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APS: Academic Physician Scientist****
APS: Alternative Payment Systems****
APS: Auxiliary Power Systems****
APS: And Problems Solving****
APS: Advance Payment System****
APS: Aquifer Protection Section****
APS: American Port Services****
APS: Aiken Preparatory School****
APS: Antennas and Propagation Symposium****
APS: Australian Partnership for Sustainable****
APS: American Primrose Society****
APS: Audible Pedestrian Signals****
APS: Asset Protection Society****
APS: Adult Protection Services****
APS: Alamogordo Public Schools****
APS: Administration and Policy Studies****
APS: Advanced Practice Solutions****
APS: Are Proud to Send****
APS: Alliance Public Schools****
APS: Astra Platform Services****
APS: A Point and Shoot****
APS: Agile Payment System****
APS: American Pediatric Society****
APS: And Project Safety****
APS: Association of Professional Sleep****
APS: Accessible Pedestrian Signals****
APS: Application Packaging Standard****
APS: Advanced Protection System****
APS: Advanced Printing Solutions****
APS: Air Power Systems****
APS: Association of Psychological Science****
APS: Azienda Padova Servizi****
APS: AIDS Prevention Society****
APS: Active Pixel Sensors****
APS: Algemeen Pedagogisch Studiecentrum****
APS: Application Professional Services****
APS: Automated Production Systems****
APS: Automated Purchasing System****
APS: Applicant Processing System****
APS: Automated Publishing Systems****
APS: Actual Physical State****
APS: Apply in Person***
APS: Algerie Presse Service***
APS: African Pearl Safaris***
APS: Amsterdam Port Services***
APS: Antennas and Propagation Society***
APS: Awards and Prizes***
APS: Address the Psychology***
APS: Academy of Principals***
APS: Advanced Payment System***
APS: Academic Permissions Service***
APS: Acoustic Parking System***
APS: Academic Program Section***
APS: Advanced Public Safety***
APS: Applied Physics Systems***
APS: Automated Prescription Systems***
APS: Administrative and Personnel***
APS: Association of Process Servers***
APS: American Phytopathology Society***
APS: Assisted Pro Se***
APS: Accenture Procurement Solutions***
APS: Alberta Palaeontological Society***
APS: Awadhesh Pratap Singh***
APS: Automated Positioning System***
APS: Adult Program Services***
APS: Application Program System***
APS: Agricultural Policy Studies***
APS: Advance Power Supply***
APS: Advanced Process Systems***
APS: Asia Pacific Studies***
APS: air protection system***
APS: Application Process System***
APS: Acute Pain Service***
APS: American Periodical Series***
APS: Auxillary Power Supply***
APS: Advanced Photo Systems***
APS: Advanced Process Simulation***
APS: Application Portal Server***
APS: Automated Pay Station***
APS: Advanced Printing Systems***
APS: Anti Phospholipid Syndrome***
APS: Action Potential Simulation***
APS: Apple Presentation System***
APS: African Parrot Society***
APS: Akron Public Schools***
APS: Abbottabad Public School***
APS: Application Program Support***
APS: Airways Pension Scheme***
APS: Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland***
APS: Access Point of Service***
APS: Approval Payment Solutions***
APS: Alpha Phi Sigma***
APS: Automatyka Pomiary Sterowanie***
APS: Advanced Positioning Systems***
APS: Automated Plate Scanner***
APS: Australian Plants Society***
APS: Automatic Power Savings***
APS: Account Payable System***
APS: All Purpose Sprayer***
APS: Apple Pro Speakers***
APS: Assembly Parliamentary Service***
APS: Army Posture Statement***
APS: Advanced Professional Solutions***
APS: Advanced Property Solutions***
APS: Adsagsona Paranormal Society***
APS: Austin Poetry Slam***
APS: Angular Power Spectrum***
APS: Antigène Prostatique Spécifique***
APS: Advanced Personnel Systems***
APS: A Professional Society***
APS: Advanced Pest Solutions***
APS: Advanced Productivity Software***
APS: American Pension Services***
APS: Alaska Performance Standards***
APS: Advanced Power Solutions***
APS: Advanced Photon Sources***
APS: Advanced Professional Series***
APS: Auckland Photographic Society***
APS: Automatic Purge System***
APS: African Political System***
APS: Appletalk Printing Services***
APS: Annual Policy Strategy***
APS: automatic pattern search***
APS: Amer Physical Soc***
APS: Applied Professional Services***
APS: Automated Posting System***
APS: ADA Programming Support***
APS: Acele Posta Servisi***
APS: Air Pollution Sources***
APS: Adrian Public Schools (Adrian, MI)***
APS: Arlington Public Schools (Arlington, VA)***
APS: Avian Protection Society***
APS: Alabama Philosophical Society***
APS: Advanced Power Systems***
APS: ARRIVA Passenger Services***
APS: Altitude Pre Selector***
APS: Advanced Proxy Solutions***
APS: Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome***
APS: American Psych Systems***
APS: Administrative and Policy Studies***
APS: Accelerated Propagation System***
APS: Alternate Payment System***
APS: Air Purification Systems***
APS: Accredited Professional Speaker***
APS: Almost Perfect Scale***
APS: Automatic Point and Shoot***
APS: Assimilation in Plants***
APS: Applied and Preventive Psychology***
APS: Agenzia per Stranieri***
APS: Agenzia Professione Spettacolo***
APS: Advanced POS Systems***
APS: Automatic Program Search***
APS: Absolute Positioning System***
APS: Accelerator Porosity Sonde***
APS: Advanced Project Solutions***
APS: Advance Planning and Scheduling***
APS: Angel Paintball Sports***
APS: Average Pore Size***
APS: Australia Post Superannuation***
APS: Advanced Parking Solutions***
APS: Alabama Paleontological Society***
APS: Australian Protective Services***
APS: Advanced Positioning System***
APS: Armenian Professional Society***
APS: A Proxy Software***
APS: And Pictures Summer***
APS: Associated Professional Systems***
APS: Atmospheric Plasma Spraying***
APS: Aqua Purificacion Systems***
APS: Attending Physicians Statements***
APS: Advance Payment Scheme***
APS: Analytical Process Systems***
APS: Arab Press Service***
APS: alarmes protection securite***
APS: Association of Past Students***
APS: alternative public strategies***
APS: Animal Protective Services***
APS: Advanced Production Systems***
APS: Atlanta Plan Source***
APS: Attending Physician Statements***
APS: accelerometer power supply***
APS: American Purchasing Society***
APS: Auction Preferred Stock***
APS: Aviation Performance Solutions***
APS: Administrative and Programme Support***
APS: Are Pilot Schools***
APS: Advanced Printing Service***
APS: Arabic Papyrology School***
APS: Accounting Policy Statements***
APS: American Petrographic Services***
APS: Average Propensity to Save***
APS: Advanced Pharmacy Solutions***
APS: Academic Physician and Scientist***
APS: Adolescent Psychopathology Scale***
APS: Austrian Philatelic Society***
APS: AccelRate Power Systems***
APS: American Photochemical Society***
APS: Adaptive Performance Support***
APS: Atlantic Positioning Systems***
APS: assistance protection system***
APS: Aid to Private Storage***
APS: Addendum to Phase***
APS: Application Processing System***
APS: Advanced Practice Specialist***
APS: Asian Pacific Section***
APS: Architectural Precast Structures***
APS: Advancing Psychological Science***
APS: Asset Planning Strategies***
APS: Advanced Programming Software***
APS: Avant Projet Sommaire***
APS: Alternative Placement Services***
APS: Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica***
APS: Advanced Patching Systems***
APS: Army Public School***
APS: Australian Pain Society***
APS: Agronomy Production Specialist***
APS: Andrew P Shreve***
APS: Advanced Product Specialist***
APS: Audio and Power Solutions***
APS: Academic Personnel Services***
APS: Automated Protection Switching***
APS: Arizona Public Services***
APS: Acyrthosiphon Pisum Sp***
APS: Algebra of Physical Space***
APS: Africa Press Service***
APS: Ammonium Polysulfide Solution***
APS: American Physiology Society***
APS: Akron Polymer Systems***
APS: Algerian Press Service***
APS: Arno Profile System***
APS: Automated Position System***
APS: Academic Pathways Study***
APS: Advance Photon Source***
APS: Appear Provisioning Server***
APS: Academics Practice Specialty***
APS: Allegan Public School***
APS: Active Point System***
APS: Advance Peripheral Systems***
APS: Atlanta Palestine Solidarity***
APS: advanced power supply***
APS: Adams Pack Station***
APS: Algerie Press Service***
APS: Alley Pond Striders***
APS: Australian Partnership Scholarships***
APS: Accunet Packet Service***

Note: Acronym Finder has 246 verified definitions for APS

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