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What does ARG stand for?

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ARG: Antibiotic Resistant Genes****
ARG: Asset Recovery Group****
ARG: aerial robotics group****
ARG: Allergy Research Group****
ARG: Aerosol Research Group****
ARG: Automatic Report Generator****
ARG: Afghanistan Reconstruction Group****
ARG: AIDS Resource Group***
ARG: Accounting Resource Group***
ARG: Abelson Related Gene***
ARG: Assessment Research Group***
ARG: Autonomous Regional Governments***
ARG: ABL Related Gene***
ARG: Alternative Reality Gaming***
ARG: Africa Regional Group***
ARG: Amphibian Reptile Group***
ARG: Airfield Research Group***
ARG: Association Resource Group***
ARG: Addiction Resource Guide***
ARG: And American Research Group***
ARG: aviation research group***
ARG: Architectural Resources Group***
ARG: Agency Review Group***
ARG: Australian Rural Group***
ARG: Androgen Responsive Genes***
ARG: Aviation Resource Group***
ARG: Alternate Reality Games***
ARG: Autonomous Route Guidance***
ARG: Australian Renovation Group***
ARG: Automatic Rain Gauge***
ARG: African Research Group***
ARG: Adult Review Group***
ARG: Automotive Retail Group***
ARG: Art and Robotics Group***
ARG: Atlantic Regional Group***
ARG: Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea***
ARG: Acquire Retain Grow***
ARG: Ambiente Ricerca Giovani***
ARG: Akademie Rheinischer Genossenschaften***
ARG: Assessment Reform Group***
ARG: Antibiotic Resistance Genes***
ARG: Artificial Reality Games***
ARG: Arizona Railroad Group***
ARG: Abbott Realty Group***
ARG: Agree to Run Garbage***
ARG: Artist Rights Group***
ARG: Auxin Regulated Gene***
ARG: Amphora Research Group***
ARG: Attributed Relational Graphs***
ARG: Aquatics Resource Group***
ARG: Amphibious Readiness Groups**
ARG: Air Resources Group**
ARG: Alien Research Group**
ARG: Anti Rolling Gyro**
ARG: accessory reproductive gland**
ARG: accessory reproductive glands**
ARG: acute recurrent gingivitis**
ARG: alkaline reflux gastritis**
ARG: anterior root ganglion**
ARG: Asthma Rehabilitation Group**
ARG: Ancient Rotten Graveguards**
ARG: Aviation Reform Group**
ARG: Abl-related gene**
ARG: Archiving Report Gateway**
ARG: At Risk Generation**
ARG: And Refrigeration Group**
ARG: Australian Rail Group**
ARG: aggregated rat gamma globulin**
ARG: architectural resource group**
ARG: Audio Research Group**
ARG: Activity Regulated Genes**
ARG: Animal Rights Group**
ARG: aggregated rat IgG**
ARG: Analyst Representative Group**
ARG: Abl-related gene product**
ARG: Antiserum to rat gonadotropins**
ARG: Anxiety Research Group**
ARG: Angus Reid Group**
ARG: Atlantic Research Group**
ARG: Aapka Rasoi Ghar**
ARG: Academic Resources Guides**
ARG: Ancient Rotten Graveyards**
ARG: Analytical Reference Glass**
ARG: and replaced AGG**
ARG: Aquatic Research Group**
ARG: Army Reserve Group**
ARG: Association Review Groups**
ARG: Airsoft Reenactors Group**
ARG: Androgen Regulated Gene**
ARG: Archaeological Research in Greenland**
ARG: Academic Research Group**
ARG: Austrian Railway Group**
ARG: Alberta Regional Group**
ARG: Activity Reference Group**
ARG: Anti Rolling Gyros**
ARG: AquaScience Research Group**
ARG: Alleyne Research Group**
ARG: Armoured Replacement Group**
ARG: Acora Reneco Group**
ARG: Air Replacement Grille**
ARG: Artie Romero Graphics**
ARG: Attributed Relation Graphs**
ARG: Active Radar Guided**
ARG: Adventure Race Girl**
ARG: Aiola Research Group**
ARG: Appointments Review Group**
ARG: Albertans for Responsible Government**
ARG: An Association Review Group**
ARG: Association of Reed Gamers**
ARG: Air Reserve Group*
ARG: Applications Research Group*
ARG: Aquaculture Research Group*
ARG: Autodesk Resource Guide*
ARG: Acoustic Rain Gauge*
ARG: Alternate Relationship Geometries*
ARG: Apartment Rental Guide*
ARG: Acoustic Rain Gauges*
ARG: Alarm Response Guidelines*
ARG: American Recovery Group*
ARG: Amphibian and Reptile Group*
ARG: Atomic Rocket Games*
ARG: Addiction Research Group*
ARG: AIDS Restriction Gene*
ARG: Air Refuelling Group*
ARG: American River Gold*
ARG: AMMA Radiosonde Group*
ARG: Amphibious Response Group*
ARG: Angry Rich Guys*
ARG: Austin Robot Group*
ARG: Auto Racing Game*
ARG: autonomous robotic greenhouse*
ARG: ATM Requirements Group*
ARG: Algorithms Research Group*
ARG: Architecture Research Group*
ARG: Australian Research Grants*
ARG: Acronyms Reference Guide*
ARG: Adamowicz Research Group*
ARG: Adelaide Regional Guide*
ARG: Albuquerque Rock Gym*
ARG: Alcohol Raiders Geography*
ARG: Ameraflex Rubber and Gasket*
ARG: Americans or Religious Groups*
ARG: Ames Research Group*
ARG: Amnin Rogues Gallery*
ARG: Anderson Robert Galveston*
ARG: Annual Rainbow Gathering*
ARG: Annual Review of Genetics*
ARG: Art Rock Gallery*
ARG: Atlantic Fleet Amphibious Readiness Group*
ARG: Atmospheric Radiation Group*
ARG: Avenida Romulo Gallegos*
ARG: Axiom Realty Group*

Note: Acronym Finder has 48 verified definitions for ARG

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