Sports Aviation Confederation**
ASAC: After School Advisory Council**
ASAC: Air Safety Analysis Corporation**
ASAC: Applied Sciences Accreditation Commission**
ASAC: Are Specialists in Allergic**
ASAC: art strike action committees**
ASAC: abaco science alliance conference**
ASAC: Adult Substance Abuse Court**
ASAC: animal services advisory commission**
ASAC: association sportive angouleme charente**
ASAC: Academic Staff Advisory Council**
ASAC: American Society of Agriculture Consultants**
ASAC: Amsterdamse Studenten Alpen Club**
ASAC: Asian Social Assistance Center**
ASAC: Academic Standards and Assessment Committee**
ASAC: Alaska Safety Advisory Council**
ASAC: Antarctic Scientific Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Appalachian Substance Abuse Coalition**
ASAC: Application Security Attack Components**
ASAC: Arroyo Seco Athletic Club**
ASAC: Assistance Special Agent in Charge**
ASAC: Automated Sequential Affinity Chromatography**
ASAC: Academic and Student Affairs Coordinator**
ASAC: After School Activities Coordinators**
ASAC: American Society of Anesthesiologists C**
ASAC: Assistant Supervisory Agent in Charge**
ASAC: Adoption Services Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Airport Security Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Alternative Schools Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Any Service Any Card**
ASAC: Academic and Student Affairs Council**
ASAC: Academic Staff Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Academic Staff Association Committee**
ASAC: Administration Science Association of Canada**
ASAC: Advanced Services Application Centre**
ASAC: Agricultural Sector Advisory Committee**
ASAC: Association of Syracuse Army Comptrollers**
ASAC: Administrative Systems Advisory Council*
ASAC: Alam Sutera Aeromodeling Club*
ASAC: American Society of Ag Consultants*
ASAC: American Subcontractors Association the Construction*
ASAC: Anti Submarine Air Controller*
ASAC: Appraisal Standards Advisory Council*
ASAC: Automated Systems Army Commissaries*
ASAC: Automatic Self Adjusting Calipers*
ASAC: Action Status Access Control*
ASAC: Admissions Standards Action Committee*
ASAC: African Sudanese Association of Calgary*
ASAC: Antarctic Science Advisory Council*
ASAC: Australian Statistical Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Accounting Standards Authority of Canada*
ASAC: Administrative Sciences Association Canada*
ASAC: Anti Submarine Aircraft Controller*
ASAC: Australia Service and Campaign*
ASAC: Authenex Strong Access Control*
ASAC: Automatic Secondary Air Control*
ASAC: Accelerator System Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Accreditation Scheme Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Active Satellite Attitude Control*
ASAC: Administrative Association of Canada*
ASAC: Advanced Services Applications Centre*
ASAC: American Saddlebred Assocation of the Carolinas*
ASAC: Animal Shelter and Adoption Center*
ASAC: Appledore Sub Aqua Club*
ASAC: Aquaculture and Seafood Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Area Substance Abuse Center*
ASAC: Assyrian School Action Committee*
ASAC: Australian Science Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Australian Scientific Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Accessibility Services Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Administrative Support Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Agawam School Age Childcare*
ASAC: Alam Sutera Aeromodelling Club*
ASAC: ALMA Science Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Ameritech Structure Access Center*
ASAC: Arecibo Scheduling Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Application Specific Architecture Compilation*
ASAC: After School Art Club*
ASAC: Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Cartography*
ASAC: Advance Scientific And Chemical*
ASAC: Advanced State of the Art Cosmet*
ASAC: Aero Systems Aviation Corporation*
ASAC: Antarctic Sciencific Advisory Committee*
ASAC: Asian Studies Asian Continent*

Note: Acronym Finder has 34 verified definitions for ASAC

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