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AMM: All My Memories****
AMM: Aircraft Maintenance Modification****
AMM: Association of the Miraculous Medal****
AMM: Automated Meter Management****
AMM: Area Maintenance Manager***
AMM: Air Malawi MALAWI***
AMM: APEC Ministerial Meeting***
AMM: Advanced Meter Management***
AMM: Accident Management Measures***
AMM: APEC MinisteriaI Meeting***
AMM: Altmann Micro Machines***
AMM: Alicare Medical Management***
AMM: AIDS Medicine and Miracles***
AMM: Aviation Maintenance Manager***
AMM: Association of Missouri Mediators***
AMM: Academy of Medicine Malaysia***
AMM: Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission***
AMM: Acquisition and Material Management***
AMM: Adams Memorial Museum***
AMM: American Metal Markets***
AMM: Audrey Meyer Mars***
AMM: American Mountain Men***
AMM: Akupunkt Meridian Massage***
AMM: Annual Members Meeting***
AMM: Arts Management Media***
AMM: Association of Medical Media***
AMM: Association of Metropolitan Municipalities***
AMM: Antarctic Mapping Mission***
AMM: Association of Museums***
AMM: Association of Midwest Museums***
AMM: Analysis of Mixed Methods***
AMM: Advanced Metering Management***
AMM: Airplane Maintenance Manual***
AMM: American Mathematical Montly***
AMM: Association of Manitoba Museums***
AMM: Associative Memory Module***
AMM: American Multicultural Marketing***
AMM: Aircraft Maintenance Manuals***
AMM: Advanced Medical Management***
AMM: Anomalous Magnetic Moment***
AMM: Apparel Merchandising Marketing***
AMM: Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik***
AMM: Accredited Meetings Manager***
AMM: Antiqui Musicae Magistri**
AMM: active muscle mass**
AMM: Adrenochrome monoaminogluanidine methanesulfonate**
AMM: agarose microdroplet method**
AMM: agnogenic myeloid metaplasia**
AMM: amino musk moskene**
AMM: amnion membrane matrix**
AMM: appendicular muscle mass**
AMM: metabolites--average mass molecules**
AMM: plastic-adherent monocyte-macrophages**
AMM: Advanced Movie Maker**
AMM: ateliers mecaniques moder**
AMM: Audio Mixing Module**
AMM: Abandoned Mine Methane**
AMM: American Madura Mission**
AMM: Adaptive Mathematical Model**
AMM: Autonomous Mobile Manipulation**
AMM: anatomic M-mode echocardiography**
AMM: ateliers moules metalliques**
AMM: Annual Meeting of the Members**
AMM: abdel moneim madbouly**
AMM: Access Module Magazine**
AMM: Audio Manager Module**
AMM: Academy of Medicine of Malaysia**
AMM: Advanced Mass Memories**
AMM: Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing**
AMM: An Amorphous Microporous**
AMM: Assessment of Microstructures**
AMM: Asia Marketing and Management**
AMM: Administrators Management Meeting**
AMM: Association of Mauritian Manufacturers**
AMM: Airframe Maintenance Manual**
AMM: ASEAN Ministers Meeting**
AMM: Annapurna Mahila Mandal**
AMM: Answering Machine Message**
AMM: Associates in Medical Marketing**
AMM: Association of Malawian Midwives**
AMM: Address Map Manager**
AMM: Amelanotic Malignant Melanoma**
AMM: Auroral Multiscale Midex**
AMM: Atomic Media Model**
AMM: And the Michigan Museums**
AMM: Association Motocross Martigny**
AMM: Amplitude Modulation Monitor**
AMM: Arizona Memorial Museum**
AMM: Alliance of Minority Minds**
AMM: Aviation Maintenance Manual**
AMM: Ancillae Mariae Mediatricis**
AMM: applications mecaniques murillon**
AMM: Aloha Medical Mission**
AMM: APNIC Member Meeting**
AMM: Association of Manufacturing Managers**
AMM: Agency of Mobile Marketing**
AMM: Architecture Maturity Model**
AMM: Area Marketing Manager**
AMM: Analog Monitor Module**
AMM: Aeroplane Maintenance Manual**
AMM: Annual Ministerial Meetings**
AMM: Application Management Methodology**
AMM: Advanced Memory Management**
AMM: Allied Military Mission**
AMM: And Manitoba Municipal**
AMM: Americans for Medical Marijuana**
AMM: Acquisition Management Milestone*
AMM: Amorphous Microporous Mixed*
AMM: And the Manitoba Municipal*
AMM: Association of Mayors of Mauritania*
AMM: Ames Management Manual*
AMM: Anti Matter Missiles*
AMM: Away Meet Manager*
AMM: Alarm Maintenance and Management*
AMM: Alternativ Medicinska Metoder*
AMM: Add Mayo and Mustard*
AMM: aditz mota morfemak*
AMM: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing*
AMM: And Meaning of the Miraculous*
AMM: Applied Medical Management*
AMM: Area Medicaid Management*
AMM: Association of Mali Municipalities*
AMM: Animal Manure Management*
AMM: Apollo Moon Mission*
AMM: Australian Mines and Metals*
AMM: Abandoned Mining Machinery*
AMM: Abend Massie Mine*
AMM: Academy of Military Medicine*
AMM: Acrylonitrile Methyl Methacrylate*
AMM: Advanced Mechanics and Materials*
AMM: Advanced Mining Module*
AMM: Afro Merican Mall*
AMM: Agriculture Main Menu*
AMM: Al Mansur Mustafa*
AMM: Alertness Monitoring Management*
AMM: Alison Marie Meanor*
AMM: Alleghany Mining Museum*
AMM: Allen Mike Michele*
AMM: Allied Minerals Mine*
AMM: Alternative Means of Managing*
AMM: American Metals and Minerals*
AMM: Ames Miner Mine*
AMM: Ancient Modern Mesopotamia*
AMM: Anderson Mixed Media*
AMM: Andrea Morden Moore*
AMM: Angewandte Mineralogie Munchen*
AMM: Animals Meats and Meat*
AMM: Anne Meerboth Maltz*
AMM: Annette Messager Museum*
AMM: Antonio Mascarenhas Monteiro*
AMM: Archives of Mines and Minerals*
AMM: Arizona Mineral Museum*
AMM: Arizona Mining Museum*
AMM: Armeno Mines and Minerals*
AMM: Asbury Music Ministries*
AMM: Assael Moters Mitsubishi*
AMM: Associations Main Menu*
AMM: Astoria Meat Market*
AMM: Atlanta Monthly Magazine*
AMM: Australian Mining and Metallurgy*
AMM: Australian Mining and Minerals*
AMM: Ava Morgan Mine*

Note: Acronym Finder has 55 verified definitions for AMM

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